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Nicole Barton7 min

Do You Need An Energetic Spring Clean?

Spring is a fresh, dreamy, expansive energetic season which offers us the reminder that we always have the opportunity of expansion – yet if we are deeply sensitive, we can also meet a fear that shows up in our bodies that has us wanting to contract and ‘protect our energy’ to avoid burnout, rather than open like the beautiful, fully expressed rose bud we are.   There’s often a sense, in magical women, of longing to integrate ourselves back into the world and focus towards the lighter days (to go out, go out into the woods or life will never happenas Clarissa Pinkola Estes says), along with a conflicting fear of emerging into the crazy modern world and our energy being ‘obliterated’ – which can have us staying in, fearing absorbing everyone else’s energy. Heart-breakingly, oftentimes, this pattern leaves us feeling isolated and disconnected from the world (though we may also come to love keeping our own company, even if it does mean we aren’t living our purpose). The good news is, there’s actually a hidden deeper reason for why this is – and it’s especially related to one of the core wounds of women who are here with a more meaningful purpose as a healer. If you’re struggling with the journey of sharing your gifts, it could be that this deeper wound is for you to heal, so you can open and fully bloom into the magical, purposeful, brilliant, sensitive woman you were born to be.  Especially if you are here to be energy workers or healers, teachers, lightworkers and guides of the world.  

How our sensitivity wounding shows up

Here are some signs we are being called into a spring energy cleanse to reclaim the radiant, sensitive woman we truly are in our hearts:
  • Feeling shame around our sensitivity and ignoring our needs – this often leaves us people-pleasing, playing the ‘good girl’ role, ignoring our needs and boundaries and contorting to fit into society’s expectations of what a ‘normal’ person does – we will shame our basic needs as ‘too much’.
  • Becoming burned out and exhausted – our energy will have taken a nosedive due to trying to keep up – and we will feel like we are not enough because we can’t keep up with ‘normal’ people.
  • Rebelling – when we’ve had enough of the good girl, we decide to stay away from people entirely, sometimes putting up harsh, spiky boundaries that push people away – we might begin to judge ourselves for being ‘too wild’.
  • Hiding away, protecting – there’s often a feeling of having to ‘shield’ ourselves, and we will fear absorbing negative energy from others – yet we are really using all our energy to mask who we are.
  • Secretly feeling a deeper call to a life of more magic, meaning and purpose – and likely suspect (or have been told) that we have healing gifts of some kind (even if that feels terrifying).
In essence, we become a secret witch – a brilliant, sensitive woman with magical healing gifts, who learned she couldn’t cope with the chaotic mundane world, and hides herself away instead of actualising her soul purpose.  I know this because, once upon a time, I was a secret witch I know, too, the fear we experience around protecting our energy when we have innocently given too much of ourselves away, shamed our needs, dishonoured our boundaries and absorbed the world’s problems. But what if we didn’t have to hide away, protect and guard ourselves? What if it’s just time for a spring energy cleanse – working with healing archetypal remedy phosphorus to begin healing this wounding, reclaim the power in our empathy and integrate into the world in a way which fully honours our sensitivity as a gift, so we can become the healers we were born to be? My worldview is that to become the healer we long to be, we need to heal the wounds of the wounded healer – of which sensitivity is one.    

The wounding of sensitivity

So many women who are meant to be healers get lost in this vortex of hiding because we’ve learned to live in a world that does not value sensitivity as a gift. Sensitivity has become shamed and rejected as wrong – pathologised, even, with the rise of labels of neurodivergence which are often classed as disabilities – in a world where the gifts of being a magical, all-seeing, all-feeling, all-knowing wise oracle don’t make sense to the masses.  And whilst it’s not our fault – and it’s easy to blame society – it’s also not the world’s fault alone. Because the truth is, we have allowed the world to imprint this worldview on us, and innocently learned to shame our own sensitivity. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but it also offers us power – because we can begin to change it. It offers us the opportunity to reclaim the sensitive aspects of ourselves – instead owning and reclaiming them as positives. Because for as long as we are resisting our own energetic sensitivity, we are denying our talents as healers.  

