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Nicole Barton6 min

How to Work With Archetypal Remedies for Deep Self-Healing

Highly sensitive and magical souls – who actually have the power to heal themselves (and are often the ‘secret healers’ of the world) – often spend years seeking fixes externally, thinking they need others to heal them. In their feelings of brokenness, they begin to innocently ‘outsource’ their healing power. It makes sense – we are so used to outsourcing healing in our modern culture, it's how we've been taught healing works. When ill, we go to a doctor and get a 'quick fix'. We’ve all been there, seeking sticky plasters, drugs or tablets to ease our pain – or numbing it with food, alcohol, social media, and other distractions.  What women often don’t realise is we are innocently approaching our spiritual healing in the same mundane quick fix ways. We often go to healers hoping they will miraculously ‘fix’ us. I did this for years – until I saw this leaves us feeling broken and powerless. The truth is, our feelings of brokenness, our low energy, our exhaustion, our deep sensitivity, our anxiety, our overwhelm, our tension, our womb pain, our mysterious disorders – and other physical, mental, emotional or spiritual symptoms – are all signs inviting us into our self-healing power.  They’re an invitation for us to dive deep into our darkness and lovingly reclaim the powerful gold that is waiting to be found in our wounds. If we choose to accept our invitation, we can learn to harness our power to heal ourselves and reclaim the wholeness of our souls – which also has the potential to activate healing for others, too. That takes deep courage and honesty to own, I know, but I believe the disconnect from our souls – that occurs when we ‘quick fix’ and ‘numb’ our pain and darkness – is the true cause of all symptoms. Years ago, when I trained as a homeopath, Kent said ‘there is no cell or tissue so small that it does not keep its soul and life-force within it’ – meaning that wherever we manifest symptoms, there has been a separation from soul.  Truth is: as we reclaim our souls, we heal. I feel the truth in this so deeply. Over the last decade (and really my lifetime), I have journeyed with soul reclamation, discovering we can learn to heal ourselves by reclaiming lost parts of our soul. This has been true for the many women I guide, too. Personally, I journeyed with healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – which I believe expressed from living out of soul-alignment (and especially the shaming of my sensitivity). I healed myself with what has now become my Archetypal Apothecary healing modality. My point of view is that by working with our inner apothecary of archetypal remedies we can begin the journey of deep self-healing and soul reclamation. And, for those who are here to be healers, teachers and guides - we can also discover our deepest gift (our unique remedy) in our wounds.  

The how, what and why of archetypal remedies

Archetypal remedies are a potent combination of three ancient wisdom bodies – homeopathy, archetypal psychology and energy healing. Standing on ancient legs of the science, art and universal laws of ‘real’ healing, they help magical souls stop outsourcing and learn to heal themselves, discover their gifts and learn to express them into the world.   I discovered my modality by living into it – after years of feeling broken and outsourcing, I began to heal myself. I realised – amid my journey with archetypal psychology – that I was uniquely channelling homeopathic remedies as spirit guides, and that they offered powerful archetypal mirrors for self-discovery, reflecting aspects of our psyche that had always been unconscious. I called them ‘archetypal remedies’ – grounded in the homeopathic profiles that had been my lineage since I burned out as a sensitive soul, age 10. Side note: I’ve found so many sensitive souls are born to be healers, yet apply the same quick fix rushed methods to becoming a healer. Truth is, we have to learn to heal ourselves first. Medicine people didn’t go out and get a certificate, they embodied their healing gifts for themselves, and then served them grounded in experience. We each have a unique archetypal remedy – a unique gift to serve this lifetime – and we have to learn to heal ourselves first, so we can become a remedy for others.   

How do we work with archetypal remedies for soul healing?

