Soul Seeker: Awakening your Cosmic Creativity

June 19, 2021

Discover how to awaken your cosmic creativity with Rebecca Robinson, a writer and wellbeing expert who helps wild-hearted creatives unlock the intuitive power of their soul


Do you long to reconnect with your soul? Do you desire to become magnetic to magic and miracles? Do you wish you had a key that would open the doorway to the world of your higher self? Then what if I told you that you already have the key?

We are all born dreamers, artists, creatives, and storytellers. We all come into this life with a sacred soul and a transcendent spirit, a spark of inner light that pulses with cosmic creativity and forever ties us to the divine.

The ancient quest to understand the soul and to access its wisdom has captivated humankind for centuries. Plato believed our soul was created by the weaving together of our thoughts, feelings, and passions, whereas Aristotle believed the origins of the soul lived within our heart. Duncan MacDougal even believed the soul could be measured and weighed 21 grams.

The nature of the soul is a mystery that we cannot truly grasp because it is a concept – an immaterial and ethereal essence that animates our human body and yet does not die, that allows us to radiate the unique vibrational frequency of our higher self throughout time, space, and eternity.

James Hillman, creator of archetypal psychology, believed that the soul expressed itself through archetypes, dreams, and myths – and I, too, am inclined to agree. What are myths but stories, creative expressions born of the human mind? And what if, when we engage in self-expression, we are really allowing our soul to express itself?

So, what is the key that opens the doorway to the soul?

The word ‘soul’ comes from the Old Saxon word ‘siala’, meaning ‘life’ – specifically, the life of our emotional and spiritual self – but if we trace the roots of the word back even further, we discover that the origins of the word itself possibly lie in the Proto-Germanic word for ‘sea’. Many of our ancient ancestors believed the soul came from the salty depths of the ocean, even returning to it after death. If the soul, then, is like the ocean – glittering, expansive, and flowing – perhaps the flow states we tap into when we are being creative are the key that allow us to connect with the essence of our soul more deeply?

When we create, we are actively engaged in the process of manifestation. When we create, we bring our dreams to life, creating something out of nothing. Many people believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but I think it is our creations that allow our soul to be seen – and, in witnessing the creations of others, we can catch a sacred glimpse of the contents of their soul too.

When we put our heart and soul into something, we plug into the electricity of source energy and the resonance of our soul can be felt in all that we do. Through consciously harnessing our cosmic creativity, we release waves of energy that flow through us, into our work, and ripple out into the world.

Sometimes the struggles and sadness of being human make us forget that we even have a soul – but by actively making time for sacred creativity, we remind ourselves that we are never truly separate from our soul at all.

Creativity is the language of the soul; it is how our soul speaks to us, and Josephine Hart once said, ‘There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives.’ It is part of human nature to explore, to seek, and to journey. It is part of human nature to want to map a place, to locate it and pin it down. Just think of the search for Atlantis and how we cannot rest until the mystery is solved and it is found.

It is the same, too, with soul seeking – and what could be a bigger mystery than the nature of the human soul? We are forever looking for it as if it has been lost, desperately trying to find it – but sometimes in our striving, we forget the soul’s simplicity. We forget that it lives within us.

So how can we truly reconnect with our soul, with this timeless and divine part of our self?

The answer is conscious creativity. Take a moment now to ponder, to dream and to reflect. What are your wildest creative dreams? What comes so naturally to you it almost doesn’t feel like a gift? What do you feel called to create – today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year, or this lifetime?

Each creative dream that we have is sacred, and when we follow this path, we scatter seeds of a thousand possible futures along the way – and it up to us to decide which seeds we water with our creative energy.

The act of creation is potent and powerful, encouraging our imagination to take flight and freeing our spirit to soar. Our soul is naturally curious and fearless, and each attempt at being creative strengthens us and helps us to grow. What creative dream is bursting to be brought to life today? You are being called to trust that whatever your heart longs to create is the path you should follow.

George Bernard Shaw once wrote, ‘You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.’ Our soul speaks to us through our creations, and our cosmic creative essence is infused into all that we do. So why not carve out a little time to create today and see what your soul wants to say? Will you listen to it?

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Rebecca Robinson is a freelance writer who specialises in the interconnection between mind body spirit, creativity, nature, and wellbeing.
Trained in hypnotherapy, mindfulness-meditation, life coaching and sound therapy, she creates guided meditation experiences and courses to help wild-hearted creatives unlock the intuitive power of their soul.
Find out more on her website, connect with her on Insta @rrobinsonwriter, and check out her blog and podcast, The Dreamer’s Path.
Rebecca is Editorial Assistant and Journalist for Kindred Spirit magazine.

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