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Marie Diamond3 min

Out With the Old: Space Clearing for Spring

The scent of blossom in the air and the sight of fresh, new leaves on the trees can only mean one thing - spring is officially here! As we welcome in the new season, it’s also the perfect opportunity for space clearing.  In Feng Shui, space clearing refers to the act of mindfully sorting through all your belongings to see what you want to keep, what needs to be repaired, and what items you just don’t want or need anymore. This is an important act for a number of reasons. On a practical level, it’s easier to feel at ease in a clean and organised environment. An orderly home equals an orderly mind! Secondly, Feng Shui teaches us that energy should be able to flow and move around the home. Any mess or clutter disrupts this flow and can result in the energy becoming stale and lifeless. By space clearing, we’re ensuring that the energy in our home is able to flow freely and attract that all-important abundance to us.   

How do you start?

To avoid overwhelming yourself, stick to clearing one room or one area at a time and vow to have it completed before the sun goes down. If you’re able to, try to space clear with a friend, family member or roommate so that you have someone encouraging you to stay focused on the task and pushing you to make those hard ‘should this stay or should this go?’ decisions.  Once you’ve decided what area in your home you want to start clearing first, spray some lavender air mist in that area. Lavender, aside from helping to freshen up any dusty areas, is also a great energetic cleanser too and will help to remove any lingering, negative or stagnant energy.  The next step is to empty out all the cupboards, closets, drawers, storage boxes – whatever’s in that area. With everything now out in front of you, have five different bags or boxes close to hand:
  • The first bag will be for everything you decide to keep
  • The second bag will be for anything you decide to throw away
  • The third bag will be for anything you want to give to your friends and family
  • The fourth bag will be for anything you decide to donate to charity
  • The fifth bag will be for anything you decide to sell, perhaps online or in a consignment store
Go through your drawers, cupboards, bookcases and closets and place everything in there in one of the five bags. Remember to be critical! A quick and easy way to decide what stays and what goes is to ask yourself whether you’re going to use this item in the next six months. If it’s a no, strongly consider getting rid of it or donating it. All the things you have around you should serve a practical purpose to make your life easier.  Once you’ve gone through everything, give the space a good dusting. Cleaning products that contain lavender oil are great for purifying the energy of the room; be sure to also open up the windows to let in some fresh air. Place the items that you’ve decided to keep back into their correct place and deal with the other bags accordingly.  After you’ve finished, you’re sure to feel the positive effects right away. Not only will you have the initial satisfaction of a job well done, you’re sure to experience a newfound sense of harmony in your home now that you’ve combatted the clutter. It’s time to make space clearing a part of your annual springtime to-do list!

Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond is a world-renowned master teacher of Feng Shui and the law of attraction, and the star of the Peacock series Feng Shui Your Life. She is also is the author of Feng Shui Your Life: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Your Home to Attract the Life of Your Dreams (£10.99, Hay House UK).