YES TO SOUL:  AKASHIC RECORDS  Yes to your light! Recognize your illumination & activate your awakening. Readings with Tatiana are an elegant, efficient, and enjoyable way to accelerate your journey to be empowered to live your life dreams sooner rather than later.  She will channel messages that get to the heart of your challenges, getting clear information about the truth and how you can move forward now.  Book a remote reading with Tatiana:

THE  AKASHIC RECORDS provide insight as an invitation to growth and connection revealing why certain things are happening, why you have certain lessons in your life, and more. Bookings at

AKASHIC RECORD READING with Katherine Tack. Includes past life investigation and an attunement meditation with the Lords of Time and the help of the Akashic Records Guides.

AKASHIC RECORD READING & Clearing – designed to reconnect you with your soul. Vibrationally, your energy undergoes a lift and an expansion so that you can bring your full authentic self into your current existence and live your life in alignment with the truth of YOU!! ~

AKASHIC RECORD: Learn about your Soul’s Blueprint & Life Path with a transformational reading with  Anna at:


ANGELIC MASTER READINGS by Diana Cooper teacher with 30 years experience in Light-working. I would love to channel for you. Details

ANGELIC REIKI UK  Official Website. Information, Practitioners and Teachers Directory, Workshop Dates.  Jayn Lee-Miller 07925 127222

ANGELIC CONSULTANT OF THE YEAR 2020. Courses, Workshops, Healing, Life Coaching with Jayn Lee-Miller 07925 127222       


SPIRITUAL REFLECTIONS FROM thinkers around the world on issues relevant to human and world affairs.


WESTERDALE BY SPIRIT WRITER MORWENNA HOLMANEpic 1800s drama of the fateful entwining of two families set on the Yorkshire moors. Available from Amazon with royalties to MORLEY HOLISTIC CAT RESCUE.    


AIR SCHOOL OF BREATHWORK – Recognised professional Breathwork Training since 2010. Check for week-long residential or online modules or 1 d/w online modules or call 07962 202 901. 


UNIQUE SPIRITUALLY BASED NONPROFIT ANIMAL RESCUE RANCH in rural Missouri USA SEEKING BUSINESS PARTNERS and ANGEL INVESTORS to start SPIRITUAL RETREAT FOR PETS (and their people) to generate income to support rescue work. See for more information.   


A SACRED CACAO CEREMONY, is a guided meditation using the power of the plant medicine Cacao.  Journey to the silence within and work through emotional blockages and past traumas, and gain clarity about issues that need resolution 07971-798462


CORTIJO ROMERO, SPAINA Different Kind of Holiday!  Yoga, mindfulness, singing, photography, walking, personal development. Mountains, pool, vegetarian food.  £100 discount! – call or book online with code KS100 to claim01494 765775


EMPATHS! Let me be your spiritual coach! £200 for four sessions, including Infinity healing, nonduality and the benefit of 30 years of experience of ‘going within’.  For more details, please see:


FIT, ACTIVE CARIBBEAN woman, 58, lives in Devon. Loves: Nature, hiking, music, dancing, meditation/ chanting, living holistically. Seeks fit male companion, similar age, any nationality, for walking Coastal Paths + companionship. Interested? Email:                           


ART OF CHANGE”: Supportive and inspiring 12 week online course (start anytime) for women in perimenopause/menopause who need a bit of TLC – created by experienced workshop facilitator, Claire Lucas. Introductory offer of £36 from 

STEP INTO 5D  Raise yourself up. Guided meditations for your spiritual and emotional journey into 5D unity consciousness. Become a member from September to November and receive 10% discount. USE CODE KS10

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION for sincere seekers who want a deeper relationship with God Self and overcome inner/outer past/present obstacles. Blessings

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE THROUGH CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY  Comprehensive Training and Introductory Courses in London. Treatment, including Low Cost Treatment. The most established college of CST. College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CCST)  9 St George’s Mews Primrose Hill, London NW1 8XE Tel. 020 7483 0120 e-mail:  Website:       


RUSTIC MUSHROOM COMPANY. Ready to Grow Mushroom Logs. Available in Reishi, Shitake, Oyster etc. Mushroom Growing Kits. Mushroom Nutrient Powders  07808 911718


ROWENA BEAUMONT – Experienced Trainer. Professional EFT Online Courses from Discovering EFT to Trainers Training        email:

CLEAR ANY BIRTH  or early childhood experiences that may have imprinted a limiting belief in your subconscious, holding you back from your true potential.  I am an NLP and EFT Trainer/Coach, Author and Matrix Reimprinting Therapist with over 20 years experience working with children, teens and adults. Judy Bartkowiak


5G, EMF, RF, SMART METER PROTECTION devices available at PhotonOrgone.Co.Uk – 35% off first purchase if you sign up to my newsletter.


