Crystal Q&A: Crystals for Protection

October 13, 2021

In this Crystal Q&A mini-series with founder and director of Jude Polack, we learn how to protect ourselves with crystals


Q: I am looking to protect my energy at the moment as it is low and I’m starting to feel burnt-out. Are there any crystals you’d recommend for this?


A: It is well known that crystals can help to regulate our energy and vibrations. When looking to guard and protect your energy, black tourmaline is great for keeping negative and low vibrations away, guarding your energy whilst keeping you grounded. Keep a piece of black tourmaline in your space, at your office desk and in your bag to protect your energy at all times.

Smokey quartz is also a brilliant crystal for protection, as it helps to banish negative attachments and feelings – it is a must-have when trying to rebalance your energies. Place a piece of smokey quartz in a place where you would like to diffuse negative and cluttered energy.

Another crystal which is amazing for protection is labradorite. With its gorgeous rainbow flashes, it is used to banish fear, insecurity and doubts while helping to clear your aura of negative energy. To regulate your energy after a long day, keep a piece of labradorite next to your bed or under your pillow.


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Jude Polack is the founder and director of bewater, a company that works with crystals, bringing their wonderful properties together in crystal water bottles.
She has a long standing interest in natural wellness and also works as a doula and positive birth advocate.
Jude’s three children all keep stashes of crystals in their rooms and schoolbags too.

Posted by: Leah Russell