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Leah Russell1 min

Kindred Spirit Awards 2020

Each year, the Kindred Spirit Awards celebrate those who make a positive difference in our lives. We've seen another year of wonderful work in the world of Mind, Body and Spirit, and this year you voted in your thousands to decide who would take away the awards in each category. The votes have been counted and the results are in... find out more about who has won in each category this year and why you voted for them.

This year's winner in the Community Initiative category is A Band of Brothers, an award-winning charity working with vulnerable men.


Community Initiative: A Band of Brothers

An award-winning charity helping young men grow and develop, improving their lives and the communities they live in. ABOB works with young men in the criminal justice system whose lives have been affected by neglect and domestic violence. By bringing young men and adult role models together for an intensive rite-of-passage programme coupled with an accredited mentoring curriculum, ABOB helps these young men to fulfil their potential and transform their lives.

Category runner-up: The Silver Tent