JANN MOORES MULTI-INTUITIVE Energy Healer. Identification and release of limiting blocks:  Sophia’s paediatrician was considering invasive tube feeding. Two remote sessions of healing removed the attached energy from her and she began to ask for food.  Carla’s endometriosis literally brought her to her knees every month. Following sessions, the pain dissolved completely. I remove mental, emotional, physical, spiritual blocks:  Facebook:                                       Email:


THE SACRED FEMININE SEXUAL MYSTERIES OF AVALON retreat for women. June 7-11, 2021 in Glastonbury. Reclaim your birthright of vitality, passion, and feminine power and presence in a safe, sacred, temple space with highly skilled and experienced facilitators. Website:     


FENG SHUI MASTER consultations with Chinese Astrology by Alan Stirling RCFSI, FSSA to help create the perfect nurturing environment in your home and business for you, your family, and staff. Over 30 years of outstanding results, consultation prices start from just £250.00 see for full details, or call 01634 739198 or 07725 699278.  Also available Accredited Feng Shui Consultation training by live interactive classes streamed directly to your device wherever you are, or study offline with our Distance Learning modules.


TRANSFORMATIONAL HEART HEALING  “I was a little sceptical at first but I thought I might as well see if it works.  After my first healing session I was surprised by just how much it helped me.  Since had my second session and things just keep on improving for me.  Out of all of the things I have tried this has been the most helpful” – Ryan, Hereford   See for info and many more testimonials. 

DISCOVER IMBALANCES within your body and the root cause of symptoms & disease. Remote bioenergetic testing is available worldwide! Please visit WWW.BIO-SCANS.COM to order your screening today.

ABSENT HEALING. Hour long sessions via Reconnection and beautiful LEMURIAN  Crystal energies. Details from Christine, email   tel: 07743467714


MENALITE SESSIONS to aid the menopausal.Absent healing. Past life work. Energy healing for people and animals. Readings.:   email. 

IS PERIMENOPAUSE / MENOPAUSE transition more challenging than you expected? Need some virtual TLC to help you navigate a soulful path through it? This 12 week online course with optional one to one coaching session/s & facebook support group could be just what you need!  


I WORK WITH YOU to help realise your potential. Wendy Jane Erlick, Intuitive Coach, Angel Channeller, Energy Healer, Writer. Reading from Watkins Books, London every Tuesday Or by skype or private appointment. 07922 038059

NEGATIVE ENERGY CLEARANCE                                                                                                                                                                       

AFFECTED BY NEGATIVE ENERGY? Spirit attachments, negative thoughts, beliefs, cutting ties, past life issues are professionally and safely released remotely for people and property worldwide. Call: 01278 732127 or visit:                                                                                          


TAKE A LITTLE PEACE of New Zealand with you today: MEDITATIONZ  – Download the App on iTunes & Google Play. Meditations inspired by Aotearoa New Zealand.                                              


LIFE READINGS channelled with love, to bring the gifts of Light and joy to your world. Christine 07743467714

FREE PERSONAL READINGS:Shree Guru Buta Singh reveals the path to health, wealth & perfect relationships through the use of Spiritual Science. Decades of contemplation at the feet of Indian & Tibetan masters unveils the path to a perfect life.  0794 1612096

CLAIRVOYANT, PAUL; offers spiritually guided consultations in Brighton and Eastbourne and also by telephone. My work always helps those ready for change. Please telephone Brighton 01273 602929 for further details.    

ALEXANDRA HARRISON, HEALER & MEDIUM. Energy healing for humans and animals. Tarot and rune readings. Angelic guidance:  email:        

PSYCHIC MEDIUM READINGS IN THE TRANQUIL LAKE DISTRICT. Spiritual guidance you can trust to help with challenges, life changes and obstacles. Skype, Face face and Telephone readings. 07946339050

LIGHTWORKERS MEET and know your guides by name and learn who you truly are and how to fulfill your potential. Channelled readings by Lindsley Cash.  Call 0207 387 0358 or email                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PROFESSIONAL TRAINING – SOUND HEALING

THE COLLEGE OF SOUND HEALING   Offers courses in Sound Healing throughout the UK. Tel: 01525 753 866;


MAKE YOUR OWN delicious raw chocolates this Christmas with The Complete Chocolate Course – use code KINDRED to get £60 off


SHAMANIC HEALERS CIRCLE accredited practitioner and tutor, Jim Brant offers online healings and consultations in Somerset/Devon.


SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER TRAINING with Derek Gane, shamanic healer and teacher of 20 years. In-depth teachings over 15 months on a 20 acre retreat in North Cornwall. Starts March.