Nature’s Craft: The Tools of the Craft

December 29, 2019

by Tudorbeth


Witchcraft is a religion based upon experiences, respect and the natural world, not upon theological doctrine or speculations. It is a lifestyle resting upon the knowledge of cause and effect.


So, what tools do we need for this lifestyle? Despite what some other practitioners would say, you do not need to go to great expense to be a witch. After all, you are a being of nature. There are a few items that are needed – symbols and objects which will be used in the Craft.

Therefore, if you had to write a shopping list for a witch it might look something like this:

  • Athame
  • Wand
  • Cup
  • Water
  • Wine
  • Salt (for purification)
  • Cauldron
  • Pentacle (which is sometimes a dish or plate carved or painted with various symbols)
  • Besom
  • Book of Shadows
  • Incense
  • Candles (all colours of the rainbow)
  • A selection of crystals
  • A pestle and mortar
  • Blessing oils (a selection of essential oils)


This is a sharp black-handled knife. Have a look round your kitchen; you might be surprised that you already have one. Put it to one side and I will tell you later how to cleanse it.



A wand is an extension of your personal power, the power that comes from within. Basically, your index finger is your wand. You do not need to pay thirty or more pounds for a crystal wand with elaborate markings. As previously written, a witch is a being of nature; you have the energy flowing through you. However, if you are insistent on a wand then make one yourself.



Once again you do not need to go to great expense for a cup! Go to your kitchen; do you have a favourite cup or mug or glass that was a gift to you, something special which reminds you of a special someone or time or place? Your cup, like a wand, is personal; leave it to one side and you will be shown how to cleanse it later.



Self-explanatory really! We are very fortunate to live in societies with running water in our homes. So, use it. You do not need to have sacred spring from mountains filtered for thousands of years in the earth. You’ve already bought the water in the tap, so use it. You can consecrate it with salt, crystals, the sun or the moon, depending on the spell and the energy you wish to use.



Most people nowadays already have a bottle or two put away for special occasions, like Fridays! But if you don’t drink a little carton of grape juice put away to one side is fine.



Salt is a must and certainly most people have some form of salt in their kitchen cupboards. A tub of fine crystal sea salt from the local supermarket is perfect. Further, always do try to buy sea salt, as any spell which involves the sea and its power is very potent.


Pentacle or Pentagram

This is another important symbol that you do need to have in your house; however, do not fret if you haven’t got a special or sacred one. Look round your house and be surprised. A pentagram is a five-pointed star and how many of us have star shapes in our homes. If you cannot find any star then look to nature: do you have an apple? Cut it in half and there you will find the pentagram. Remember we are beings of nature after all.

It is the symbol of protection, of good, of all the elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit (or the Divine). A pentacle is merely the pentagram within a circle and if you step back and look at the apple, there is a five-pointed star complete with seeds of life, enclosed by a circle of flesh, the apple itself. Then you have a pentacle and this will more that suffice in your magic.


A Book of Shadows

A Book of Shadows is merely a collection of all your magic work, thoughts, wishes and prayers. It is a simple diary of your magic. It is very personal to you. Look round the house again; maybe there is some notebook someone bought for you or you bought for yourself, so use that and keep it safe. But remember, a Book of Shadows does become very personal over time.


Selection: incense, oils, crystals

A supply of all of these can be gathered over time but do check once again around the house as you might be surprised by what you already have. That piece of jewellery, or that interesting stone brought back from holiday might have quartz in it. Quartz is one of the most basic crystals you can have in your witchy cupboard. As for incense and oils, buy them as and when required because both do have best-before dates. Would you put five-year old make-up or creams on your face?


Pestle and Mortar

Do you have a blender with a grinding attachment? If not, a simple pestle and mortar bought from a shop will suffice. Better still if a relative has one that is no longer used. Consecrate and cleanse it with salt water. Something passed down from a different generation is ideal as you are remembering them.


Cauldron, Besom (broom)

When was the last time you cleaned the house with a broom or cooked in a cauldron? No, nor me. As already said, the Craft changes and adapts with each generation; we no longer use these items as we have no need for them in our busy modern lives. However, they are symbols of what once was and therefore should be honoured; but these do not have to be physical items. A simple print of a witch cooking up a spell or two in her cauldron with her broom nearby will be enough for remembering the ancestors and those who fell during the turbulent times.

Nevertheless, there are at times spells and rituals that do require a heat-resistant dish, an old saucepan will suffice.



Candle magic is the oldest form of magic; it can be traced in every culture and in every religion around the world. Think about the simple things we do with candles in our modern cities today: we light them on a birthday cake so we can make a wish, we light them for a romantic meal with our loved ones. These are just two examples of magic alive today. Try to have a selection of coloured candles but essentially just start with white. White is always a basis for many spells and rituals so don’t worry that you don’t have the right colour for a love or money spell just yet, it what you add to it that makes the difference.



We need to consecrate our tools before we begin using them in our work. We are essentially bringing these resources into the light of magic. You can consecrate by water, moon, salt, fire, and air e.g. wafting an item through rising incense. We are going to consecrate the commonest way by them by mixing water and salt. Remember, salt is our natural cleanser for all manner of things.

Mix three tablespoons of salt in a spray bottle of water. Shake it up then spray over your witch utensils. As you do imagine a burning white heat coming you attaching itself around all your items, sealing them with power. As you do repeat three times:


I consecrate you now in the name of the Gods/Goddess. 

Dedicated now you are to the great work of magic. 

May you do good and work only with me.

An it harm none so mote it be.


Then leave them to dry and keep them in a safe place until needed. Only use these items now for witchcraft, not for anything else. These are your special magic utensils and can only be used for the Craft.

Blessed Be.



About the Author:

Tudorbeth has been a practising witch for over 30 years. She has written many books on the subject. Her latest title is A Spellbook for the Seasons, published by Eddison Books.
This is an edited excerpt from her very first book, The Craft in the City.

Posted by: Leah Russell


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