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Nature’s Craft: What’s Your Elemental Soul Type?

As we approach the end of the year and the world's energies shift around us, Tudorbeth is here to explore the world of elemental spirits, helping you to find out which soul type you have

by Tudorbeth


Welcome to the final Nature's Craft column for this year. I hope you have enjoyed this year, and exploring the various parts of witchcraft and magic we've shared. In this column, we'll delve into the area of elementals and magic. In our changing world the forces of nature are becoming ever more apparent.

Elemental magic and the belief in earth energies is becoming ever-present in this changing world, and with so many life transformations, it is no surprise to those of us working in magic that there is development within the soul energies of this world.

This part of nature's craft is the esoteric part and the knowledge and acceptance of that mystery. The elementals are the earth energies that were once called fairies, pixies, mermaids, unicorns and dragons, amongst many others.

There are many changes now happening within the realm of the supernatural, just as there are in the seasons. There is the concept that we as human beings are going through a new evolutionary form – one that is highly spiritual.

As our science grows, so does our spirit. We may not realise it but with every new paradigm of science, the spiritual world breaks down a barrier of secrecy too. Those supernatural beings that we thought only existed in fairytales are now taking form in the consciousness of developing human beings.

The transmigration of souls is nothing new, and many religious traditions often discuss it. This is when one being can become another in a new form – this time, human. In many Inca and Mayan societies, the knowledge and soul of one shaman was fed into another via the use of crystal skulls, which were used as transportation device of soul inference. The ceremony involved the older shaman, who would be nearing the end of his life, merging into the body of a younger man, upon which knowledge would flow into him via the crystal skull. In the Native American traditions the animal spirits often merged with their human counterparts as one being.

There is now the belief that the elemental energies are merging with human souls in order that we realise the harm we are making to the earth. The elemental beings have several identikits and here are several key things to look out for if you have a friend who just can’t make sense of.


Pixie Soul Type

A pixie is an elemental being who also can manifest itself into a human. They have similar traits to the fairy soul type. Have a look at these characteristics and see if you are a pixie soul type, or whether you know anybody who has these behaviours.  

Fun, Fun, Fun

Pixie soul types love fun, plain, and simple. They will find the fun in absolutely everything and they will seek out fun things to do. They are the type of people who will plan fun days out, and it won’t be going around a museum, its highly likely to be paint bombing, or cyber shooting, or paint drumming to high octane music. It will usually be crazy, manic fun so enjoy.  

Bright Colours

Pixie soul types love bright colours: you'll be lucky to find any hints of grey or black in their wardrobe. Whether identifying as male or female, pixie types love to wear bright colours. They also love to experiment with their appearance and their hair colour and style. They are the people who will regularly change their hair colour, and the bright party colours of pinks, reds, blues, greens, and purples, not to mention the whiter than white look, are all likely to appeal.  


Similar to the above, the pixies soul type will also change their ideas, plans and minds at the drop of a hat. They are extremely spontaneous people and are likely to act on those spontaneous ideas that sometimes pops into our heads.  

Jealous and Competitive

The pixie soul type can be quite like the other elemental beings, in as much as they can take on certain negative human traits, such as jealousy. They can also be extremely competitive. They do like to be the centre of attention and if they feel they are not getting enough attention they will up the ante so to speak in order that they do not lose their place within the social circle.  

Bored Easily

Pixie soul types get bored very easily, and do not like standing still or waiting for something or someone. They are quick, potentially impatient people that need to be doing, doing, doing at all times. So, don’t expect that they will continue to enjoy the same things. Once the novelty of something has worn off then that’s it – they will be off on to something new and thrilling, otherwise they will get tremendously bored with the same old, same old.  

Elf Soul Type

The spiritual, magical nature of the elf is very idealistic in a world of turmoil. Their strength and natural warrior spirit are very much needed at this present moment in time.  


