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Universal Symbols: The Power of the Cho Ku Rei

by Natasha Joy Price


I have always thought that symbols are universal keys to accessing different energy frequencies which flow through and make up the fabric of the universe. The universe speaks in terms of frequencies, and symbols are part of its unique language. My previous article talked about how these frequencies can affect our energy in a positive way, and how effective the use of symbols can be when activating our own energy field.

  Symbols quite literally allow a certain frequency to which they resonate to be brought through, which in turn causes our own energy to shift to be in rhythm with that new frequency. In the case of the Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei, which is taught to students being attuned to Level 2 Reiki, the symbol literally translates as ‘place the power of the universe here’. When drawing this symbol, whether it is over the body of a client or within a room or space, the request that you are sending out to the universe is for more energy to be brought in. For that reason, the Cho Ku Rei is often referred to as the power symbol, as it brings a powerful stream of extra universal energy to wherever it is required, and therefore helps to create a more powerful healing.  It is a very useful tool to use throughout treatments as it can be drawn over the entire energy field of a client when an energetic boost is required. This is particularly helpful in circumstances where the client is run down or recovering from surgery or an illness. However, it can also be used in a more focused way when drawn in a specific area where the energy is sluggish or stagnant, or in fact in the chakras themselves where there is old energy or emotions which need to be cleared. It is also a great way to clear the energy of a space as it purifies and disperses any darker or negative energy.  I was taught by my master to draw it in the corners of rooms for exactly that reason, and in any areas where negative energy accumulates. When reviewing the different uses of Cho Ku Rei, they can initially seem to oppose each other – but there is a very good reason for that. The main part of the Cho Ku Rei symbol is of course the coil shape, which is referred to as the regulator of energy. The coil can expand or contract, helping to shift the energy in which it is placed.  Dependent of which way the coil is drawn, whether that is in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, the energy can be intensified or released.  In other words it can be used to bring in additional energy as stated above, to magnify or to attract.  Alternatively, it can be used to release energy where there is a surplus, or reduce or eliminate energy that is no longer required. Of course this symbol should be passed via a Master to their student whilst studying Reiki Level 2 for it to be truly effective.  If you are Reiki trained, try drawing the Cho Ku Rei in different directions and in different situations, and see what effect it has on the surrounding energy. It really is a very powerful and effective symbol, and a great tool for any Reiki practitioner to become familiar with.  

 About the author

Natasha Joy Price is an energy therapist, teacher and author. Natasha is passionate about energy and how getting to know your energy field can only benefit you on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis. Natasha offers individual sessions, teaches Reiki and her own Soul Continuum Healing modality and her first publication, Freedom of the Soul, is now available on Amazon.
She can be contacted via her websites or or by email
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