The Power of Divine Feminine Archetypes in You

May 24, 2021

Astrologer and Soul Coach Cassandra Eve shares the power of divine feminine archetypes


What do you think of when you hear the word ‘femininity’? Does it bring a powerful image into your awareness? Perhaps it’s associated with being pretty, gentle or ladylike? What about the word ‘Goddess’? Do you think of yourself when you hear this word? Do you relate to the word in any way? Or does it feel like some kind of mythic concept or ideal that has no relevance to you and your life?

Do you believe in women’s rights? Do you believe that it’s time for women to play a leading role in cultural change? Do you recognise that women often have a different kind of intelligence to men? And do you see the reclamation of feminine power, the gifts of holistic intelligence, wisdom and caretaking in its broadest sense, as essential right now? You do? In that case, Feminine or Goddess energies are relevant in your life.

Everything natural on Earth has an original template. This can be seen through the Fibonnaci sequence and other natural structures behind physicality. In human beings, layers of personal conditioning cover over this wondrous natural template. The almost innocent pure map of humanness that we arrive with has been shaped by nature, nurture and our personal experience. Perhaps that’s the divine plan. That we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves. As we take our healing journey, we begin to uncover what’s underneath the patterning – our original purity. The Goddess archetypes from mythology and astrology comprise an aspect of this original purity as feminine energy, lying deep within our psyche. They are powerful maps for evolving, hidden under layers of mental and emotional structures, or simply unavailable to us due to lack of knowledge or understanding of their relevance to our lives.

Feminine archetypes

Goddess archetypes are many and varied, from the beauty of Venus, Goddess of Love, who reveals the mystery of love, to Black Moon Lilith, a potent Dark Feminine energy. She reveals how we stand for what we know to be deeply true, or how we hold ourselves back and why.

These archetypes provide us with clear maps for our individuality and the growth of feminine energies in our world. They help us remember who we truly are through the retelling and honouring of her-story, rather than history. They guide us in recognising and reclaiming natural gifts of feminine essence that have been dishonoured over eons.

As a women’s facilitator for over thirty years, I have been deeply engaging these feminine archetypes. I have no doubt of their potency for our journey into full authenticity and individuality. Let me introduce just a few of these Divine Feminine archetypes to you. I’m sure you will recognise them in yourself and in your life.


Venus, Goddess of Love: The Divine Feminine at your Core

Venus (also known as Aphrodite) is the archetype of attraction, magnetism, relationship and abundance. She is the Goddess of desire, pleasure and fertility. Venus energy is sexual energy; life’s potential for new creation. Venus is that aspect of us that enjoys life and feels abundant. She is active in us when we are in our feel-good zone, appreciating nature, engaged in creative expression and enjoying relationships or intimacy.

Psyche: Your Original Purity

Psyche represents the innocence of the soul and its journey in our human realm. Her mythology reveals the soul’s journey through experience into maturity, demonstrating the stages of that journey, both in our self and in partnership. Like the development of egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, Psyche’s story reveals how we have the potential to move through distinct stages of development in order to fully embody our soul energy. The journey of Psyche reveals to us the heroine’s journey, the evolution of innocence to strength, authenticity, maturity and conscious partnership.

Priestess Vesta

Vesta is a virgin goddess, meaning she stands alone in her authenticity, focused on what is deeply true in her Being. She keeps the sacred flame alight within herself and ignites it in those with whom she connects. Vesta is wholly devoted to her heart’s expression and focuses on that as her calling. As priestess, she reveals to us the ancient links between spirituality and sexuality, where the body was revered as a pathway to the divine.

Earth Mother Ceres

Ceres, also identified as Demeter, is the great Earth Mother archetype whose gift is unconditional love and nurture. She is the mother archetype and yet more than that, she is guardian of women’s traditional alchemical mysteries: menstruation, pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. In her mythology Ceres was forced to learn through change and loss, and to realise its gift of evolution. She teaches us to embrace all the cycles of life and reap their harvest. Her pathways take us through grief and loss, the learning that we must embrace change as a natural aspect of evolution.

Artemis, Your Wild Feminine

Artemis is the Greek Moon Goddess of the hunt, the natural world and sisterhood. She spends much of her time in the forest and wilderness with her companion animals. Despite being a virgin goddess and having no children of her own, Artemis is a guardian of childbirth and protector of young girls. She has two distinct aspects to her nature. One is an inwardly orientated Moon goddess, deeply intuitive and at one with nature and its rhythms; the other is a wild and free spirit. Artemis knows how to walk the edge between being inward and reflective yet actively engaged in championing that which we are passionate about.

Queen of Heaven Juno

Juno embodies the ancient triple goddess Maiden-Mother-Crone. Her role is sovereign, protector of women, guardian of women’s sexuality and fertility, of brides and childbirth. Juno represents the fullness of feminine energy within a committed partnership. She holds the longing for divine union to be known on the Earth, so she’s looking for a partner who will go all the way in engaging the deep Masculine and who will meet her fully. In her mythology Juno reveals a commitment to partnership through all its ups and downs. She is our guide through the wondrous potential and challenge of intimate partnership.

Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena represents feminine creative intelligence, a way of seeing that naturally knows the interconnectedness of life. She represents our quest for creative expression and contribution in the world. Strategist, advocate of justice, guardian and patroness of artisans, goddess of health and healing, Athena was a guide to the Greek heroes in their quests. Her capacity of intelligence is to see both the whole picture and its elements. She is creative feminine intelligence expressing through us, our capacity to live and act with awareness of life’s innate wholeness.

About the author:

Cassandra Eve is an astrologer, soul coach and women’s retreat facilitator based in West Cornwall.
She shares the Divine Feminine archetypes through astrology consultations, online courses and international retreats.
She is the author of Sacred Pathways – Discovering Divine Feminine Archetypes in You.


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