Do you hate injustice? Do you find yourself fighting for truth? Elf soul types are natural warriors. They hate any form of injustice and compared to the other soul types, these are the ones who will take up arms and fight for justice.  

Not Showy with Love

Do you like to hold hands with your partner? Do you openly show affection when you are out with your loved one? Many elf soul types do not show their love to human souls that easily. They will only have a very few special people they do love and trust. However, once mated they will tend to stay with that person for the rest of their life.  

Good Problem-Solving Skills

Do you find problems easy to solve? Many elvish soul types are great problem solvers. They can find the answer to many things whether they are physical problems, or emotional or mental problems. They have a talent to finding the solution and very strategic in their lives.  

Vegetarian or Meat-Eater?

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Do you like meat? Most elvish soul types can eat anything, though some chose to be vegetarian while others understand about the nature of the world and the hunt. They understand about the basic relationship within the world and nature, that it is the hunter and the hunter. What do they do not abide by though is the killing of innocent animals for sport. They eat of meat is only survival but if there is an alternative, they will eat that instead.  


Are you compelled to defend children, nature, and animals? Many elvish soul types will readily defend those who need a voice or a shield. Elvish types will confront those who are abuse privileges and will fight any who behave in a threatening and violent manner to the less strong. They are very much the activists of this world, and will be on the front line in any march of injustice.  

Dragon Soul Type

Here we focus on an identikit of the dragon persona some people exhibit. How many dragons have you met?  

Love of Gold

Yes, these soul types are the people who love to drape and surround themselves in gold and finery. It could be in any form, from jewellery to the colour of their clothes. They are materialistic and they love luxury, and the finer things in life.  

Fiercely Loyal

The dragon persona is fiercely loyal of their loved ones and will readily put up a fight if they think someone, they care for is under attack. They hate any kind of injustice and will fight to the bitter end for the truth. They will even sacrifice themselves in order to protect a loved one.  

Extreme Sleep

Dragons are amazing, they are the people who can survive on very little sleep, two or three hours is fine for them. Or they can be the extreme as they will sleep the day and night through, waking only to indulge in some food and drink before retiring to bed again. They are also the people who when and if they do get sick, will take to bed only to awake healed. They sleep illness off.  

Physically Strong

They are strong, at times deceivingly so. They do not have to look like a body builder – they can be small and thin, but their hidden strength is astounding. It is not just a physical strength either, it is a mental strength and they can withstand anything. Dragons are the kind of people that if you are going to destroy them, you’d better think twice as they will keep on coming.  


The last character trait of the dragon persona leads onto this next point – these people are extremely vindictive and will seek revenge if anyone has wronged them or taken something from them. They will pursue you and not stop until their revenge has been fulfilled.  

Nymph Soul Type

Do you have a nymph soul? Nymphs are beings of nature and care for the forests, plants, and trees. Whilst the other supernatural beings may be carers and healers of the human world and animal kingdom, nymphs are predominately carers of nature. They are here for flora, and not necessarily fauna.  

Gets Sick Easily

Do you get sick easily, and find it difficult to heal? Contrary to belief, not all supernatural beings can heal quickly. The nymph, although a descendent of the gods of ancient Greece, is rather fragile being. Nymph soul types are not invincible and often are very physically weak. They do not have the inner strength that some other supernatural beings have, and find it incredibly difficult to heal again. They are people who will be prone to Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS) and possibly M.E., needing their rest and recuperation. Unless they are well, they cannot heal the earth.  

Fall in Love Easily

Do you fall in love easily? Do you often feel like you are going from one lover to the next? Nymphs are beings of nature, and nothing is more natural than love and the act of love. Consequently, many nymphs have many children with different partners. Yet each partner that they are with, feels like the only person they have ever been with, their seductive powers are that strong.  


Are you beautiful? Nymphs are uniquely beautiful people and nymphs themselves know that. Like the mermaid they know how gorgeous they are and will take care of themselves, with regular trips to the beauty parlour.  


