Monthly Moon Astrology: December 2020

December 1, 2020

Jennifer Hollie Bowles gives an overview of the movements of the moon in December and lets us know what we can expect from its path across the sky


by Jennifer Hollie Bowles



The Moon in astrology is connected to the powerful feminine qualities of cycles and changes. Unlike the Sun and other planets, the Moon travels quickly through the signs. The Moon is intimately involved with water – its ebb and flow, as the symbolic manifestation of emotion. Like the sailors of old who sang to her beauty and heeded her intuition, we experience Moon energies on a deeply moving and personal level.


December Last Quarter Moon

The Moon will wane to her Last Quarter on Tuesday, 8 December in the analytical and purifying sign of Virgo. The Last Quarter Moon helps show us what we’ve not been doing well, and it represents a time of readjustment in order to improve on actions and perspectives. In Virgo, we are motivated to respond to this call of transformation in ways that appeal to our sense of perfection and order. The lesson of Virgo involves objectivity, where the observing self realises that its own subjectivity is formed out of connection to others.


December Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic, waning phase of the Moon represents a time of eliminating unnecessary attachments, to close wounds no longer serve a purpose. The Balsamic Moon travels through the signs from 9-13 December, 2020.


December New Moon

The New Moon occurs on Monday, 14 December in the sign of Sagittarius. The November New Moon also occurred in Sagittarius, which is symbolised by the Archer archetype. As a time for starting new things and seed-sewing, the Archer again reminds us to proceed with idealism and the motivations of the higher mind. What we truly seek is meaningful action that aligns with our beliefs and philosophies. If we have not been living our lives this way, we may feel disheartened and displaced during this time, which means it’s time to pick up the bow and arrow!


December Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon occurs through a cycle of signs from 15-20 December. As a time for collecting information and investigating options, the Crescent Moon helps us to discern the most appropriate and beneficial courses of action. When we have things that come are coming to a head during the Crescent Moon, it’s important to pay attention to details and meanings, as they are likely to be relevant in the future.


December First Quarter Moon

On Monday, 21 December, the First Quarter Moon visits the sign of Pisces. The November First Quarter Moon also occurred in the Fish sign. As the most sensitive of signs, one Fish is in the deep water moving with the current, while the other one is going against the current. The First Quarter Moon is a time of direct action and dealing with problems, which is not easy to do with Pisces energy. We will, however, be compelled to do so with much deeper feeling and spiritual awareness. Be careful not to mistake Fish energy as weakness: very fittingly, Pisces symbolises both Jesus Christ and the last phase of Buddhist Samsara.


December Gibbous Moon

The Gibbous Moon is the second waxing phase of the Moon, where everything expands. This is a time for organization and interpretation, for giving the best of ourselves to our people and projects. Gibbous will occur from 22-29 December, 2020 through many signs.


December Full Moon

The Full Moon occurs on Wednesday, 30 December in Aries, the sign of leadership and ego manifestation. As a time of fulfillment and illumination, Aries brings increased will and attachment to both accomplishments and failures experienced during this time. We’ll likely want to take credit for the good, while also feeling a little pride-pricked for anything that isn’t. Aries Full Moon provides us with the opportunity to understand we are not just responsible for ourselves, and outcomes are both personal and relational.


December Void of Course Moons

During specific times of her cycle, the Moon becomes Void of Course and doesn’t make contact with other planets. This lack of contact indicates it’s best not to begin things or initiate important events. If an event is already scheduled, the key is to stay as calm and nonreactive as possible to people and surroundings. The Moon will be void of course during the following days in December: 2, 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 30.


About the author:

Jennifer Hollie Bowles has studied and practiced Astrology for over twenty years. Her approach to Astrology readings is non-deterministic and Holistic in perspective, including integration with Jungian Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Spirituality, as well as mindfully LGBT/LGBTQAP+ inclusive. Her articles, poetry, and fiction have been widely published in numerous and varied venues.

Posted by: Leah Russell