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Valerie Tejeda2 min

Welcoming Taurus Season With a Warming Ritual

We are entering Taurus season (19 April to 20 May this year)! And something I love about Taurus energy is how it can be so grounded in the present moment and to savour what’s before them. We see this in its symbol, the Bull, who is fully engaged and invested as he grazes and enjoys the green, lush grass, moving at his own pace and not distracted by external influences. This is why the wellbeing theme for Taurus season from my book Cosmic Care about the magic of astrology for self-care and empowerment is presentness, and finding pockets of peace in the present moment. Being present is not always easy. It takes practice and work. So when the sun is in Taurus, it’s a great time to hone this skill and harness this energy, and a great way to practice this is with a coffee or tea ritual from Cosmic Care. This ritual focuses on mindfulness and enjoying the moment before you. You’ll need a warm beverage, like a hot cup of coffee, tea, chai, or other drink of your choice. Preparing the drink can be part of the mindfulness act of the ritual as well, especially if you’re creating a beverage that takes significant preparation, like matcha. After preparing your warm drink of choice, find a quiet place to sit with little to no distraction. With your drink in your hands, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. With each breath, allow the tension to release from your body. With your eyes still closed, notice how the drink smells as you take in another long, deep breath. What does it smell like? Earthy? Sweet? Notice the pleasant aroma as you continue to breathe. With your eyes still closed, move your focus to your hands. What does the mug feel like against your palm and fingers? Is it nice and warm on your skin? Is the cup light or heavy? Now open your eyes and gaze at your drink before you. What colour is it? Are there lots of colours swirling in the cup? Do you notice any steam moving off the top? As you take your first sip, bring your attention to the heat of the drink in your mouth. Feel the warmth of it and notice any sensations that you feel in your body after taking a sip. Now, on your next sip, move your focus to how your drink tastes. Are you tasting any sugar that you put in it, or cream, or notes of a specific flavour? Is it enjoyable? And as you continue to drink your drink, pay attention to all those things  ̶  the temperature of the drink, the flavour, how it feels in your body, and what it smells like as you continue to take breaths. And if your mind starts to wander, no need to judge that  ̶  just bring it back to these basic mindful things as you enjoy your beverage. When you’re nearing the end of your drink, recite to yourself, ‘I am grounded, I am peaceful, I am abundant, and I am grateful for this pause in my day.’ Carry that intention with you for the rest of your day.  

Extracted from Cosmic Care: Astrology, Lunar Cycles, and Birth Charts for Self-Care and Empowerment by Valerie Tejeda (£13.99, Hay House).

Valerie Tejeda

Valerie Tejeda is a journalist, author and narrator whose work includes the Audible Originals bestseller Self Care by the Signs and Self Care by the Moon. She is the founder of Big Cosmic Energy, a digital brand with content on pop-astrology and cosmic-inspired self-care.