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10 Tips for Staying Motivated in Uncertain Times

by Amanda Tooke


We need to remember that we are used to dealing with uncertainty. After all, what is really certain in life? Is this period we are in any more uncertain that last week, last month or even last year? We have all the resources within us to handle this.

  However, feeling motivated in these times can be difficult. All routine and normal life seems to have disappeared. Many people have less to do and more time to do it, but are actually getting less done. This can bring on guilt – and we are already having to deal with a lot of fear. These emotions are all damaging to our health and weaken our immune system. Even people who already worked at home previously can be struggling with time management now that so much has changed. Here are some tips to help you.   1. It is really important not to suppress how you feel, but to own it. Check in on yourself regularly throughout the day. You might like to set reminders and ask yourself out loud, or to journal how you feel. There are no right and wrong answers, but remember that knowledge is power. If you understand what you are feeling, you can do something about it if need to. If you are an empath or sensitive, you will be picking up universal emotions too. When you do establish what you are feeling – perhaps scared or angry – ask yourself if the feeling is yours. Your angels and guides will let you know. If it is not yours, ask them to take it away.   2. With so much fear collectively around us, our part is to transmute any fear we feel into the opposite emotion: love. There is an easy way to do this. When you notice fear inside yourself, ask these questions:
  • What is the fear really about?
  • What is driving this fear?
  • What is sitting behind it?
Again, knowledge is power and you might find when you address fear it goes away.   3. This is a roller coaster ride so have a list of things you can do to pick you back up when you dip. Create a 'things to do when feeling blue' list, which is a tool you can call upon when you notice your mood dropping off. It might include watching a feel-good movie, dancing, listening to music, chatting to a friend, meditating and so on. Try and think of at least ten things that lift your mood so you can keep a variety.   4. Many people are waking up for the first time, and others have been on this journey a while. Either way, this is a huge spiritual awakening. Many earth angels have been sent to help us, and many people have new guides too. This is the perfect time to take your spiritual journey to the next level and get better acquainted with your angels and guides. Increase your meditation practice and try new spiritual paths.   5. If you are struggling with time management, consider making a timetable that starts from the moment you wake. Do your spiritual practice until the moment you go to sleep. Having routines and things to do is important for your mental health.   6. Set alarms throughout your day to help you remember to set intentions of what you want to do or achieve. It's easy to let time run away and end up feeling like you have achieved nothing at the moment, so make sure you're setting these goals and intentions.   7. Understand what this is teaching you personally, or, more importantly, how it is helping you to remember what is important to you. It might be how you spend your time, who you want to spend time with, where you want to go or what you want to become. This is a perfect reflection period that can be used to sow seeds and enjoy a more fulfilled life in the future.   8. So that each day doesn’t feel the same as the next, try and do different thing on each day. Perhaps you could have certain meals at the weekends only, or different activities. You could use the week to do self-development or learning and the weekends to relax more, which will break up the days of the week.   9. Limit social media and news updates. To keep a positive mind it is important to make sure you are using your time wisely. There is so much negativity and so many conspiracy theories out there at the moment. Your job is to stay a positive as you can.   10. Set an achieveable goal of something you want to achieve in this period. Maybe there is something you want to learn or achieve, like beginning to write a book, starting a blog, doing a course, or even just some DIY. Ideally, this should be something you have never had time to do before now.   Know too that it is okay to simply do nothing. Sometimes you must give yourself permission to do just that, but with an ending time attached to it. Perhaps an evening or afternoon off just to watch a movie is perfect. Even an extra-long lie in could be ideal – as long as you are enjoying whatever it is and not feeling down. Stay well, stay healthy and stay connected to yourself, your angels and guide, and the important people in your life.    

About the author:

Amanda Tooke is an angel mystic and facilitator of Angels in Anglesey Retreats.