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How the Vibration and Frequency of Symbols Affects Our Energy

by Natasha Joy Price


There’s a great well-known quote by Nikola Tesla which states "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" – and that is very accurate in my experience over the past 16 years working in energy healing.

  The universe does not speak in verbal languages but rather in frequency and vibration, and symbols are a major part of that. Symbols are the universal keys which unlock our ability to connect to and utilise certain frequencies. Sometimes the frequencies that our energy needs, or which will assist us most, are just out of our reach. Symbols allow us to connect to those frequencies in an easy and convenient way, and to feel the benefit of their vibration. Over my time learning different energy modalities, I have learnt some important concepts which help us to understand the world of energy and why tools such as symbols work. One important point highlighted by quantum physics is that everything at an atomic level vibrates. At that very basic level, atoms have streams or ribbons of energy flowing between them, which vibrate. The chair you are sitting on is vibrating, the iPad you are holding is vibrating, and so on. We as human beings are also vibrating, and when you put a structure that is vibrating – such as a physical crystal, an essential oil or an energetic symbol – into our energy field, the two try to find a common rhythm in a process called entrainment. Crystals and essential oils are referred to as vibrational medicine for exactly this reason, but symbols also fit well into this category. Another important concept is that our own energy field spreads through and around us like a giant bubble, and when healthy, the surface of that bubble appears like bright swirls of colour, pulsating and flowing in mesmerising patterns. As the energy moves, it also vibrates at a frequency unique to each of us. That unique frequency is determined by various elements that are present, such as negative and positive emotions, beliefs, perceptions, and life experiences and traumas that we have suffered over this lifetime and through many past lives. In fact, our energy is a range of frequencies both high and low, representing a vast number of individual factors and therefore making our overall energy vibration unique to us. Our energy is basically a blueprint of who we have been, who we are and who we can become. If the energy slows, stagnates, spikes or even begins to break, the colours become dimmed and grey in places. When this happens we often experience physical or emotional symptoms as the reasons for that stagnation – usually negative elements – begin to permeate through the energy layers to our physical state. As humans we are very good at keeping our emotions in check, putting them in a box to deal with later and dumping them in our energy field or physical body somewhere. Eventually, if left, they will begin to seep out of that box. This may occur many years later and we may not immediately realise the correlation, but whatever the time-frame, they will eventually affect the way that we function in life on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.
Remembering Symbol Credit: Natasha Joy Price
When symbols are added to our energy field, they are not just two-dimensional pencil thin shapes that we would draw on paper, but also appear as pulsating colourful energy vibrating on their own unique frequency, and therefore boosting the surrounding energy field to match them. How we ‘view’ that energy is different for all of us. We may see energy as a colour as I do, feel it as a vibration or hear it as a tone. None of these ways are incorrect, just a different perception. If the crystals, oils or symbols that we introduce are vibrating at a frequency that is higher than ours, then they assist in pulling our overall vibration up to match them. Through energy healing modalities we aim to raise our vibration so that lower frequencies will drop away or be released. As we begin to vibrate to a range of higher frequencies the people, situations and abundance that we attract changes, causing our lives to shift as we attract new opportunities and people who match our new range of frequencies. Symbols can also be included under the umbrella of vibrational medicine as they too vibrate and are an amazing, but in my opinion, much underused tool. They are cheap, effective and anyone can use them in a positive life affirming way. In energy healing modalities there is a prerequisite to the energy flowing, and that is that it must be for the right reasons. If we attempt to use energy or energetic tools to the detriment of others, it simply will not work. In Reiki 2 you are taught several symbols to help you during the process of giving a treatment. These symbols were in fact originally devised by Dr Mikao Usui to help students who were struggling to reach different energy frequencies. They were given to the students as a prop to help them access the energy frequencies that are used at that level and I now use symbols extensively in my teaching for the same reason. They are indeed effective keys. Different symbols placed in our energy field can help to clear the energy of lower frequencies, help us remember our natural energetic state and previous lives, empower us, reset chakras and affect our energy in many different positive ways. In all energy healing the effect of working on your energy field can make you feel as if you are coming down with a cold. However, these symptoms usually pass quite quickly and are due to the energy settling and recalibrating itself. It is a small price to pay for a clearer, brighter energy which can assist you to deal with life in a much more balanced and centred state.  

 About the author

Natasha Joy Price is an energy therapist, teacher and author. Natasha is passionate about energy and how getting to know your energy field can only benefit you on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis. Natasha offers individual sessions, teaches Reiki and her own Soul Continuum Healing modality and her first publication, Freedom of the Soul, is now available on Amazon.
She can be contacted via her websites or or by email