For enquiries, please contact Joanne at 

Angelic Master Readings

Angelic master readings by Diana Cooper, teacher with 30 years of experience in light-working. I would love to channel for you.


Angelic Reiki UK

Official website. Information, practitioners and teachers directory, workshop dates:  Jayn Lee-Miller  07925 127222


Angel Healing Practitioner Courses

Online and in person workshops and private consultations with Jayn Lee-Miller 07925 127222  


Heal, Let Go of Old Patterns

Take the next step on your spiritual path… Long distance energy healing from the comfort of your home. Over 19 years’ experience. Energetic transmissions directly from God/Spirit/Creator, the ascended masters and archangels of white light.  Heal and manifest your own divine picture of perfection.  

Animal Reiki & Accredited Reiki Training

Sue Malcolm: experienced practitioner and teacher. Various reiki and animal reiki courses and workshops.

Learn an Ancient Art of Astral Travel

3000-year-old trusted technique to expand consciousness.  07380607980 

Astrological Therapy with Sandy, the cosmic dancer

Therapeutic support by an experienced psychological and karmic astrologer and IAPT/NHS counsellor. Astrological self development therapy. A therapeutic deep dive into the birth chart over 10 sessions to gain an understanding of self and patterns of relating. Astrological counselling. Emotional and psychological counselling support informed by the birth chart. Sandy is also an astrologer at Mysteries in Covent Garden, London.

In these uncertain times…

…it can be valuable to know how the planets may be shaping our lives. Astrological interpretations by Pagan Art.

Astro Life Coaching

with Helen Fost D.F.Astrol.S shamanic healer, NLP practitioner and life coach

Spiritual Astrology Readings

White Eagle School of Astrology qualified. 15 years in practice.  Individual readings and small group horoscope interpretation workshops.  Contact Merle on 07725 699617   Email

Westerdale by Spirit Writer Morwenna Holman

Epic 1800s drama of the fateful entwining of two families set on the Yorkshire moors. Available from Amazon with royalties to Morley Holistic Cat Rescue. 

The Eastward Party of Old Travelers

by Paul Daniels

Amazon Kindle e-book novel featuring adventures of touring American Art-puppet theatre and formation of close friendships.  May be read on almost any computer.

Air School of Breathwork

Recognised professional breathwork training since 2010. Check for week-long residential or online modules or 1 d/w online modules or call 07962 202 901 

Breathe Better to Live Better

Science-backed breathing exercises to transform your life. Unlock vitality, reduce stress, and thrive!

Tamil Nadu and Kerala Spiritual Ecotourism

Explore ancient temples, ashrams and nature. Friendly rural ashram, with volunteering opportunity, includes UK/Austrian staff.

Visibility Coaching for Holistic Practitioners

Coaching for holistic practitioners and healers who want to leverage video marketing on social media to grow your audience and attract your ideal clients. Quantum leap your visibility on video so that you can launch and sell your offers with authentic confidence. One-to-one and group options available. Contact Rose at Follow  @rose_sacredarchetypes

Master Energy Colour Healing

Master Energy Colour Healing with ascended masters and archangels. Email for free taster session online.

Attention Bipolar Creatives

Will you write regularly to same with chronic fatigue, not online, for stimulus? If you intrigue me enough you will receive a reply. Thanks!

SILVER, 1 Watson Ave, Mansfield, Notts NG18 2BS

Postal Correspondence Club

Offline, UK wide, for friends, pen pals, perhaps romance. Contact Rebecca. 

01633 526523

Seeking Connection

Fit, active Caribbean woman, 58, lives in Devon. Loves: nature, hiking, music, dancing, meditation/ chanting, living holistically. Seeks fit male companion, similar age, any nationality, for walking coastal paths and companionship. Interested?        

Spiritual Man, Looking for Love

Looking for love with spiritual woman in London or USA. My name is Wayne. I’m in my 40s and I am a spiritual man. I have full dark brown hair, big green eyes, 5′.7”, slim, clean shaven. I’m a numerologist, healer and vegetarian. I am looking for a spiritual woman, 20 – 40 years of age, long dark hair, dark eyes, slim, 5′.5” who is also spiritual in her own way with no children. Love to share and grow together. I’m looking for friendship, love, fun, relationship, so if you’re looking for the same, please call me on: 0790 4789793, WhatsApp, Facetime me or email:

Thank you!


