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Your May Astrology Forecast

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allan reveals what’s written in the stars for May 2024

Notable dates 8 May – New moon in Taurus  23 May – Full moon in Sagittarius    Aries  Your ruler Mars is transiting through your own sign this month, which imbues you with courage and a need to take risks and live life slightly on the edge. The planet Mercury is also in your own sign until 15 May, so be careful with how you convey your ideas to others. You are like a cat on a hot tin roof this month – full of surprises and enthusiasm. Taurus Venus is travelling in your own zodiac sign until 23 May, which gives you an opportunity to enjoy life in a sensual way that can have a positive effect on your mental health. On 26 May Jupiter enters your solar 2nd house, which rules your finances and how you value yourself, opening up new possibilities for how you earn money over the next 12 months. Gemini This is a perfect month for social networking of all forms, as you seek to make connections that will have an impact on you towards the end of the year. Jupiter and Uranus are forming a conjunction in your 12th house, the placement of creativity and spiritual growth: don’t let this energy pass you by. On 26 May Jupiter moves into your own sign for the first time in 12 years, allowing for optimism to start taking form. Cancer The busy planetary energy of last month increases as Mars is travels in the career area of your chart. This will be a period during which you have to refrain from taking too much on all at once, even if it’s tempting to do so for fear of missing out. Beware of spreading yourself too thinly and not accomplishing as much as you would like. Take some time out, and remember to give others the chance to shine in their chosen field. Leo Venus travels in the career zone of your chart, which allows you to put the changes of the previous month into perspective. This is especially prevalent on the 23 and 24 May, when Venus makes a conjunction with Jupiter in the work area of your chart. Pluto starts a retrograde period in your 7th house which will continue until mid-October: time to delve into your own motivations in regard to relationships. Virgo There is a real sense of relief this month, as there is less pressure on you from others. You can simply get on with the things that you need to concentrate on: namely yourself. On the 23 May Venus moves into the career sector of your chart, which should help you get your ideas across in a way that is palatable to others, especially with those in authority. Libra There is a lot of activity in your 4th house, ruling the home and family – connecting and nurturing others should bring you joy and happiness. However, Mars travels through the romantic region of your chart, which can increase activity in personal relationships in a new and exciting way. But be aware – if the energy of Mars is not directed, it can become disruptive and chaotic. Be true to yourself. Scorpio Jupiter and Uranus are in conjunction with each other in the relationship area of your chart. This combination always brings up surprises and shocks that disrupt, but also libertate you from old structures that have stifled you in the past. This means that you have to be open to the changes that come along in partnerships this month. Sagittarius There is a distinct shift of energy as the planet Mars moves from your 4th to the 5th house and places the energy of fun back into your life. This will come as a welcome relief, but it is important to remember that last month you needed to support those around you. They may still need your wisdom and advice this month, even if to a lesser degree. Capricorn The planets Jupiter and Uranus are activating your solar 5th house. This placement is where we shine as an individual in terms of self-expression and creative endeavours. It’s important to find a creative outlet that you are comfortable with, as the ungrounding energy can be selfish in action if not channelled properly. Aquarius This month sees you picking up the pieces from last month and putting them back together in a completely different way. There is a certain amount of rebuilding to be done that needs to have a firm foundation, and which requires cultivating from your internal vision for the future. For most Aquarians, that should sound like fun. Pisces The next four weeks might seem a little downbeat after the last couple of months, which were characterised by change and excitement, but this represents a better equilibrium in your life. There is a lot of activity in the communication area of your chart, so be sure to get your ideas across to others through media or writing. On 26 May Jupiter moves into your 4th house, bringing new ideas about moving and expanding the home environment.     Find out more: This feature was originally published in Kindred Spirit Spring 2024 (Issue 190) available from 22 February, 2024. Click here to subscribe and have each new issue of Kindred Spirit delivered directly to your door. Alternatively, you can purchase individual magazines directly from our website. Kindred Spirit’s resident astrologer is Demian Allan. For a personal reading, visit Demian’s website: