Heal Yourself with Moon Energy

May 19, 2020

This feature and images have been extracted from The Moon Fix: Harness Lunar Power for Healing and Happiness by Theresa Cheung (White Lion Publishing, available now) and has been reproduced with permission from the publisher.

by Theresa Cheung


Working with the phases of the moon can help you feel more in tune with the rhythms of your life. Lunar power connects to your intuition or the wise part within you that knows what is in your best interests – the part of you that knows there is always more to this life than meets the eye. If you consider yourself a spiritual being, working with these rituals can help you keep your feet on the ground as you reach for the moon. Open your body, mind and heart to lunar power and experience the healing and different kinds of magic it can bring into your life.  


Start living your lunar-inspired life now. Try and re-try these rituals. Meditate on the glorious illustrations in The Moon Fix. Commit to getting your moon fix every day – moon watching is a truly fulfilling and beautiful way to live. Thank you for journeying a while under the shimmering light of the moon. May she forever watch over you, guide you and light your way.


Good Health Ritual


Our bodies are almost three-quarters water. Water is life. Yet most of us fail to pay enough attention to the quality and quantity of the water we drink. This fix will not just help you absorb lunar energy but also remind you how crucial water is for your health and well-being. This particular ritual can be done on any day of the week.


You will need:
• Empty drinking bottles, preferably glass
• Fresh water (enough for your typical daily water intake)


In the periods when the moon is waxing and full, every night, before you go to bed, fill your bottles with clean, fresh water.

Then, leave the bottles overnight on your window ledge indoors, under the light of the moon.

The following day, when you get up, create a ritual of drinking a glass of moon-infused water first thing in the morning immediately. Notice how energizing and luxurious it feels to drink moon water and absorb lunar power into every part of your being.

Then, throughout the day continue to drink your sacred moon water until the bottle is empty.

Let this moon fix encourage you to keep drinking enough water when the moon is waning. Then, when it is waxing again and increasing, you can seize the opportunity to replenish your moon water supply and further boost your health.


For best results:
Connect with the increasing energies of the waxing and full moon phases to increase your own health.


Strengthen Your Constitution


Most of us only really appreciate our health when we feel weakened by disease or injury. This moon fix will ensure you don’t take your health for granted and help boost your immunity. It encourages vibrations of physical strength and wellness. It can be performed on any day of the lunar cycle but is particularly beneficial during the waxing phase when the moon increases in the same way that you would like to increase your good health.


You will need:
• Drinking glass
• Moon water (see method above)
• A quiet place


Take a glass of moon water and sit somewhere quietly with the glass in front of you.

Look at the water and visualize the healing energy of moonlight captured in it.

Then focus on what your body needs right now. Ask yourself what self-care routines are helping to nourish and heal your body. If you aren’t taking the best care of your body, ask yourself what is stopping you from doing so.

Now dip two of your fingers into the moon water. Touch your heart and say, ‘My heart is strong.’ Next, touch your forehead and say, ‘My mind is strong.’

Then dip your fingers in the water again, stand up and touch the top of your head and say, ‘My body is strong.’ Visualize the light of the moon surging down through your body, giving it strength.

Then thank the moon for your health, go outside and pour your moon water onto the earth.


For best results:
Placing a fuchsite or clear quartz crystal nearby, or carrying those crystals with you, can help add a greater energetic dimension to this fix.



About the author:

Theresa Cheung is a Sunday Times bestselling spiritual, dreams and paranormal author. Since leaving King’s College, Cambridge University with a degree in Theology and English Theresa has written numerous bestselling books and encyclopaedias which have been translated into dozens of different languages. Theresa has been written many features for the natural press and has been a guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts. Her mission is to make spirituality and the paranormal more credible, engaging and mainstream. Find out more at:


The Moon Fix: Harness Lunar Power for Healing and Happiness is available now from White Lion Publishing (Quarto Publishing Group), £16.99

Posted by: Leah Russell