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Your April Astrology Forecast

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allan reveals what’s written in the stars for April 2024

We have a Mercury retrograde from 1 to 25 April in the zodiac sign of Aries, which forms a conjunction with Venus. However, it is the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus from April to May that will prove to be expansive, erratic and revolutionary. It can have some profound consequences in terms of the economic and political situation for the future.  On 30 April Mars travels through its rulership zodiac sign of Aries, which helps to make things happen in the world – procrastination is not an option with the energy of Mars. On the same day Venus moves into Taurus, making May a time of great change and focus on the future.  Notable dates 1 April – Mercury goes retrograde 8 April – Total solar eclipse 24 April – Full moon in Scorpio  25 April – Mercury goes direct   Aries  This month sees the planet Venus move into your own zodiac sign on 5 April, helping to create a more pleasant atmosphere in your day-to-day life. This combines well with the sun also travelling through Aries, enabling you to be much more extroverted and forward-thinking in your approach to the future projects. On 8 April there is a solar eclipse in your own sign, which is a powerful indicator of new beginnings. Taurus Mercury will be retrograde in your solar 12th house over the next four weeks, which means that life is allowing you to be much more reflective than during last month. This is accentuated by the presence of your ruler Venus, also transiting in your 12th house. Meditation, contemplation and a little bit of self-care will work wonders. Gemini Your planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde this month, which suggests a certain amount of objectivity in your response to situations, especially in regard to friendships and group activities. Mars is making its presence felt in your solar 10th house – this planetary energy calls for self-discipline and movement in decisions. If it does not get that from you, unpredictability can manifest. Cancer The sun is shining its light on your 10th house of career and aspirations. It is also joined by Mercury and Venus, meaning there is a very active month ahead of you. It’s important that you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, as there will be a lot of demands for your attention in work matters. This can work well, as long as you are recharging your own internal batteries. Leo Jupiter is moving quickly through your solar 10th house and forming a conjunction with Uranus, which could lead to some surprising twists and turns in your career development this month. Jupiter is all about expansion, and the seeds that were first planted in June 2023 have bloomed over the past ten months. Virgo The presence of Mars in your 7th house can be a difficult emotional terrain to plough through. It’s important that you do not lose your head over the next four weeks. The planetary energy is turbulent and erratic, but it also allows you to get to the heart of certain matters that have been aggravating you over the last six months. Libra Like the previous month, the main theme is relationships. Your planetary ruler Venus transits through your 7th house. This increases your ability to respond and understand the views and emotions of others in an equal and diplomatic way. This can move a relationship forward in new and exciting ways for the future – don’t hesitate to be intimate with your own emotions. Scorpio Your ruler Mars is travelling in the creative area of your chart, which ignites your passion to express yourself in a much more dynamic way. This is helped by the presence of the planet of structure and self-discipline, Saturn, joining forces with Mars. In order to get the best out of these two planetary energies, think of a clear aim that you want to accomplish over the next four weeks. Sagittarius The home environment is being activated by Mars and Saturn, and you may find that most of your energy is drawn to the home and family matters. This is not a time to be frustrated by the concerns and worries of others. You might feel a little hemmed in, but be alert and patient to benefit from these movements. Capricorn Your planetary ruler Saturn is joining Mars in the communication area of your solar chart this month. This might be a time to be aware of your own opinions and how others could be more sensitive to your ideas. However, this aspect can make you accomplish a lot in a short space of time, as long as the energy is directed in the right way. Aquarius This is a big month for you – Jupiter and Uranus (your modern ruler) are forming a conjunction in your solar 4th house. This planetary combination can bring some new discoveries in regard to home and family matters. The best way to handle this energy is to be open to the changes that manifest during this period – they could set a new tone to your life in the long term. Pisces Mars is forming a conjunction with Saturn in your zodiac sign this month, which adds the need to get things done in a direct but mature way. This makes April a major month during which your year really springs into action and plans start to manifest. Venus is travelling in the financial sector of your chart, creating the need to curb your spending over the next four weeks.     Find out more: This feature was originally published in Kindred Spirit Spring 2024 (Issue 190) available from 22 February, 2024. Click here to subscribe and have each new issue of Kindred Spirit delivered directly to your door. Alternatively, you can purchase individual magazines directly from our website. Kindred Spirit’s resident astrologer is Demian Allan. For a personal reading, visit Demian’s website: