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How to Manifest Wealth and Abundance

Spiritual Queen Emma Mumford explains how to manifest wealth and abundance into all areas of your life, and how to create a spiritually harmonious relationship with money.

by Emma Mumford


Spirituality and wealth – what do the two have in common? Well, quite a lot actually, as I’ve come to learn through the journey of my new book Positively Wealthy. After spending two years as a banking manager and then going on to create the UK’s biggest money-saving and couponing website, money has always fascinated me. From being in £7,000 debt at the tender age of 21, to clearing it all within two years and creating a six-figure limited business helping people to save money and clear their debts too. Surprisingly, when I recently asked my followers if they had a good relationship with money, a shocking 68% of them responded to the poll with ‘no’.

  I discovered my own sense of lack with wealth at the beginning of 2018, when my first book Spiritual Queen was released. I’d manifested everything: the dream man, the dream house, my business doing well, the book deal, money – pretty much all of my goals from the dream life list I originally wrote when I found the Law of Attraction in 2016. In under two years I’d manifested it all, and I remember the day I hit the last manifestation on my list: to sell my couponing business. It had been bought by a friend of mine at full price, which was incredible. I knew this money would change my life. I was sat staring at my online banking account, waiting for the money to hit, and thought ‘Wow – Emma, after this, you’ve done it all. You’ve manifested everything, and this will change your life’. Minutes later, the money hit my account and I realised I felt no different. I was extremely grateful for the manifestation and the money now in my life, but I didn’t feel very wealthy at all. I'd achieved everything I’d ever wanted and had life-changing money, but I was still the same unfulfilled Emma as before. I found myself soon after wanting to manifest more and getting trapped once again in a 'need-more' attitude. The psychic we hired for my book launch party in 2018 told me that my next book would be about money – and I had to laugh! I’d hung up my Coupon Queen crown for good since selling my business, and I knew that teaching spirituality was my true life’s purpose. I ignored this comment, and had no intention of writing another book for another couple of years. A few weeks later, though, I was having a conversation with a friend who said ‘Gosh, Emma – you really are good with money, earning and manifesting it. That’s really rare to see in the spiritual sphere. You really need to share more about this.’ Having heard this from a trusted friend, I realised that yes, I suppose I am good with money. I managed to get myself out of debt at such a young age, as well as manifesting plenty of money along my spiritual path. And so, Positively Wealthy was born. It was originally meant to be a book on spiritual money but as I wrote it, I realised I needed this book too. It was more than just money; wealth means so much more and that’s what I want to explore with you, how you can redefine your version of wealth and find fulfilment in the now as well as having a spiritual relationship with money. My life had become one big checklist, and I had to address my need-more attitude and why my version of wealth didn't feel right. I had manifested it all, so what had gone wrong? Truthfully, it was because I was ignoring other areas of my life which didn’t feel so wealthy. I realised that I had all the success, validation and money I’d ever wanted, but truly, that was all ego. It was not what I really saw as wealth. Through self-reflection and the practises I’ve channelled into the book, I was able to see that really my version of wealth was my health, relationships and family. I needed to feel wealthy away from my work and take my life back. So, I invite you to use the journaling prompts below to explore your version of wealth, and to check-in and see how your manifestations feel to you.  

Go through each of your manifestations on your list or vision board, and ask yourself the following questions…


Are you hoping this will fill a void, or will this simply add to the joy and happiness that you already feel?

What is a non-negotiable for you from your manifestation list?

What areas of your life do you currently not feel Positively Wealthy in?

Are you aiming for someone else’s version of wealth and success, or are your manifestations your own true version of wealth?

What wealth do you currently have in your life?

  Once you’ve been able to redefine your version of wealth, the way to manifest sustainable wealth and abundance into your life is by working on the areas that you don’t currently feel wealthy in. Let’s take money as an example, as I know many of you will be wanting to heal your relationship with money and attract more of it. I teach my clients and followers a very grounded approach to manifesting money because from experience, this is what works for me time and time again.  

Do I need to spend lots of money to get it back?

There’s a myth I hear time and time again from clients: that you must spend great amounts of money to attract more money into your life. This is absolutely rubbish. The Law of Attraction is based upon your vibration and energy, so the secret I suggest is to mindfully spend. Spending small and often will show the Universe that you do in fact feel wealthy, and trust that the money will come back to you. I myself can hold my hands up and say I’ve hung onto money simply because it looks like a good figure in my bank account, which again shows the Universe lack.



If you’re in debt, get real with your situation. Avoidance is another big blockage when it comes to manifesting. Sit down and actually work out how much you owe, so you have an accurate figure that you can then go and clearly manifest with. The Universe loves clarity, so if you’re not clear how much you need to manifest, how can you expect the Universe to be clear with you? Accepting your current financial position is powerful because it allows you to be present and know with clarity what your next step is.


Mindful spending

Mindfully spending means that you only spend money on luxuries when it feels good to do so. Don’t spend money for the sake of manifesting more – will the items you’re buying feel good and bring you joy, or will they make you worry even more when you see your bank balance go down? My best advice is to only buy luxuries that will bring you joy, because joy and fun are powerful manifesting vibrations.



In regards to mindful spending with necessities like bills, for example – get grateful. How often do you give thanks for your income? Or for the money that pays your bills every single month? When paying your bills, or if you have to make an expensive emergency purchase, affirm thanks: ‘Thank you Universe for the money to pay this, and this money will return to me tenfold’. Think about it: money does always return, and when you can stop pedestalling it and see it instead as energy, you will start to see it’s just like the sea. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. Money comes in and money goes out, but it will always return.


Mindful speaking

It pays to be mindful with your words. Do you speak negatively about money? Every time you speak these sorts of sentiments, you’re affirming with the Universe that that’s what you want more of, or are happy with. I’m not asking you to go around and tell everyone you’re a millionaire – you probably wouldn’t believe it yet, which is also key with affirmations. You have to believe it to manifest it. When asked about money, start off simple. You could say ‘I’m sorry, I’m not able to do that currently as I’m saving up’ or ‘That sounds lovely, but could we do it next month please?’ Above all, refrain from using negative phrases when talking to people – especially yourself!


Creating your Positively Wealthy life doesn’t have to be hard. Once you can redefine your version of wealth, focus on the areas that don’t currently feel wealthy and heal these, you can create a harmonious relationship with your life and feel truly fulfilled even before your manifestations have arrived. This is so important to do – you can eliminate your own need-more attitude and ensure that your manifestations feel good, and most importantly, are sustainable in your life.


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Emma Mumford is an award-winning life coach, blogger, YouTuber, speaker and author, and host of the popular Podcast ‘Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast’.
Emma started her savvy savings journey in 2013. After finding couponing in her hour of financial need – Emma set up the popular brand Extreme Couponing and Deals UK LTD and became known as the UK’s Coupon Queen. In 2016, she underwent a spiritual awakening and became a spiritual life coach.
Positively Wealthy: A 33-Day Guide to Manifesting Sustainable Wealth and Abundance in All Areas of Your Life (£12.99, Watkins Publishing) is available now.


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