The Power of Tao Healing Hands

August 19, 2021

Inspired by the teachings of spiritual teacher Master Sha, Dr Monique Giard discusses how modern counselling techniques are being combined with meditation and spirituality to help people heal in therapy


Spirituality and meditation have both been frequented all over the world by multiple religions and cultures. Originally, they were used purely as a form of stress relief and relaxation that allowed people to leave behind things that they have no control over and focus solely on themselves.

Whilst such practices are still used for these reasons, there is evidence to suggest that utilising both spirituality and meditation in therapy is incredibly effective. Because of the variety of practices available and the innovation of modern-day spiritual healers such as Master Sha who combine ancient traditional meditative practices with modern healing, they are turning over very positive results as people have overcome addiction, mental health issues and concentration problems.


The Rise in Popularity of Meditation and Spirituality

In a recent study carried out by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention it became clear just how popular these self-healing methods are. Teams of researchers from the National Centre of Health Statistics, the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health and the National Institute of Health, examined how popular complementary practices such as yoga, chiropractic care and meditation and spirituality were becoming.

Though the study concluded that yoga was the most popular, it also revealed that meditation is one of the fastest growing trends of self-care on the planet, as the number of people engaging with it increased threefold. Overall, it grew from 4.1% in 2012 to 14.2% in 2017, and those numbers have only increased further as people have taken to the practice throughout the pandemic.


Why Has Meditation Become So Popular?

As individuals share their experiences, so too do people take up the practice. There generally seems to be an increased dialogue surrounding meditation and spirituality and that has led to a huge growth in its popularity.

This has been assisted by people in the public eye singing meditation and spirituality’s praises. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow have been advocates of meditation, writing that, ‘human beings have the peculiar ability to be self-reflective, to observe themselves even as they are in process’ and that ‘the buddha’s method [of meditation] harnesses this ability and develops it’.

Angelina Jolie has also confessed to using meditation in order to relax and alleviate stress. The fact that it can take many different forms in different places is one of the benefits that people find when using it, which Angelina has spoken about. She told Stylist recently, ‘I find meditation in sitting on the floor with the kids colouring for an hour, or going on the trampoline. You do what you love, that makes you happy, and that gives you meditation’.


What Are the Benefits of Meditation and Spirituality?

The more people that engage with these practices, the more people experience the benefits of doing so. In a 2011 study, there was a link found between the ability to retain new information and regular meditation. It was shown that by following a regular program of meditation, the amount of grey matter in people’s brains increased and it is grey matter that is responsible for memory, emotional regulation and learning.

Other mental health benefits are that people have found upon following a program of meditation, they have improved their self-esteem and self-awareness. It is believed that this is most likely due to the fact meditation shuts out the outside world, allowing for deeper reflection on the self, which in turn allows for a better appreciation of it.

People have also found that thanks to regular meditation they have been able to reduce stress and manage conditions such as anxiety and depression. As a result, it is being recommended as treatment in some instances of mental illness.

Physical health benefits have also been studied as engaging with meditation and spirituality has shown to have effective anti-aging results. This is most likely a direct link to meditations ability to reduce stress. It has also been observed to control pain and is now being recommended as a crucial component in comprehensive pain management plans.


What Practices of Meditation and Spirituality Are There?

There are simply too many varieties available to go through all of them in one article, and this is arguably why they are so popular. People are free to frequent whichever practice best suits them, whether this requires training or not, and they feel the benefits from that practice.

There are different forms of standard meditation available which can be guided, unguided, calming and insight – all of which are good but will vary on preferability depending on what people hope to get out of it. For example, calming and insight practices tend to be effective methods for those who wish to either achieve a relaxed state of mind or transform their mind.

