Do you long for change in this world?

March 8, 2022

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After the past few years of unprecedented change in our world and witnessing the current conflict and turmoil impacting global peace, more people are looking for answers to some of the most fundamental questions in life. Most notably, why am I here? What is my real purpose? How can I be the change I wish to see in the world?  


One individual who is hoping to help people find the answers is  Zulma Reyo, an educator, writer and speaker who has devoted her life’s work to creating a method of spiritual education which advocates for personal transformation as a way of securing social and world change.  After traditional university study, Zulma explored various psychotherapies, world religions, mystical traditions, and energetic practices, culminating in what has become her teaching, ‘Inner Alchemy’. 


Inner Alchemy has been developed as a system for experiencing the reality of Higher Consciousness not only as an avenue for inner experience, but also as a source of direct action in the world. 


ZRSOC teachings are aimed at people who really want to make a difference and who care about soulful living. Rather than secure material goods and privileges, significant absorbing relationships, Zulma’s teaching reaches the innermost centre of you in your aloneness, in your fullness, at the level of most loving intimacy, to reveal your wealth, your true power, your beauty, intelligence and the impact you can have within the hungry world. 


The school offers a three year programme to learn the tools of transformation for students lucky enough to be accepted onto it. Three cohorts run each year and all students receive full scholarship funding from LightEn ( the philanthropic organisation who supports ZRSOC.


To find out more about how you can transform your life and those around you, apply to the School today and download a prospectus at

The School is accepting applications now with limited places left.

Posted by: Gwen Jones