Reset Your Relationships for Spring with Evolutionary Astrology

November 8, 2021

By Rachel Torgerson

Astrology can help evolve our life’s trajectory especially with regards to the way relationships have been functioning in the current times. With the evolutionary nature of relationships, some of them have thrived while some have spiralled out of control.

Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we need to have a customized viewpoint for every relationship. And without a compass or a guidance system, it gets increasingly impossible to navigate your way through to your ideal destination. Along with the detailed guidance and counselling sessions, astrology can help you get your relationships out of a rut. Evolutionary Astrology in particular can help you with choice-centred astrology that refers to the birth chart of an individual and evaluates the individual’s evolution through their lifetime.

Behind the science of Evolutionary Astrology?

If you do decide to get the readings for Evolutionary Astrology done make sure that the readings do not end up being ‘predictive’.

It’s important to recognise that a reading does not rigidly plan out the future of an individual. But the readings of an evolutionary astrologer can help you identify the negative energy blocks that you may experience in your relationships.

Love-life relationships

While you may plan to enter a new relationship, the energies around you can create a field that can help you manifest your future. The key to meaning in your life is based on how you interact with these fields in your life. This is what we commonly term ‘free will’.

Evolutionary astrology, unlike other branches, is based on a couple of core perceptions such as,

  • Accepting the belief that human beings continuously undergo incarnations in their lifetimes.
  • The belief that the birth chart of a person can reflect the conditions and the evolutionary intentions of the soul of an individual.
  • The awareness that the present circumstances one faces, happen to reflect the intentions and the evolutionary requirements of one’s soul.

No relationship remains static and is subject to change at some point in time. Learning to cope with change can be a great way to work through the challenges couples face in a relationship.

Let’s take a look at what Evolutionary Astrology has to say about it –

●     Acknowledge yourself first

This is one of the most important factors that an astrologer mentions first. The Age of Aquarius helps with a dedicated time for a person to recognize who they truly are. The Aquarius zodiac sign helps you to take a step back and look at your relationships.

Ask yourself questions like –

  • What are your expectations from a particular relationship?
  • Does this relationship push you to a higher purpose?
  • Does this relationship hinder your spiritual and emotional journey?
  • Is this relationship serving me well?

Hence before entering a relationship, it is always best to ponder internally. Being able to connect with yourself can help you with clarity and awareness of the relationship. For more clarity, you might want to understand what certain angel numbers like 911 are trying to tell you.

●     Embrace the niche you belong to

It is okay to go against the core and embrace your niche. For those of you who are thinking of putting a label on your relationship, it’s time to think again.

People have started to consider the basic societal norms and the widely accepted stereotypes. Conventional structures like monogamy have started to be questioned and unfollowed while some  have started to follow other structures that strike a chord with them instead.

The traditional nature of monogamy requires a thorough commitment, which might not be suitable to many. And hence why people who feel unsettled with the conventional structures, are resorting to novel niches that fit their requirements better than the traditional constructs.

Evolutionary Astrology during a Spring Equinox can help you gauge the balance in your relationship. While there are relationships that dwindle within a few years of initiation, it is possible to find a common ground to balance the relationship.

●     Ask yourself questions

The Age of Pisces, previously required people to follow the herd mentality, the age of Aquarius has made people think out of the box. People have begun questioning the widely accepted concepts and rules followed by society.

This age has led people to dive deeper into one’s inner self and think about what they require from a relationship.

Asking targeted questions about what you seek from life and the answers you receive can paint a clear picture of the kind of relationship you want to have with your partner. Not diving deeper and asking questions will only keep you unaware of what you are looking for.

The readings

The readings are the most integral part of the Evolutionary Astrology process. The reading process on this front is a detailed one that helps answer all the questions and aspects of the relationship. Add protective crystals to the reading to further enhance the guidance you receive.

We have listed the important aspects of the Evolutionary Astrology process below –

●     Chart compatibility

Chart compatibility involves reading both the partner’s charts. The professional astrologist helps to read and evaluate how both partners’ charts interact with each other. This helps present a clear picture of what the relationship may bring forth.

●     Strength

As the name suggests, this reading is specifically done to gauge the strengths of the relationship. Along with highlighting the strong points, this reading also helps to create a clear picture of the blind spots in the relationship.

●     Duration

The duration of the reading is completed over 2.5-3 hours. Certain astrologists also help their clients with copies of their charts and the recordings of the sessions. These resources can help provide a clear understanding of the relationship and allow it to reach its highest potential.

Getting an evolutionary astrology reading done might be a great way to recognize the dynamics in your relationships. Given that the stars have a significant impact on our lives, consider a second perspective on your significant connections with Evolutionary Astrology!



Rachel Torgerson is a Tarot reader, dream-worker, shamanic healer, and the author of With roots in Christian mysticism, she blends elements of the divine feminine, dream interpretation, and sacred imagery into her spiritual practice and healing work. For many years, she has shared the magic of manifestation with thousands of clients by tapping into the transformational energy of colour and Tarot to promote self-empowerment and problem-solving through retreats, lectures, workshops, and one-on-one services.

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