Universal Symbols: The Grounding Fire Symbol Raku

October 27, 2019

by Natasha Joy Price



This is one of my favourite symbols in reiki. It represents to me what reiki symbols should be: fast, simple, effective, and easy to remember and understand. The lightning bolt shape of the symbol represents its powerful properties and the path reiki energy follows when being brought down from the universe and through the body.


It can be visualised in any colour, although often it is referred to as pink or violet light, which does not initially seem to match its title. You would anticipate that a fire symbol would be red, orange or yellow, however the softer colours of white and violet originates from the reiki energy seen at Master level.

A few years ago, whilst I was taking my Masters in Parapsychology, it was necessary for us to investigate ways it which the energy in healing modalities could be measured which subsequently led me to experimenting with aura viewing machinery. What became clear was the Master level reiki always came through at a frequency which was interpreted as a mixture of violet and white colouration, which can be associated with the Raku symbol. It would therefore appear to represent these high frequencies. It is also important to note that despite these colours, this should not denote the intensity of the energy.

The Raku symbol is used to primarily ground a student following an attunement whilst studying the Master level reiki. An attunement is where the energy is passed from Master to student at the correct frequency level. It attunes the student to the energy at that frequency and aids in the student becoming a clearer channel for the reiki energy.

Students can feel very spaced out afterwards, and the Raku assists the high vibrational energy to be integrated throughout the student’s chakras quickly and easily, down into the earth. Reiki energies can affect a student on all levels, whether that be physically, emotionally or spiritually. These powerful effects can commonly cause a 21-day detoxification, because the energy works its way through all of the main energy sites throughout the body. Usually we say that it takes three days per chakra for the energy to be fully dissipated throughout the energy field – hence the 21 days through seven chakras. The Raku symbol aids that movement and adjustment of energy.

Originally this symbol was not one of the symbols taught by the founder of reiki, Mikao Usui, and therefore is not always used in the more traditional lineages. It is believed to have its origins in Tibet and to have been incorporated in the teaching of reiki by a subsequent reiki Master. Tibetan Buddhism is the foundation of the culture of Tibet and was originally introduced in the seventh century, creating a weaving together of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Symbols are incredibly important within this religion and it is therefore not surprising that the raku symbol was also weaved into the fabric of reiki over time. Whatever it’s true origins, the fire symbol has become firmly incorporated within the teachings of reiki and has proved itself to be an effective and powerful addition. The core principles of reiki do not change because of the addition of new symbols such as this, and if this additional symbol can aid the understanding of this modality, then that can only be of benefit.

As well as its use to ground students, it also has a specific use in healing as it can be used to target very small areas in the body and has successfully been used for the treatment of kidney stones and blood clots for that reason.


 About the author


Natasha Joy Price is an energy therapist, teacher and author. Natasha is passionate about energy and how getting to know your energy field can only benefit you on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis. Natasha offers individual sessions, teaches Reiki and her own Soul Continuum Healing modality and her first publication, Freedom of the Soul, is now available on Amazon.
She can be contacted via her websites www.dandeliontherapies.co.uk or www.energyschoolcourses.co.uk or by email dandeliontherapies28@gmail.com


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