Offers 1:1 work with women at all stages of their menopause time. I offer a fresh alternative view, 90 minute sessions with a free 30 minute session to begin. Informed by the most current work highlighting this transformative time.

Transform Your Life Through Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Comprehensive training and introductory courses in London. Treatment, including low cost treatment. The most established college of CST. College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CCST)  9 St George’s Mews Primrose Hill, London NW1 8XE 

020 7483 0120       

Sunshine Academy Of Metaphysics

Complementary Medical Association accredited college. Animal healing and communication, herbal medicine making, essential oils, shamanism, past life regression, psychic development, crystal healing, Reiki 1 to masters, energy healing and much more. Diplomas, practitioner and spiritual home study courses 


Crystal Therapy & Workshops

Devon-based experienced crystal therapist with private therapy room. For details on crystal therapy sessions or one day crystal workshops, please visit


Magazine, resources, Irish courses and tours between June and Sept. Mythos, round towers and nature spirits with Alanna Moore.

Rustic Mushroom Company

Ready-to-grow mushroom logs. Available in Reishi, Shiitake, Oyster etc. Mushroom growing kits, mushroom nutrient powders.  

07808 911718

EMF Protection

5G, EMF, RF, smart meter protection devices available at PhotonOrgone.Co.Uk – 35% off first purchase if you sign up to newsletter.

Eckhart Tolle UK Events

Free online webinars, workshops, retreats, one-to-one, video teachings, local support groups.  07754 016779

Holistic Wellbeing And Natural Crafts Festival

(Rainbows End), Civic Hall, High Street, Totnes

15 and 16 June, 2024. 10am until 5pm. Free entry. 

All-day programme of workshops, talks and demonstrations, including demonstrations of mediumship. 45 exhibitors, including readers, therapists, healers and traders.

Past Lives Revisited – Remembering Who We Really Are

Healing Karmic Trauma and Karmic Grief by Aurora Borealisz

Compelling, authoritative past life regressions to heal hidden traumas, illness, and discover your true self and spiritual inheritance. £6.32 / $6.99  /

Absent Healing

Hour-long sessions via reconnection and beautiful Lemurian crystal energies. Details from Christine.   07743467714

Energy Healing

Face-to-face or distant sessions for physical, emotional healing, pain relief. 20 years’ experience.  


Foraged Foods and Natural Healing

Herbal teas, foraged foods and natural health products all made on board the beautiful boat Evanthia.  Enjoy a treatment onboard, or visit one of the apiaries for a compassionate beekeeping experience day. @kayeslittlehouse

Sound and Somatic Healing

Sessions (online for somatic too) and private sound baths in Folkestone.  Available for corporate sound baths in London and the South East. 07768505415 

Chris Headland, Bendlington

Offers: sound healing sound baths, tuning forks, healing voice work. Yoga teacher, specialist in back care. Breath and meditation teacher, shamanic practitioner, drum birthing, drum circles, shamanic courses, reiki master, life path coaching, hypnotherapy and past life, crystal healer, labyrinth coach. Retreats, ceremonies and workshops blended just for you. Over 20 years of experience.   07974 351113

Free Monthly Long-Distance Healing Sessions

From the comfort of your home. Join hundreds of others from around the world, all with the same intent to heal and manifest their own divine picture of perfection.  One-hour session.

Creative Soul Journeys®

Creative Soul Journeys® offers therapy, workshops, retreats and online courses. Here to support you to lead a creative, joyful and soulful life. Contact Isabella now for a free chat: 


Soul-Centered Healing

The aim of soul-centered healing is to help you become clear, centered and confident in the present. The healing occurs through a process of identifying and resolving the unconscious sources of pain and conflict, whether they originate from within a person’s own inner world or from without. Are you ready to heal?

Louise Green (SCH-certified) 07918140455 





Menalite Sessions

Menalite sessions to aid the menopausal. Absent healing. Past life work. Energy healing for people and animals. Readings. 



Is perimenopause/menopause transition more challenging than you expected? Need some virtual TLC to help you navigate a soulful path through it? This 12-week online course with optional one-to-one coaching session/s and Facebook support group could be just what you need!  

Human Design

Discover your unique energy blueprint, life and soul purpose and more with international specialist Tiffany Stephens.

