Your June Astrology Forecast

May 27, 2022

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allan reveals what’s written in the stars for June in 2022

From 4 June until 23 October Saturn moves backwards in the sky as a timely reminder of the need for us all to continue to pick up the pieces of the recent events. These next couple of months prove to be a turning point in the year. We can all begin to metaphorically breathe a sigh of relief.


Notable Astrological Dates 

✧ 3 June – Mercury goes direct 09.00
✧ 4 June – Saturn goes retrograde 22.47
✧ 14 June – Full moon 23 degrees Sagittarius 12.52
✧ 21 June – Summer solstice, Sun enters Cancer 10.14



With both Jupiter and Mars travelling in your own zodiac sign this month, others could see you overreaching with some of your own personal ambitions. However, Aries is the sign of the conqueror, creating a new vision for the rest of us mere mortals to follow and learn from – don’t
hesitate in pursuing your dreams this month.




Venus is the dominating influence, travelling for the majority of the month in your own zodiac sign. This combination is sure to bring pleasure, joy and happiness. On 11 May it forms a conjunction with the planet Uranus, which could create some interesting social situations that bring you closer to your true self.




This is a pivotal month that concentrates on personal relationships, in particular on 14 June when we have a full moon in your 7th solar house.
However, on 3 June Mercury turns direct, which will help you in communicating your needs to others. Just be careful not to confound your
confidant with a flurry of words that create more blocks, rather than opening the conversation up to a more intimate level.




Jupiter is now transiting into your solar 10th house, which is associated with work and career matters. This transit signifies the start of a major
12-year cycle which will capture and develop your ability to be brave with your ambitions – this is also supported at the moment by the transit of Mars in the same position as Jupiter. If there ever was a time to grab the bull by the horn, then this is it.



For the first time in 12 years, Jupiter enters your 9th house of travel, education, spirituality and publishing. Look out for expansion in
these areas over the next three months. This is intensified by the transit of Mars joining Jupiter – there is an optimism that radiates from you this month. On 14 June, the full moon lights up your 5th house of creative expression and individuality. Time to turn your attention
to your social life.




On 3 June your ruler Mercury starts to move forward in the sky, giving you a greater sense of purpose and confidence in your own abilities. The transit of Venus in your 9th house is good for educational purposes and
higher learning. On 14 June, the full moon brings an issue to the surface within the home environment that has been brewing for some time.




Joining Jupiter in your 7th house this month is the planet Mars, which can
potentially bring out some impulsive qualities when communicating with others in an intimate way. Librans are generally known to be diplomatic and charming, but if you speak before you think this month, you could find yourself having to repeatedly explain yourself. Be impeccable with your word.



Venus is now travelling in your 7th house. This should help to calm things down from the previous month. Sometimes in life we all need to step back from the drama and appreciate our ability to transform our own emotions
into something special for the future. On 4 June the planet Saturn goes retrograde in your 4th house, meaning that a period of re-evaluation
needs to be a priority with family matters.



The sun shines in your 7th house of personal relationships and legal
matters. Over the next four weeks it’ll be time to communicate your own
needs, but also to listen to partners and their feelings. If you get this right, you could find yourself with more space and time to climb towards some
new lofty visions without distractions from others.




On 4 June your ruler Saturn turns retrograde in your solar 2nd house of personal finances and possessions. Over the next four months it’s going to be time to plan and live within your means from a financial perspective
– saving rather than spending is the template that Saturn likes to operate in. If you get this right, Saturn will reward you in the future.



On 4 June your traditional ruler Saturn turns retrograde until 23 October, which heralds a period of readjustment and inner awareness of your own
motivations for the future. This is an important junction in the year, during which you will realise how much progress you have made in your life in 2022. Once you are conscious of that, you can plan your next move.




On 28 June your modern ruler Neptune moves backwards in the sky, which
you will begin to feel before it has even happened. It’s important that you feel self-reliant and confident in your ability to cope with anything that life throws at you this month. How do you do this? Trust in your own inner awareness and you can’t go wrong.


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Posted by: Gwen Jones