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Leoniek Bontje1 min

How to Grow Your Own Skincare: Yarrow Spray

Photographs by Anya van de Wetering and Bella Thewes Yarrow is a wonderful plant for your skin. It is restorative and helps wounds to heal, so I like to have it in spray form to apply it to minor wounds. Yarrow spray is also effective if you suffer from acne or other skin imperfections.

Ingredients (for 200ml):

  • 25–50g yarrow flowers and leaves (enough to fill the pot)
  • 175ml vodka
  • Spring water
  • A clean 200ml pot or jar with lid
  • A clean 200ml spray bottle


Fill the pot to the top with the leaves and flowers, then pour over the vodka to cover the plant material. Put the lid on the pot and add a label. Leave to stand for six weeks, then strain, and the yarrow tincture is ready for use. Decant the tincture into the spray bottle and top up with spring water in the ratio of one-third tincture, two-thirds spring water.   Extracted from Natural Homemade Beauty: 90 Recipes for Skin, Hair and Home by Leoniek Bontje (£14.99, Batsford). Available online and from all good bookshops.

Leoniek Bontje

Leoniek Bontje spent four years training to become a herbalist following the publication of her first book, Foraging. She has since authored books on using plants as medicine, creating a herbarium, and using plants for cosmetics. She currently works as a herbalist, teaches workshops, writes books about herbalism and offers advice on how to create edible and medicinal gardens. She lives in the Netherlands.