What I Give to You, I Give to Me

December 26, 2019

by Louise Exeter


Image: Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray (Hay House, RRP £14.99)


If you had no money, no material possessions, what gift would you bring to the world? Take a steady look at the image of Faith (from Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light deck) above. Her offering comes from the Divine to our hearts. Love speaks to us through the gentle power of this image. Do you know what she is offering you? Will you accept? Will you share? Who, what or where might need this precious gift right now?

I’ve always believed that Faith and Hope are mirror images, because when you believe and trust, you make way for Hope. When you believe in better, there is greater potential for overcoming, repairing, renewing and healing. You ignite the ripple effect for peace and when we let peace into our hearts, miracles can happen in our lives.


Stepping into Peace

Finding Peace surely starts from within. When we step over our personal hurdles of disharmony, anxiety and resistance we empower ourselves to say: “I choose peace instead of… “ This is real empowerment that generates a good feeling.


Bring in the Light

Faith represents the ‘twin flame’ to the mighty Archangel Michael (‘He Who is Like God’): Michael helps us clear our fear and demolish personal roadblocks to success, to feel safe and protected. Fear is the absence of Love, and Archangel Michael helps us step out of fear and into Love.

Hope is the Angel of Love and Acceptance. Her counterpart is Archangel Gabriel (ʻStrength of Godʼ). As we steadily move out of judgement into love and compassion ‒ for ourselves and others ‒ we grow and become increasingly strengthened by these engaging qualities ‒ we find that divides dissolve as Love unites.


“The smallest steps will bring results. Simply say hello and our conversation can begin. Whisper my name and I will respond. Listen for me and you will hear the still small voice. Let us start.”

– Julia Cameron’s Life Lessons no. 23


Success is an Inside Job

This brings us full circle to Charity, the Angel of prayer and contemplation and perhaps our first stepping stones to accessing inner tranquility. The more we take time to pause, breathe, reflect and commune with ‘Grace’ the sooner success will arrive.

“When I focus on my inner light I see the world through the lens of Love.”

– Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back deck

Charity’s counterpart is Archangel Chamuel (‘He Who Sees God’). Chamuel is the Angel of Love and Purpose. He helps us raise our vibration through changing perceptions. Ask yourself: When you look through the lens of love is it the things you look at that change or the way you look at them that’s changed?


Cherish the Peace

“The lamps are different but the light is the same.”

– Rumi

When you find peace, you find contentment. When you find contentment, you find gratitude. When you find gratitude, you step into trust and abundance and so it grows. As this occurs you realize that you are part of the wonderful global oneness of all things and become an ambassador for peace.

“What I give to you, I give to me.”

– Unknown

Faith is the Angel of Humanity and Benevolence. She comes together with Hope and Charity – they ask us to shine the light of peace in our hearts and in the world. This is the gift they bring.



About the author:

Louise Exeter‘s main aim is to help people follow their hearts, link to their joy, reconnect to their inner beauty and find personal empowerment through angel insights and inspirations. Louise’s therapeutic working life and qualifications span over 25 years’ experience and cover the fields of counselling, meridian and ‘5 Element’ inspired complimentary therapies, subtle energy body work, Emotional Freedom Technique and spirituality. She has had her own deeply personal spiritual epiphanies and many spiritually serendipitous moments to collect and treasure over her life – always affirming and confirming that there is a greater power, a stronger love and no divide between Heaven and Earth. Spiritual mindfulness plays an enormous part of my life and work: like yin and yang, this is an inseparable aspect of who and what Louise is.





Posted by: Leah Russell

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