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Soul Action: Raise Your Vibes!

 Crystal Reiki Healer and author of Raise Your Vibes! Energy Self Healing for Everyone Athena Bahri shares how to raise your vibration with Reiki

The importance of high-vibing energy for our wellbeing has been recognised since ancient times. Although it is often given other names in Eastern traditions, such as chi, qi or prana, this energy represents our life force, which flows freely, without blockages or imbalances, when we are in good health. Today, the benefits of practices such as Reiki, acupuncture and working with the chakra system – all of which are forms of energy healing – are becoming widely accepted in the West.

By raising your vibration, energy healing fills in the gaps of modern medicine. It is very gentle, but the shift is profound – it will alter both your mindset and the internal workings of your body, enabling you to enjoy a much happier and healthier quality of life. In the same way that we can learn to control our reactions to certain triggers, so too are we able to learn how to heal our inner life force and improve our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Performing the following ritual each day to start your journey in self-healing will help you recognise this energy, as well as create wonderful positive changes. It has changed my own life in the most amazing ways and I know it will for you too. When I had my first Reiki attunement, I experienced the most wonderful sensation of warmth and visions of purple light. I found the first week of self-treatment to be exciting and chased that feeling again. Some days I struggled to concentrate, while on others I was on cloud nine. By the end of my 21-day initiation, I had the most amazing feeling of purpose and placement in the world. Everyone will have their own unique experience with Reiki, as everyone’s energy and journey are different. Don’t worry if your experience is not the same as mine. Some people feel like they are floating, seeing lights or getting emotional, while others may question whether anything happened at all. Trust that Reiki is working for you in its own special way.

Self-Healing with Reiki

Give yourself the gift of approximately 30 to 45 minutes of time to spend healing yourself, with three to five minutes for channeling Reiki in each hand position pictured in the diagrams. Remember, there is no right or wrong – try not to stress over getting each hand position perfect. Reiki energy will always flow to where it is needed most and for your highest good.   1. Bring your hands to prayer position (gassho) over your heart chakra, inviting Reiki energy to flow through you. 2. Visualise its beautiful light entering your crown chakra, flowing through every cell of your physical body and into your hands. 3. Begin by placing your hands on your crown chakra and working down, one chakra at a time, as Reiki energy flows into each chakra center. Follow the pictured self-treatment Reiki hand positions as a guide, adapting these as you work your way down your body. 4. If you feel that one or more chakras need extra focused healing, spend an additional three to five minutes on that area. 5. If there is a particular part of your body that needs more healing, place your cupped hands there and hold for three to five minutes. 6. Bring your hands to the gassho position, giving thanks for the time you’ve been given for self-healing and to Reiki energy for its blessing. 7. Drink a glass of cool water to assist grounding. You may also choose to rinse your hands and wrists under cool, flowing water. This is an important step, bringing you back to the physical plane and grounding yourself in our physical world. We are all connected at a vibrational level, so when we work on healing ourselves, we are also healing each other. Just as you can ‘feel’ the vibe of people in a room, you can also change that vibe by raising your own, infusing those around you with good vibes. So let’s choose to infuse our whole world with the energy of love and gratitude, to be the individual cells that regenerate our collective health, and spark a light for those who cannot see. Together, we will create a vibration so high in frequency that generations to come will benefit from our work.

About the author:

Athena Bahri is a certified Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master and chakra healer, and the creator of Crystal Reiki Healer, one of the fastest-growing online presences in the field. In addition to creating content for Instagram and her website, Athena contributes to podcasts and radio shows, and performs Reiki healing locally in California as well as reaching people around the globe via distance healing.

Raise Your Vibes! Energy Self Healing for Everyone by Athena Bahri (£14.99, Watkins Publishing) is a fun and super-practical guide to getting healthier and happier by tapping into the incredible power of energy healing. Available to buy now.