Nature’s Craft: Career Magic

September 27, 2020

In this month’s edition of Nature’s Craft, we look at career magic and all it entails.

by Tudorbeth


In our grandparents’ and possibly parent’s lifetimes, it was usual to have one career for your entire working life. However, this is no longer the case – so much is happening in our world right now that we need to have at least two or even three career possibilities. The world is changing and changing fast, and new technology and new career paths are opening in areas where our grandparents could have only dreamed.


The development of computers, and especially the internet, has a large part to play in this. As a result, just as new avenues of potential careers and jobs are developing, some are also fading away and are no longer required. For those of us working in magic, these changes show the beauty and versatility of the Craft, as we change and adapt with each new generation. Career magic has grown from my grandmother’s day to a huge area with many correspondences, so let’s delve right in.

The subject covers many areas from promotion and job success to finding the right job in the first place, to problems at work, and even to writing the perfect CV. Naturally, there are many gods and goddesses to call upon for help. The goddess Lakshmi is one to turn to, and is ideal for business, especially retail and office-based jobs such as finance and banks, as is Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Artemis (or Diana) is the goddess of the hunt and is perfect to call upon when job hunting, while the goddess Brigid can also be asked for inspiration with creative pursuits. And as always, the goddess Juno never fails to help, even though she is more typically associated with money, motherhood and matrimony.

The gods we can ask are Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Apollo and Zeus. Moreover, depending on the type of work you do, each vocational area has a designated god or goddess attached to it. For example, Athena is the goddess of teachers and those who work in education.
The colour correspondences used in career spells are often yellow, orange, silver, and red. The herbs are bergamot, dill, lemongrass, jasmine, fennel and tarragon, while the oils are pine, rosemary, frankincense and sandalwood. The magical prime number to use with career spells is three, as it is the number of sociability – we do need to get along with others in our work whether that be clients, customers, or colleagues. It is also the number of artistic expression and all of us, no matter how mundane our jobs, can find some creativity in them.


Career clarity spell

This is a spell to clarify which direction you should follow for satisfaction in your work. Light a yellow candle anointed with frankincense and sandalwood oil, and say these words:

My life is hard decisions abound.
Show me the way that I can see,
Help me to know clarity.
Wheel of life round and round,
Am I up or am I down?
So much strife in work have I,
No balance, no life, constant fight.
Please Mother Juno, help,
Guide me to restore balance,
Let me be strong to take a chance.
An’ it harm none, so mote it be.

Keep a pen and paper with you, or better still, your own Book of Shadows. The answer to your career clarity request will be shown to you within the next month. Look for the signs: they may appear in different forms, but trust your instincts. You will know what is right and wrong in your working life, and how to resolve it.


The ‘Always Late’ spell

This is a good spell if you find that you’re always late, despite your best intentions. For this, a silver candle is needed, with a piece of citrine. Have the candle lit and let the citrine pass through the flames three times. Say these words as you move the citrine just above the flame:

In the morning, I am always late.
The bus with people cannot wait.
Help time to stand still
So that I can do the day’s fill.
An’ it harm none, so mote it be.

Keep the citrine with you at all times, in your purse, wallet or college bag, or whatever you take with you when you are constantly late.


The CV/resume blast spell

Note: Some countries call these CVs and some call it a resume. In this spell, use the appropriate term for your own career information.
When you know the job you want, you just need to get it. You need a CV/resume that will make bosses hire you on the spot. Research the most up to date CVs/resumes on the Internet and spend a twenty-four hours working on yours. While you do so, recite these words:

I work on my CV/resume for twenty-four hours.
Grant me success and power.
Above the rest will be my CV/resume.
An’ it harm none, so mote it be.

After you have completed the spell and written your CV/resume, put it in a drawer for another twenty-four hours and forget about it. Then take it out and look at it again. Trust your instincts about any changes that need to be made, until you are ready to send it away to your prospective employers.


