Nature’s Craft: The Sun

June 28, 2020

by Tudorbeth


The sun is the reason all of us are here. It is the life force of our solar system. It is also a constant reminder that we were born in the heart of an exploding star many billions of years ago. The wonder of the universe and of the planets is awe-inspiring and they each have their own magic – magic that we can, as practitioners of the Craft, use.


In magic the sun represents the God, the Father. Its colours are gold, yellow, white, red and orange and it is responsible for many correspondences including career, physical health, wealth, money, power, leadership, and positivity. If you make magic salt using the rays and power of the sun, the salt will have these energies contained within. As such, is perfect to be used for career spells, especially if you are surrounded by toxic people who depress you or darken your days.


Sun salt

If you want to use the power of the sun in your spells by creating sun salt, one of the best times is the summer solstice. Place your sea salt in a bowl, put it in view of the solstice sun, and leave it for about three hours. If Midsummer has already been and gone (as it has this year) a beautiful cloudless, blue day with the sun shinning is equally good at creating magical sun salt. Afterwards, carefully pour the salt into a clean jam jar and tie a yellow ribbon round it.

Make your magic water using the energies contained in the sun salt by adding three tablespoons of the sun salt to a spray bottle of water, then shaking well until dissolved. You can then spray the sun water as and when you require its magical powers. This magic sun water is also powerful when used in spaces that you work in such as the office or studio, and particularly good if you need to draw creative energy for brainstorming ideas and the like.

Throughout the course of the year you will need your powerful sun salt for all kinds of different things, and you may actually run out of it. With magic moon salt you know you can always make some more every month, but the summer solstice only comes once a year (and has already passed us this year). When Midsummer has been and gone, magic can help in another way. The ‘magical square of the sun’ is excellent for consecrating more magic salt with the power of the sun, even on the darkest of winter days.

Get a yellow piece of card or paper and copy the below numbers, exactly as shown below, in a square:

Cut out the square, and with your bowl of sea salt, place the two together on the window ledge so the bowl is sitting on the square, drawing up its energy. This salt needs to be out from sunrise to sunset, depending on the strength of the sun. When the day is over or sunset is near, take the salt and place it in a clean jam jar. Tie an orange ribbon around it to distinguish it from any solstice salt you have created. You can use this magic salt for cleansing, consecrating and spell-weaving in everyday magic.

Magical squares are a great resource for us, as they help draw down the energy of the particular planet it is assigned to. In magic, every planet in solar system has a magical square and all pertain to the correspondences that planet represents. However, a word of warning with magical squares: as they are made up of a series of numbers, remember that numbers have a symbolism of their own and can open up hidden mysteries of the universe. Further, if you research magical squares you will find that not all of them work with ‘the light’, so be careful to follow your own path and go where your own numbers lead.

Nevertheless, let us return to our main focus for this month: the sun. One of the most powerful things about the sun is its ability to help with money and career issues. Use the summer to perform a powerful sun spell to draw money towards you. Using a sunflower (which is magical in itself, as it follows the sun round during the day) ask the power of the sun for money to flow, and to follow you instead of away from you. Have a sunflower in a vase next to you as you say this spell. On a yellow card, write lots of money symbols (eg. £, £, £ or $, $, $) then say:


Magic flower of the sun
Away from me my finances run.
Money flow now to me
And it harm none, so mote it be.


The beat-the-recession spell

Given the nature of what we are going through with COVID-19 and the lockdown, you can also use the power of the sun and the summer to enhance your career and finances. If you can have a plant in your place of work, buy a marigold or rosemary plant to keep there. The marigold is a perfect summer plant, with its bright yellow petals reminding us of the sun and its power to shine a light on darkness. Before taking the plant to work, say these words over it:

Blessed Juno, in times of strife,
Let this plant help in my fight.
Recession from these doors be gone.
Blessed Juno, an’ it harm none,
I invoke the power of the sun.
To help, guide and protect me.
These dark times now be gone.
Light forever, so mote it be.


Take the plant in to work and take care of it lovingly. If you take a rosemary plant, the smell of the leaves will revive you when you are feeling tired at the office and their fresh scent will make the entire office smell good too.

There you have it – I hope you harness and use the power of the sun this summer to bring about the changes you have always wanted in your careers and finances. Next month we shall look specifically at money magic, and all that entails.

Blessed be, and keep safe.


About the author:


Tudorbeth has been a practising witch for over 30 years. She has written many books on the subject. Her latest title is A Spellbook for the Seasons, published by Eddison Books.


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