We all came here with a particular soul plan – a map of archetypal remedies that we were born to live out, to fulfil our purpose. If you imagine we are an onion, with multiple layers – the essence we were born with is still right at our core, and over our lifetime, we have had various initiations,  via layers of wounding – that we were born to experience, which we have shamed and judged, and pushed into our unconscious to alleviate ourselves of the trauma. Fragmented parts of our souls that want to be reclaimed. The four layers of this soul plan look like this: 
    1. Birth Constitution – who we were born as, our natural make-up
    2. Unique Soul Remedy – the core wound we came here to alchemise (our deepest trauma) – which is also our gift
    3. Surface Wounds – other wounds that block us from our full expression
    4. Ancestral Wounds wounds we carry from family, via epigenetics
  This plan provides clarity around the different layers of ‘wounding states’ we experience in our lifetime – when trauma occurs, an archetypal remedy state is activated, and parts of our soul are shamed and lost, clouding our pure soul essence. The work of self-healing is to peel back each layer of the onion and reclaim the lost parts of our souls via deep loving self-illumination, until we have loved ourselves back to wholeness. Each layer has archetypal remedies that work with the universal healing law of ‘similia similibus’ – or ‘like cures like’ – which means that what causes something also cures it. For example, if you were burned out, you would be cured by archetypal phosphorus – the substance on the end of a match – which causes the same symptoms (burned match). True healing is so different to what we think we know in the mundane world. If you were born a deeply sensitive, bubbly, curious, open, fiery baby, it’s likely you were born archetypal phosphorus – or the archetypal remedy of the wounded healer. Phosphorus is an archetypal universal symbol of ‘sensitive fire’, which illuminates how she expresses in her healthy (gold) state – radiant and passionate; a torch light for others, and a sensitive channel of other worlds.  You too might have experienced her trauma and learned to shame your deep sensitivity, your true radiant essence being clouded over, you needs being shamed, and you are feeling burned out (the wounded state of phosphorus). Phosphorus’s initiation would typically express health challenges like exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, sensitivity to noise, lights, electricity, touch.   If that is you, it is working with your inner archetypal phosphorus remedy – through enquiry, embodiment and ceremony – that would help you self-heal and reclaim this lost aspect of your soul and its gold.  

How the remedies can provide healing – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul

Another universal principle of healing (Hering’s law) argues that the direction of cure is always inner to outer – which is why the real art of healing is about going inwards – and why we work with self-illumination. What is missing from most quick fix healings is not the healing activation, but the integration of the healing. When I talk about outsourcing our healing, it is not that spiritual healing doesn’t work, but that we largely don’t integrate with self-illumination. We don’t look at the bad things and darkness of our initiations as valuable information for our healing – and that’s really where the gold is. Self-illumination is a core element of the path because as we go inwards and illuminate archetypal patterns showing up in our lives – working with remedies as mirrors – we begin to heal unconscious aspects of ourselves. For example, phosphorus helped me illuminate my sensitivity and see I had been shaming it due to childhood wounding. She revealed things that helped me to look honestly at myself and see where I’d dismissed my sensitivity and ‘people-pleased’ because I didn’t honour this part of myself. She helped me honour my boundaries and heal burnout. She helped me reclaim my sensitivity as the necessary gift of being a healer. She helped me reclaim who I truly was – before all the other wounding. It’s because of archetypal phosphorus I created my healing modality and stepped into shining my light, offering this path for other sensitive souls who were born to be healers.  It’s because of this work with archetypal remedies that I’ve been able to heal and create the magical life I’d always dreamed of when I was outsourcing my healing. Archetypal remedies have helped me to heal on all levels. I’ve healed my paralysed face with archetypal rosa (rose), reclaimed my feminine soft power and confidence with archetypal aurum (gold), reclaimed my inner wild emotions with archetypal she-wolf, and stepped into my magic and gifts with archetypal Luna (moon). There are over 4000 archetypal remedies in our inner apothecary – and more – all awaiting your deep self-healing. We each have our own unique soul remedy for the world that is waiting for the gold to be discovered from within our deepest wound. The real question is, are you willing to lean into the deep self (soul-)healing to claim your gold?   To get started, I recently hosted a free ritual experience for Kindred Spirit that takes you on a ceremonial journey with archetypal rosa which would be a beautiful opening for you – you can find it here.

Nicole Barton

Nicole Barton is a soul guide and magical teacher helping other sensitive women – and aspiring healers, lightworkers, teachers, guides and community nurturers – to heal themselves, discover their unique gifts and express their soul purpose. Through her Archetypal Apothecary™ path, Nicole guides women to understand their soul’s plan so they can become the unapologetically magical healers their souls were born to be.

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