A forgiveness at work spell

Sometimes in our place of work we encounter enemies whom we need to forgive in order to move on. Although it is often difficult to forget things, we can always try to forgive and go forward in the knowledge that we tried.

For this spell, we need frankincense and rosemary oils in a red candle, if made yourself. If your candle was bought, anoint it with these oils instead. Write the name of the person you need to forgive on a piece of red paper. Light the candle and focus on the name as you say these words:

Universe, hear my plea.
From anger towards [name] I am free.
Let me forgive [name]
For all the pain, they sent me.
An’ it harm none, so mote it be.

Afterwards, burn the paper and wash the burnt pieces away with salt water. You might do this spell near the sink so you can just wash everything away. Remember, though, keep the candle away from the water!


New moon new job spell

Suppose you now have a nice new job – well done! Write down your goals for the new job, both personal and professional. Decide ten goals or targets for the coming year (or for however long the contract lasts). Make a yellow candle with lemongrass and bergamot in it, or anoint a bought yellow candle with those oils. On a night of the new moon light the candle, then, holding your ten goals in your hand, say these words:

Father Jupiter, blessed be,
A new job have I.
Grant me success in goals of ten,
Help me prove my worth and then
Victorious I shall be.
An’ it harm none, so mote it be.

Meditate on your goals for a while and keep the candle burning for as long as you can before extinguishing it or letting it burn itself out.


Interview charm spell

So, you’re going to an interview. Make sure you wear something that you feel confident in and, if you can, wear a piece of turquoise jewellery or carry a piece in your pocket. Turquoise is a great for protection, but it is also a good luck stone. It enhances communication and inspiration, which is certainly needed in some of today’s challenging job interviews. Do this spell on a Wednesday. Hold the turquoise in your hand as you say:

Mighty Mercury, quick and wise,
Help me to be the best surprise.
The interviewers will hire me on the spot.
They will know I am right for the job.
Mighty Mercury, I will be the best interviewee.
An’ it harm none, so mote it be.


In addition to the correspondences above, here are some others to help you in your spell weaving. Remember, always the most powerful correspondence in this universe is you and your positivity. Always believe in yourself and never shed doubt on your actions.



Chamomile is a staple herb than can be used for so much, from teas to oils and cosmetics. Perfect those working in health and education settings.

Comfrey is very good for skin complaints such as bruises, varicose veins and inflamed muscles. This is a great all rounder herb for all areas of career.

Elderflower – the elder tree is sacred to us, so never on any occasion destroy or harm one. The flowers and fruit are so beneficial for us, with medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and household uses. Similarly, it is ideal for people working in those areas including hair and beauty and travel and tourism.

Mint is a fantastic herb for teas and essential oil; it is also an insect repellent. This is probably one of the most important plants you can have growing. Even if you have no other herb in the kitchen or garden, always make sure you have a pot of mint as it is perfect for anything, especially career, money, love, and health magic.



Amazonite is a great stone for self-expression, but be careful if in an argument with your boss! It can give you strength when making tough decisions.

Amber (also known as ‘gold of the north’) is a wonderfully calming yet strong stone which reinforces your confidence when going into battle, as it were. Great for lawyers and business.

Aventurine is a lovely stone for the heart, so good for friendship and for eliminating anger. It is very useful in legal matters.

Goldstone is a great stone for success, prosperity and getting your wish granted.


Essential Oils

Jasmine oil is great for depression and fatigue. It is a very feminine oil, ideal for nurses and especially those who work in midwifery.

Marigold or calendula oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and is also antibacterial and antifungal: a truly magnificent plant. It can be made into an infusion by steeping the petals in warm vegetable oil.

Orange oil is a true all-rounder as it brings peace and calm to the body and mind while gently lifting the spirit. A great oil for those working in theatre, film including actors and educational speakers.

Woodruff oil promotes harmony and psychic awareness. Ideal for those who work in the creative industry and publishing.



About the author:


Tudorbeth has been a practising witch for over 30 years. She has written many books on the subject. Her latest title is A Spellbook for the Seasons, published by Eddison Books.


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