About Kindred Spirit Magazine

Kindred Spirit has been the UK’s go-to guide to spiritual and compassionate living for 30 years. It combines ancient wisdom with practical advice from contemporary teachers and authors. The magazine showcases new healing modalities, shares insightful interviews with the leading lights of the MBS world, and reports investigations and the latest discoveries in the field of spirituality, well-being and the inner workings of the human mind. KS is a source of information, inspiration and contemplation.

Our aim

We publish articles and provide information that will inspire and educate readers so that their lives may be enhanced through a holistic vision of timeless wisdom, understanding and beauty. To this end each bi-monthly issue of a hundred full colour pages, is created with great integrity, care and precision to provide the highest quality product in both content and design.

Who we are

Kindred Spirit is the UK’s leading guide to Mind, Body and Spirit and was founded in 1987 by Richard Beaumont and Patricia Yates, following the inspiration of ‘The Harmonic Convergence’ in which thousands of spiritual seekers gathered at sacred sites throughout the world. Seeing so many different people and spiritual paths, yet sensing a common direction of deep respect for natural wisdom and a yearning for higher truth, Patricia and Richard created Kindred Spirit to offer a platform to serve such wisdom and higher truths. While the founders have now moved onto different paths and projects, the magazine keeps their wonderful vision alive.

Since the very first issue published in November 1987 the magazine has featured all kinds of discoveries, whether they be in the field of spirituality or physical health and well-being or revelations concerning the inner workings of the human mind. New and progressive forms of complementary healthcare such as Zero Balancing and Holographic Re-patterning appear in Kindred Spirit next to articles on angels and the latest explanation of the workings of Stonehenge. We featured ground-breaking stories such as the inner temple of Damanhur, the psychic surgery of John of God, and the link between our genetic conditioning and the I-Ching – years before such news hits the mainstream publications.

Since summer 2014 Kindred Spirit has become part of Watkins Books, London’s oldest and largest esoteric bookshop founded in 1893 by John Watkins.

Kindred Spirit continues to offer a variety of wisdoms, investigations and windows into the huge remit that comes under the title of Mind, Body and Spirit. We are here to put forward some of the alternatives, in line with a natural wisdom that elevates us all.

Who we are

“Reading this magazine is like turning a light on in a dark room – brilliantly illuminating.”
— Robert Anton Wilson – Philosopher

“We are all on a wonderful and interesting journey. There are so many facets to it and we are learning old ones, new ones, all the time. For many of us Kindred Spirit has been an important companion and comforting friend – a true ‘kindred spirit’ – for this last decade. May you continue to inspire, educate and entertain us. We need vision, hope and a compassionate sense of responsibility. You supply all these. Thank you!”
— William Bloom – New Age Visionary

“Over the years Kindred Spirit has become an important and established part of the Human Potential movement, providing a platform that has highlighted the work of many unconventional and original thinkers.”
— Paul McKenna – TV Presenter/Hypnotist

“I love Kindred Spirit; reading it is a joy. It lifts me like no other magazine. Keep up the good work.”
— Mrs C Waters, Cleveland

“There is a sense of ‘kinship’ which creates its own energy when reading the articles in Kindred Spirit. I am aware of a great ’emergence’ of wonder and excitement and hopefulness when I read each magazine.”
— Mrs Gladwell, Leicester

“I have read Kindred Spirit right from the first issue – there is nothing else to match it; the variety and depth of articles and beautiful pictures. It is always uplifting. The covers encourage you to open it up, I look forward to every copy coming through the door. I wish it continued success. I feel it can only progress to becoming a name that everyone will have heard of.”
— Carole Richardson, Nottingham