I work with you…

… to help realise your potential. Wendy Jane Erlick, intuitive coach, angel channeller, energy healer, writer. Reading from Watkins Books, London every Tuesday, or by Skype or private appointment. 

07922 038059

Life Activation

Life activations awakens locked DNA, jumpstarts and expands your life, potential and purpose, releases mental and ancestral patterns, shifts emotions and supports the body. Other:  emotional cord cutting, Isis healing, soul retrieval, EnSofic Reiki. 


Reiki Mentoring

Peer-to-peer mentoring for Reiki II practitioners and above. Also open to other disciplines.

Creative Journeys in Nature

With artist and certified nature and forest therapy guide, Emma Capper. Forest bathing, basketry, expressive arts. Bespoke sessions for groups and individuals. Retreats and workshops in Devon, UK.

Affected by Negative Energy?

Spirit attachments, negative thoughts, beliefs, cutting ties, past life issues are professionally and safely released remotely for people and property worldwide. 

01278 732127

Take a Little Peace

Take a little peace of New Zealand with you today: MEDITATIONZ  – download the app on iTunes and Google Play. Meditations inspired by Aotearoa New Zealand.

Past Life Regression 

Revisit your past lives using hypnosis, or regress back to a point in your current life for healing and therapy. Certified past life specialist and hypnotherapist. 


Claudette Forster

Claudette Forster is a London-based registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. She trained as a past life regression therapist under Dr Brian Weiss in the US. Please see the website for details:

Past Life Therapy 

Who do you think you were? Past life therapist Marie Winterbone, MPLTA, Suffolk.

07920 112676




Grow  spiritually and emotionally while solving problems with 55 minute sessions of Energy Spirituality, Energy Reading and Energy Healing.

Email on:

Life Readings

Life readings channelled with love, to bring the gifts of light and joy to your world. Christine.


Clairvoyant Paul

Clairvoyant Paul offers spiritually guided consultations in Brighton and Eastbourne, and also by telephone. His work always helps those ready for change. 

 01273 602929

Alexandra Harrison, Healer & Medium

Energy healing for humans and animals. Tarot and rune readings. Angelic guidance.

Ask Your Guides

Would you like guidance on your direction in life? I can ask your guides for you.

How Will 2024 Be For You?

My detailed blended readings using tarot, astrology and numerology can provide guidance. For details visit:

You Have Healing Hands

Do you have a desire to heal yourself and others through working with energy and bio-energy therapy? We offer IPMH-accredited practitioner training courses and introductory workshops in Central London. 020 8242 4555


Hypnotherapy can be an exciting and fulfilling career. For details of our accredited courses visit: 

07425 980335     

Shamanic Healer Training

Shamanic healer training with the professional association of shamanic healers. More information about our accredited training:

Accredited Shamanic Training

Flexible training, from a weekend to qualifying for diploma in shamanic healing.

The College of Sound Healing

Offers courses in sound healing throughout the UK. 

01525 753 866 

Rune Readings & Courses

Rune readings and courses with wise woman Ann O’Keife. Guidance, learning, transformation.    07967 199880

Reiki Connection

For everything reiki. TRC provides interactive, personal support for members, plus accredited reiki practitioner and reiki course listings. Founding member of Reiki Council.  

Self-Care For Sensitives

Are you highly sensitive and struggling with maintaining your energy and boundaries? There is an online self-led course called Self-Care for Sensitives developed and run by highly experienced therapist and healer Chanan Bonser (AKFRP). 

The course is full of great information and techniques that really help to become resilient, set gentle but clear boundaries, and be able to move in the world. FMI:  


Shamanic Healers Circle

Accredited practitioner and tutor Jim Brant offers online healings and consultations in Somerset and Devon.

Unique Spiritually-based Non-profit Animal Rescue Ranch

Unique spiritually-based non-profit animal rescue ranch in rural Missouri USA seeking business partners and angel investors to start spiritual retreats for pets (and their people) to generate income to support rescue work.

Spiritual Reflections

Spiritual reflections from thinkers around the world on issues relevant to human and world affairs.

Tantra Workshops

Tantra workshops and one-to-one sessions with Jon and Rose Skelton Pearson.

Dragon Healing

Receive support and guidance from the divine dragon realm.  Alchemise your fears, step into your power and soar. Contact healer, coach, and mentor Tuğçe.