A lot of people are also opting to use Reiki, which is an alternate form of therapy referred to as energy healing. It targets energy fields around the body as according to specialists in the practice, energy stagnates around areas of the body where people have experienced physical or emotional pain. This energy, in time if left untreated, is believed to lead to illness. Reiki involves healing through the laying of hands which in turn remove blocks of energy and allow it to flow again.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the more popular types of meditation:

  • Focused attention
  • Zen meditation
  • Body scan
  • Sound bath meditation
  • Noting and writing
  • Mantra meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Qigong meditation
  • Reflection
  • Tao meditation

Similarly, an emerging practice that is becoming increasingly popular around the world is that of Tao Healing Hands. This is similar to Reiki in that it is incredibly spiritual; however, different in that it focuses on frequency and vibration. The practice has been developed by Master Sha, who is a world-renowned healer specialising in the combination of ancient traditions with modern practices.

Tao Healing Hands have been developed to absorb negative frequencies and vibrations and transform them. This is possible because Tao Healing Hands carry qualities of love, compassion, light and forgiveness. These transformations allow people to overcome obstacles that they may be faced with and in turn have led to individuals overcoming grief, addictions, and chronic illness.


Spirituality and Meditation in Therapy

Due to the positive impacts that spirituality and meditation are having, both mentally and physically, they are now being frequented more and more in therapy and form the foundation of many treatment plans for pain and mental health. For example, I am one of the clinical counsellors now beginning to integrate spirituality and meditation alongside clinical therapy practices.

One spring day in 1994, I received a phone call that would change my life forever. My older sister rang with the news that our other sister had committed suicide, something I could not quite comprehend. I quit my job as a university professor to study psychology so I could understand this better and help people heal who were in similar situations to my sister.

This sense of helplessness trickled down into my personal life as well, as my son was diagnosed with social anxiety and, as a result, never had the strength to leave home or hold down a job. I constantly felt like I was unable to alleviate my son’s pain and had subsequently failed as a
mother. I wanted to find new and more effective ways of being able to help people.

I have always embraced spiritual heritage, which has helped me to achieve a closer relationship with Mother Nature and achieving greater personal spirituality. As a result, I have always believed in alternative methods to help us heal and transform and found this via Tao Science, and specifically the meditation of Tao Healing Hands.

Tao Hands is a form of meditation that draws natural vibrations and frequencies of the Earth’s sources to help people release mental blockages in their life. This form of meditation believes everything in the world has a frequency and vibration, and that these vibrations offer spiritual transmissions that enable healings, similar to Reiki.

Since becoming a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner, I have introduced this meditation practice into my counselling and am able to offer new levels of assistance that I could not before. By incorporating meditation into the rehabilitation process, I have seen people suffering with drug
issues and mental health issues and people prone to overdosing experience increasing levels of success in their treatment.

Since incorporating meditation and spirituality into practice, I have gone on to help hundreds of clients and continues to do so every day. I think I am an example of what can be achieved by embracing spiritual practices and using them to creative a positive in change in our lives.

Meditation such as Tao Healing Hands is now being used in different counselling practices, which can lead to an increased recovery rate in patients. Different practices involving meditation and spirituality are incredibly accessible. Because of the fact they come in such a variety of forms, it means that there is a method out there for everyone, it is just a matter of finding it. Whether it is simple guided meditation, Reiki, Tao Healing Hands, or something else, once you know what exercise is best for you, you can begin incorporating it into your life.

It is because of that accessibility and the vast benefits that people experience that alternative healing methods are now being used in therapy and as part of rehabilitation plans for pain and mental health.


About the author:

Monique Giard is an Experienced Clinical Counsellor and EMDR Therapist. She is also a Tao Chang Master Teacher and Master Healer trained by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha in Tao Meditation. She brings meditation and ‘soul-power-healing’ into her practice as a Clinical Counsellor to help tackle many challenges including depression, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), burnout, suicidal ideation, relationship issues, PTSD, childhood trauma and addictions.
Monique has experienced and witnessed long-lasting transformations with the power of soulfulness and meditation. She states that she ‘combines simple techniques to practice improve health, transform blockages, and bring more love in all aspects of your life’.

Posted by: Leah Russell