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Klara Goldy5 min

Time For a Spiritual Spring Clean?

Are you ready to ditch drama, detox your inner home as well as your outer one? 

One of the greatest gifts we give ourselves is to embody more love. Having our outer home as a muse for expressing our true spirit allows us to get clear on what’s truly important.  Just like our homes, cars and cupboards, our spiritual and personal lives can also benefit from a spring clean and detox. Getting present with our inner connection elevates our quality of life – I like to refer to this deeper connection as the hidden magical part. Checking in that you are living your calling and high value gifts takes vigour and courage – so our home is a great place to start a good practice of listening inwardly.   

What is the link between our inner and outer home? 

It’s proven that a healthy, happy home encourages better wellbeing, emotional and mental health. Creating a benchmark for what supports our health and wellbeing means we can pull ourselves back when we go off centre. Consider this – how many of you felt like you were not truly seen or heard in your family environment?  If you are lucky you will have had the kind of childhood that recognised and saw you; however, most people learned to hide their inner selves away, then later throughout their education were too busy learning how to adapt to a system that really didn’t fully equip them to thrive in the outside world.  It may have taught us some of the more technical skills, but very often not the social and emotional skills needed to align to our soul-led life. When we are thrust into a world that is geared towards consumption and materialism we often question why we are not fitting in.  Do you recognise any of this?  Maybe you have people around you suffering, and not doing so well? This may show up as poor mental health, anxiety or often not feeling confident to deal with certain social environments.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the emphasis throughout our lives was on developing our intuitive nature and subconscious mind, and encouraging more independent thinking, as well as promoting self-esteem, self-confidence, feeling and connection to our inner spiritual growth? Well, no matter where you are in your personal spiritual development that inner spark is alive and looking for opportunities for you to get present with it.  When we do take the time out to do a spiritual detox, our experiences can shift in a nanosecond for the better. We start to flourish – and just like the seeds we see breaking through after a long dark immersion in the soil only to reach for the sun, an incredible journey starts.  I have worked with hundreds of people and come to help them through their most difficult moments, and although every situation is different, there are some valuable takeaways to share.  

1. Peg in the sand moments

Do you let toxic people and their negative patterns or situations invade your inner sanctum? Worse still, it can drain you like a battery and leave your feeling depleted.  Becoming aware of toxic behaviour that we put up with from others which damages our own wellbeing is important to recognise. There comes a moment when it’s time for a ‘peg in the sand’ and calling out the bad behaviour or owning the bad habits that we may have formulated. If this is the case, it’s never too late to remake new agreements with yourself and set clear boundaries. These can be expressed internally or externally as a promise to yourself.  

2. Mood boost your life with gratitude practises 

It's easy to feel hard done by, or that life seems unfair, and that everyone else seems to have worked it out, especially when we feel like we are having a hard time. That’s the time to flip it and reframe these challenges.  Start by looking at some of the positive things happening in your life, no matter how small. It can feel elusive, yet sometimes it’s good to find a starting point even if it’s the simple things, like being grateful for your talents and abilities. Feeling thankful for the roof over your head or the great food you are eating. I like to link gratitude to nature, blue skies, bird song and so on. This gratitude practice will start to expand your life positively.  

3. Create a home for your soul 

Clearing out the junk and detoxing your life is hugely valuable. Most people put themselves off or consider the opinions of others to the detriment of their soul-led gifts. Imagine each room in your home as the opportunity to reclaim the vision of your dream life, and then see how each interior room represents an aspect of who you are becoming! What would you get rid of? What would you put there to encourage your inner self coming out to play?  Aligning with your heart, mind and spirit is the starting point for your creative adventure.  In my holistic work I support customers in reclaiming their inner self so they align to what’s important. We can also look at the home as the extension of the soul’s body  and set up a home in a way that acts as the catalyst for personal growth.   Here are three key rooms that can benefit from a spiritual spring clean – and what that can do for you and your life. Start by focusing on three areas for a spiritual detox and set up each space with an intention to allow more love, joy,  and play with a sense of peace. 

The bedroom 

For me it is one of the most important spaces as we spend as much as a third of our time in our bedrooms. My big tip for a spiritual detox is to ban work from the area, remove clutter and anything that has old negative connotations or memories attached. How we design and decorate is important to the quality of sleep and ultimately our relaxation. Therefore only keep the key items in the bedroom that make you feel good.  If we are with a significant other, they are not just places where we dream – they are also spaces to be set up for intimacy. A harmonious surrounding is created by adding comfort, colour and furnishings that are calming or sensual. 

The kitchen 

The way we set spaces inspire us to enjoy the art of living well. Detox from the inside-out starts with tackling cupboards so they are clear, clean and well-presented. Try setting up glass storage jars to display regular foods.  Get rid of chipped or broken items; instead, treat yourself to an upcycled vase with freshly picked wildflowers to set on a kitchen table. Place an inspiring picture to add joyful colours.  I love the idea that cooking is an act of self-care and nurturing, and it is also good for social connection to others and our human need for interaction. Remember that sitting down and enjoying sharing healthy communication and food is an act of love and safety. 

Study or home office 

Work-life balance is all too often eroded, leading to stress, poor focus and in extreme cases to burnout. Taking care of yourself is essential for preventing burnout. Start with a detox of junk folders, clear out old papers that are weighing you down. Place important papers in attractively labelled box files and folders. Having an inspiring and well-organised space to work from will encourage a positive and enjoyable approach to work. Remember to set up task-orientated spaces that have some inspiring aspect, view or reminder of good things.    Ready to find out more? Book a free 15-minute discovery session with Klara here.

Klara Goldy

Klara Goldy, founder of The Soul Decorator, is an emerging talent as an energy healer, intuitive, visionary and change leader. She is a seasoned entrepreneur within the design and build industry, internationally recognised interior designer, and a registered design professional with Society of British Interior Designers. Many of her customers’ homes have been featured in national magazines and on TV. 

Klara blends the power of design with intuitive energy healing to cultivate and create environments that help her customers connect to the magic and mystery of life, so they thrive to incorporate wellbeing into the design practice.