The Divine Feminine: How It Connects to the Fool’s Journey

October 8, 2021

Katie Oman explains how the soul’s journey towards embracing the Divine Feminine can be related to the Fool’s Journey in tarot


In recent times, much has been spoken about the Divine Feminine. As women stand in their power and speak their truth, so too is there a resurgence of this sacred energy and the desire to embody it within ourselves. To honour what it means to be feminine and all of the gifts that are aligned with this. And yet, due to the rhetoric and societal programming we have received from birth, connecting to our own innate feminine energy can feel difficult. So many of us have aligned ourselves with the masculine in order to work with the dominant energies of the world and so thrive.

If we allow ourselves to begin that journey down into the soul, we can bring forth the Divine Feminine. This quest is similar to the one we see with the Fool’s Journey in the tarot. This is a chronological structure that has been woven through the 22 cards of the Major Arcana and represents an individual’s journey through life. Each card is a signifier for a stage on that journey, and a lesson a person has to incoporate in order to find their own sense of wholeness. With regards to the Divine Feminine, this structure has significant links that we can incorporate in order to help us connect to our own feminine energy and start to find the balance we seek.


The Fool’s Journey

The first card in the Major Arcana is The Fool. Here we see ourselves at the outset of our own journey, feeling excited and inspired to dive in and explore. And yet, we find ourselves with a plethora of naivety and inexperience. Full of good intentions, but not wholly clear as to what we are embarking on – nor what the path has in store for us.

As we journey down within ourselves, we align with The Magician card. We use all we have available to us in order to create a new reality for ourselves that is more aligned with our feminine energies. We feel as though anything is possible, and there’s a great sense of power. We may not know where the magic is taking us, but we feel connected and the creator of our destiny for perhaps the first time.

Connecting to our Divine Feminine comes with an understanding that this is truly a holistic path – one of mind, body and spirit. We sense the goddesses, saints, priestesses, healers and oracles that have gone before us. We feel our ancestors urging us forward. And as such, we are deeply connected to The High Priestess card. Our intuition guides us to our deepest spirit, and the truth that we do not walk this path alone.
Although the Divine Feminine is calling to be embodied now and to have the space to rise, focusing on this energy alone is not the answer. In truth, doing so could lead down another toxic path of matriarchy, which could prove to be just as damaging. What’s truly needed is a balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies that embodies the attributes of both. We see this in the Empress and Emperor cards. The Empress is symbolic of Mother Earth and our own creative and nurturing essence, whilst the Emperor provides the stable structures and traditions that aid in keeping us grounded on our spiritual journey.

As we walk the path of connection to the Divine Feminine, it becomes apparent that we aren’t meant to walk this path alone. Thus, we see the need for mentors and teachers with the Hierophant card to help us discover ourselves on a deeper level. We also seek the union of the masculine with the feminine in an energy of love, as witnessed in the Lovers card. Achieving these connections empowers us and gives us the confidence to keep moving forward. We realise that to truly find the balance and harmony we seek; we need to capitalise on our own willpower to keep moving forward; something we see in the Chariot. But we know that we have the inner strength and resilience to keep going, which is symbolised within the Strength card.


Reflection and set-backs

At some point on our journey it’s vital that we stop and reflect on what we have learned so far, as well as giving ourselves time to process it all. We are guided to pull back and to gift ourselves that time. The Hermit card is a reflection of this time. We come to see that everything happens for a reason. Our journey is one that is full of ups and downs, but we will always find our way back to the light within; something we see in the Wheel of Fortune. We know that if we stay in our integrity and keep our intentions focused on love, we will always be where we are meant to be, for the Justice card is one we speaks clearly of karma for all of us.

At this point, we may feel as though everything comes to a grinding halt. We have been doing the inner work and embodying our Divine Feminine energy, but there’ll come a point where we question our path. We are asked to pause, reflect and surrender to Spirit – a moment that brings deep reflection and alignment. We check to see that our intentions are fully aligned with our ultimate goal and adjust accordingly. This brings in the energy of the Hanged Man card.

From here we experience the death of the ego. All of our old identity is now stripped away, and the slate wiped clean. A new chapter begins for us that is more aligned for who we are now, and Death is the card we turn to. But we are guided to be patient in the unfolding and to trust that everything will happen in divine timing – something that we see in the Temperance card. We may feel resistance in this space as the shackles of the past seek to hold is back from becoming whole and aligned – symbolised in the Devil – but the attachments will eventually shake themselves loose to give us the freedom we desire, which we see with the Tower card.

We gain new hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel; our true self calling us forward. The Star invariably brings with it the Moon card however, for all light casts a shadow. The old anxieties and fears may loom large, but if they can be worked through, the Sun will shine once again. We are now in total alignment with all that we are, which in turn will light the path for those around us.

The old ego self has been shed, and the embodiment of our Divine Feminine brings with it a deep calling from our soul that links us to our true purpose. The Judgement card energy finally brings us to the end of our journey with the World. We have completed our quest, learning the lessons along the way. But, just like the Fool’s Journey in the tarot, we are not finished. For we must start the journey anew, embodying and dropping into a deeper sense of alignment with each cycle. As we do so, we invariably connect more and more to our true selves.


About the author


Katie Oman is an author, women’s empowerment coach and psychic. Her latest book is Shake, Woman, Shake, available through Amazon for £9.99.

Posted by: Leah Russell