The Energy Alignment Method: Five Steps to Finding Flow

May 17, 2021

Author of The Energy Alignment Method Yvette Taylor teaches us what EAM is and how to align our energy with her five-step method


Ever had those moments when you feel in tune with life around you? Everything seems effortless and easy and you feel on top of the world? In the zone? Or at one with life? Science shows our flow state affects our energy, thinking, emotions & health.

Flow is a physiologically measurable energetic state within your body. It influences and creates every aspect of our lives – and you have more power than you know. It’s already available to help you change your life.

We’ve all experienced being out of flow or in resistance. Those days when you wake up and your mind is filled with repetitive thoughts, consumed with negativity, carrying heavy emotional pain, and the bed feels like the safest place to stay.

When we understand ourselves through the eyes of electromagnetic energy, we can see how to use FLOW to create and shape the world around us through choice.

When we’re out of flow, it impacts us. We commonly call it ‘STRESS’, which research shows impacts over 78% of people every day. Right now, that figure is at an all-time high.


Science shows our Flow State affects our energy, thinking, emotions & health.

Stress Is the No.1 cause of 60% of all human illness

It’s also the cause of many of the problems we perceive in life. Think about it; everything we see as an issue means we’re out of flow because we have some level of stress about it.

In energy psychology, we call this state resistance or incoherence, which is often created by hidden memories or traumatic experiences from the past, or prolonged periods of enduring situations, emotions or beliefs in our everyday life. Left unchecked, this stress can develop into negative emotions, limited mindset and poor health.


Here are a few clues that we’re in resistance:

  • being stuck in the past

  • staying in painful, unstable relationships

  • physical pain or tiredness

  • confusion or indecision

  • failure to act or procrastination

  • obsession

  • harsh self-judgement

  • feeling unworthy or not good enough

  • feelings of guilt; blame; shame; jealousy; overwhelm; stress; or anxiety

  • chronic debt

  • poor boundaries

Shall we go on?

The good news is this: all of them are expressions of what is happening to you energetically. Meaning there is something we can do about it.

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘I’ve been all of these.’ We all have at one time or another, sometimes many times a day. Please know you’re never alone. Millions of us are searching for a new way of living; we want to feel happier, healthier, and more in control of our lives, especially amongst all the chaos in the world. We were simply never designed to live this way.

It would seem the solution is simple. We need to let go of stress, which means getting back in flow.


Letting Go Of Stress & Getting Back In Flow

Scientifically, flow creates measurable changes throughout your physical body, influencing signals sent to and from your brain, changing heart waves, hormone levels and releasing endorphins. These resolve stress, tension and anxiety, promoting healing, feelings of calm, happiness and love. It feels like bliss!

Spiritually we’re more in tune; our intuition opens up, we feel expansive, open and ready to receive. This allows our manifesting, spiritual practices and affirmations to work easily for us.


When we are in flow:

  • we easily manifest and find happiness

  • stress disappears and our body can heal

  • we feel more positive and think more clearly

  • we are motivated and energised

  • we can more easily handle life challenges


Your Life Experiences Shape Your Flow

There is no denying our life experiences affect our energy. Their impact often initiates the search to change our life.

I get what it feels like when you’re in pain and consumed by your story, past negativity, and are stuck in frustration, living in chaos and plagued by memories every time you close your eyes. What on earth do you do? Someone telling you to ‘just cheer up’ can almost push you over the edge.

My journey wasn’t easy; as a young teenager, I found solace for my pain in drink, drugs and drum and bass – until I understood how to access energy to change my life. Now I live my life in a whole new way.


Everything Is Energy – Including You And Me

This understanding is key to EAM – The Energy Alignment Method®. EAM is a quick, simple and transformational 5 step self-help technique you can use to release resistant or negative energy, thoughts and emotions, then reprogram yourself to create a flow state around anything you face in life.

Now an internationally recognised complementary therapy and global movement of over 50,000 people, it’s a bridge between science and spirituality, grounded in 20+ years of teaching energy medicine, Law of Attraction and Eastern Philosophy, blended with modern neuroscientific research, NLP and Positive Psychology to help you shift what holds you back and get in flow.

EAM is more than another mindset tool, with no need to regurgitate the past or dig up memories. It is more than a manifesting tool. It’s a way of life.


Here is a very simple insight into what happens with the 5 STEPS:

  • Step 1 – You Ask – Ask your subconscious a question

  • Step 2 – You Move – Your energy field will respond

  • Step 3 – You Experience – Get clear how it affects your energy

  • Step 4 – You Transform – Release what stands in your way

  • Step 5 – You Manifest or Experience – Create a new thought, belief, pattern, emotion or experience

There is much more to EAM than this; it allows you to be in ‘flow’ by combining these concepts. Imagine having the ability to find and remove hidden issues, directing your energy to serve you so you can turn your dreams into your reality.


Get Ready To Change Your Life

Do you see how powerful we already are? You can manifest, direct, and transform anything when working with your energy.

You’re part of something far greater than you know. By creating energetic shifts in yourself with EAM, you’ll change your life and those around you. Let’s watch them ripple out far beyond and into the world, contributing to the change in humanity.

About the author:


Yvette Taylor is the founder of The Energy Alignment Method.


Her book The Energy Alignment Method is published on 13 May (Welbeck Balance, £14.99)


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