Being in Beauty: Finding Forgiveness

October 28, 2019

by Pete Bengry


The practice of healing is a shared adventure where peace is often found, resulting in a deep relaxation in one’s own presence. Here lays the nourishment that feeds the soul to continue on this path, transcending to greater awareness for the self and each other.

Sometimes the healing journey is born from suffering, or a life-changing situation where one’s own behavior is transformed forever. But many of my students ask: How does the journey begin, and how do we remain focused?

I always share, from personal experience, that forgiveness is a hugely important place on the path to remaining present. It releases energetic connections towards others that need to be transformed in order to fully be present within our own journey. Often the healing journey is a continuous pattern of release, generating more awareness as we evolve. Here, we can welcome the very centre of our consciousness, which is the core of our existence. This is an incredible space from which to witness life and the seed of incredible transformation. One of the most powerful practices that supports our evolution is the sincere and sacred act of self-forgiveness. Once this is practiced and ultimately achieved, the ingredients of transformation become more fragrant to follow.

People often enjoy the sharing of love abundantly, without any limitations. Their heart opens, and the sincerity of the sharing fuels the healing journey they are on. This creates an external flow of energy from the body; when we practice the act of self-forgiveness, the flow becomes internal. If we deeply welcome this process mindfully the results can be extremely potent, and an incredible tool for transformation.

The internal act of self-forgiveness brings a sacred partnership towards all aspects of the self, in darkness and in light. Mistakes become places of learning rather than actions followed by judgment. Without self-forgiveness, we are perpetually in a battle with ourselves. This battle can never be won and often the judging mind wins as self-criticism arrives. 

By becoming a witness to the act of self-forgiveness we are able to observe without judgment, and the essential energy of personal perception is transformed. We become neutral to the self and by doing so, we can discover an inner voice that guides us home to the heart. Often self-forgiveness is painful as we navigate stories we have told ourselves – and what others have told us. From birth we can be judged, in childhood we can be judged and of course in adulthood we are judged. Finally, we judge ourselves.

To witness our presence with compassion and to allow our journey to reach authentic depth towards our true potential is a moment of magic. It is here that the true birthing arrives as a sacred human being. We allow ourselves to exist within the essence of presence. It is within this personal presence that we are truly born with all the gifts we require to grow. More importantly when we grow, we learn to truly know. It is this knowing that essentially supports our inner trust as we distinguish between the outer self and the inner.

The outer self is an interpretation of the potential judgment from others, whoever they may be. The inner self is the journey of the heart, if we choose to follow. Within the sacred fragrance of finding forgiveness is the sweetest presence of all, and it is the true self. Once found, the journey can only continue throughout the many potential layers towards the sacred self. The practice of self-forgiveness in the place of the witness feeds the soul towards a rich tapestry of presence. We become weavers of the way, we can no longer drown in the judgments of others. We can ride our own waves and it is here that we learn to be truly free.

If we fall, we bathe in the sweet waters of experience; we do not drown in the judgments from the storm. We learn to become, to be, to see, to witness the true self within the wealth of who we authentically are. Finding forgiveness for the self is the true path towards all aspects of our health.

It is the beginning.


About the author

Pete Bengry is a shamanic practitioner, musician, sound therapist, composer and author. He has dedicated his entire life to using the drum as a musical instrument and healing tool. He teaches and performs internationally, sharing his gifts that have been refined over many years and remaining present to the voice of the drum.
Pete offers workshops in shamanism, but his primary skill is working with and witnessing the visible and invisible energies within sound healing. He is endorsed by Meinl Percussion, Sonic Energy, Roland, REMO, Paiste, Zoom, Protection Racket and Shure microphones. When he is not traveling and teaching, he composes music and writes short stories and poetry.

Posted by: Leah Russell