Are you playful and happy? Many nymph soul types are extremely playful people. They can sometimes cause lesser mortals to exclaim where do they get their energy from? Nymphs are naturally happy, positive people and do not get sad, or tired easily, unless when they are ill.  

Generous Behaviour

Do you have a generous nature? Would you give your last to a friend or even a stranger? Nymphs are so gentle and sweet and really think nothing about giving everything they have away to someone in need.  

Unicorn Soul Type

Are you a unicorn soul? It is no surprise that in the last year we have seen the fascination with everything unicorn. From toys to adult slippers, unicorn can be found everywhere Their popularity is still growing, and why is this? The spiritual and magical nature of the unicorn is very comforting in a world of disarray and disharmony. People need these to survive, and it is not surprising that these reincarnated souls may find themselves in human form.  

Prefer to be Alone

Do you hate being the centre of attention? Do you relish being alone and prefer your own company? Many people who have a unicorn soul are very lonely people. They may shun away from social events, which fill them full of dread and fear. It is not them being aloof or stand-offish, but rather than unicorn soul types do not always feel comfortable putting themselves out in the world.  


Do you like watching documentaries on mythology? Do you like reading and studying about history and ancient times and legends? Unicorn soul types love to find out about the past and can spend researching an era they find fascinating.  

Trust Issues

Do you find it difficult to trust people? Unicorn types often have very few people in their social network, and probably only have one or two people they call close friends. This is because unicorns find it difficult to trust people, as they have experienced the most horrible of human actions and have been victims in not only past lives, but also in this life. People have treated them very badly with their greed, envy, malicious and shallow behaviours which wound the unicorn terribly.  


Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Most unicorn soul types absolutely hate eating anything from another soul and so are strict vegetarians. They realise that every living being in this world is special and sacred, and therefore must be respected. That includes not eating them. There is nothing of the hunter or predator instinct within the unicorn soul, as they know everything is divine.  


Are non-confrontational? Do you prefer a quiet life even at the sacrifice of your own ideal? Many unicorn soul types will go along with someone to keep the peace. It is not that they are a pushover,  but rather that they believe people will see the error of their ways eventually. They also have the knowledge to realise that some people cannot be told. By being confrontational and standing ground, you are only wasting valuable energy which could be channelled elsewhere for good.  

Mermaid Soul Type

Are you a mermaid? More and more people are finding a connection to the sea and oceans and all life therein. It is not surprising that these reincarnated souls may find themselves in human form.  

The Life and Soul of the Party

Do you enjoy being the centre of attention? Do you relish being surrounded by people who find you funny and charming? Do you have a confidence about you that everyone admires? That is because a mermaid soul likes to enjoy life. They have a radiant confidence within them that shines and brings people towards them. It is not arrogance or a grandiose belief that they are better than everyone else, it is just they are incredibly positive and strong people.  

Healing Waters

Do you find that you can heal yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally near water? Do you find that the healing ions in the air soothes your soul and you feel better for a day at the beach, or sitting near the fountain in a park? That’s because mermaids and mermen are of the water, and being in and around your natural element once more heals you better and more quickly than anything.  


Because of their association with the water element, merfolk are extremely empathetic. They are extremely sensitive, and are very much able to attune with people. They can feel the pain and suffering of someone else, and take those feelings onto themselves.  


Mermaids and mermen are very telepathic. They can think of a friend or past love, and then that person contacts them either by phone or letter. They have a way of installing a thought into someone they care about, and love and the recipient following up on the mermaids’ call.  


Are you an incredibly beautiful person? They often say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but merfolk are naturally beautiful people. When you see them, you just know there is something otherworldly about them.  

Blessed be,



About the author:

Tudorbeth has been a practising witch for over 30 years. She has written many books on the subject. Her latest title is A Spellbook for the Seasons, published by Eddison Books.

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