Archetypal phosphorus - the natural born healer

Women who are born with the soul purpose of being a healer are commonly archetypal phosphorus birth constitution. Phosphorus, as an archetypal energy remedy, is the fiery, sensitive substance on the end of a match – we can get a flavour of its essence from that; it reacts instantly to the slightest strike, and also can burn down in flames. When harnessed in alignment, with a deep honouring of our sensitive inner fire, a match can also become a torch for the world – an activating beacon to light the way.   In the same way, as healers, when we honour our deep sensitivity fully – and the needs we have as a result of this sensitive constitution – we learn to show up and shine our torch, without burning ourselves to ash. Archetypal phosphorus women are the ones here to shine a light for a new way, holding the torch for a new world which embraces sensitivity as a gift. A world where we embrace being able to commune with other worlds, spirit and the wild – and embrace the healing in this. Because that’s what sensitivity offers: a portal of openness to other worlds that the mundane world cannot access. Without our sensitivity, we could not be healers. This is why it’s so important to reclaim the gold in our unique energy type.  

How to energetically spring clean ourselves?

Archetypal remedy phosphorus is a lovely energy to explore as we come into spring expansion and the reclamation of our healing gifts. Archetypal remedies work with the three ancient wisdom bodies of homeopathy, archetypal psychology and energy healing to help us heal ourselves – rather than rely on others to ‘quick fix’ us – holding up a mirror of self-illumination to our patterns, and begin to reclaim our energy and vitality.   Enquiries below invite you into phosphorus self-illumination around your relationship with sensitivity, along with a self-guided energy healing practice (with phosphorus as a spirit guide) for energy spring clean activation.  

Phosphorus self-illumination

Phosphorus shows us how to reclaim our energy and vitality, and open to our gifts.  Grab your journal and contemplate the following questions:
  • How do you feel about the idea of being sensitive? Is it something you hold any shame around? What has been revealed about that in this article?
  • How far do you relate to the wounded themes explored in this article of people-pleasing, burning yourself out, rebelling and harshly protecting your energy, and hiding to avoid your gifts for fear of your energy being obliterated? How does this fear and worry impact your energy?
  • How far do you unapologetically meet your basic sensitivity needs – and if not, what is the fear that stops you? For example, how far do you meet your needs for more space, quiet, connection to the wild, less noise and light stimulation, nourishing food, touch, nervous system regulation, reflection or embodiment?
  • What are the deeper gifts of your sensitivity? What does your sensitivity help you access that you would otherwise be without? Can you list the positives?

Energy spring clean ritual

Next, go into the following energy practice:
  • Create a sacred space to deepen into self-healing ritual – meeting all your needs for comfort and nourishment – notice what your body desires; do you want an extra pillow under your arm that you’d normally ignore, do you want extra layers of cosy blankets that you suppress desire for? Do you desire music or essential oils (lemon is very ‘spring-cleanse’) to make it a beautiful experience that fulfils your senses? Notice what arises as you meet your needs even for this ritual.
  • Create an intention for your mini energy cleanse – from your enquiry, what old stories around sensitivity do you desire to let go of, and what new stories do you long to call in? Create a statement summarising these intentions: e.g. ‘I release my fear of ___’ and ‘I embrace my needs for ___ fully’.
  • Consciously call in archetypal phosphorus as a spirit guide – ask for her help in healing your sensitivity wounds this spring. Visualise who archetypal phosphorus represents for you and, when you’ve connected with her fire energy, call her energy into your hands and guide them around your body, placing them where feels needed and calling phosphorus into your body to activate insights for healing. Spend 15 minutes connecting with sensations in your body as you do, seeing what you notice.
  • Fire release – when you’ve called phosphorus in, honour her with a spring release, burning your reflections on your old stories around sensitivity.
  • Cleansing spritz – when complete, create a healing spritz to embody phosphorus’s new stories and energy, mixing up to 30 drops (total) of your favourite three spring-feeling essential oils in a hydrolat water in a spray bottle, labelling it with ‘phosphorus’ and your ‘new story’ intention. Spray yourself whenever you’re noticing an energy dip.
The important thing to know as you enter this spring energy cleanse is that healing is not linear with archetypal remedy activations. This is only the beginning of your healing – phosphorus will reveal things as you continue to journey for integration, so notice any patterns, synchronicities or sensitivity wounds she begins to reveal (which she will). My deepest wish is that you begin to know your energy sensitivity is here to help you be a gift – and part of your expansion into your deeper soul calling to being a healer. Will you embrace that this spring and beyond? PS: You might enjoy this episode of the Secret Witch show, which is all about ‘How to reclaim the gifts in your sensitivity and overwhelm – even when it doesn’t appear to be a gift’. 

Nicole Barton

Nicole Barton is a soul guide and magical teacher helping other sensitive women – and aspiring healers, lightworkers, teachers, guides and community nurturers – to heal themselves, discover their unique gifts and express their soul purpose. Through her Archetypal Apothecary™ path, Nicole guides women to understand their soul’s plan so they can become the unapologetically magical healers their souls were born to be.

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