Nature’s Craft: Charms and Spells for the Month of July

July 4, 2021

In this month’s Nature’s Craft, Tudorbeth shares charms and spells for the month of July


Summer and school holidays give a relaxed feel to the month of July. Although there are no official celebration days, it is still a magical month full of movement and fun. This is an air month, and here we find the angels taking precedence. The full moon in July is known as the Blessing Moon. In years gone by, at the beginning of July there were many Cherry Fairs which have now developed into the county fairs we see today. This month also sees an old English tradition of St. Swithin’s Day. It is said that whatever the weather is on this day, it will remain like this for 40 days – and tradition says that if it rains on July 15,  it will rain for 40 days. However, given that this year is a bit of a wash-out with the weather already, not many are holding out hope for the rest of the year.

The ‘witchy’ festivals are few this month given that we had the crème de la crème of festivals last month with Midsummer, but Cherry Fairs, local fairs and St. Swithin’s Day dominate in July. The celebrations we have this month are more about our day-to-day lives. July is the month that school finishes for the academic year in the UK. Many people go on holidays, and many choose to move house in July while others spruce up their home with DIY projects. This month is all about movement, securing your base and sprucing up foundations such as home, garden, and physical environment, including the body and finances.

Here are a couple of spells to help with these areas of your life that can often be overlooked in Nature Craft.


Happy Vacation Charm

Vacations seem to take so long to come around and when they do eventually arrive, they fly away from us in snatched moments of rest. If you are having a beach vacation, then see what you can find on the beach. These finds from your vacation can become year-long reminders of the fun you had. Create a happy charm from a pebble or shell you have collected and keep it on your desk or piece of work. Paint it bright canary yellow with a happy face on and a giant smile beaming across it. Enchant your sunshine object with these words:

Sunshine holiday,
Laughter and fun.
Keep shining every day,
Keeping me happy in every way.

Every time you look at your sunshine object throughout the year you will be reminded of your fabulous holiday and all the fun you had.


DIY Disaster Spell

The summer brings out the designer or creator in many of us as we think about sprucing up our homes. However, some of us are better equipped at doing this than others. If you have made a DIY disaster in your home, then try this spell. Buy some design magazines and cut out the pictures that appeal to you. Spread the pictures out on a table and light a yellow candle, meditate on the pictures of your ideal home, bedroom, kitchen or whatever it is you’ve attempted, and then repeat this spell three times whilst holding your hands above the pictures:

DIY Disaster I did make,
The design I chose is a mistake.
Rectify the mess I beseech,
Design etiquette now unleash.

After, look at the pictures and the mess you’ve created and envision how it can be rectified – does it need a professional to finish the job, or can you complete it or rearrange it in order to change it and bring it back to the design you wanted. Can repainting it all a neutral colour make it right? Refer back to the pictures that appealed to you and be inspired and guided to make the right choice.


For Sale Spell

If your house has been on the market for quite some time and doesn’t seem to be selling despite numerous people coming to view and even making offers, but each time it falls through, perhaps there is some negative energy seeping from the house that stops you from selling it. Caste this spell on a Wednesday, which is the day of Mercury and is all about movement and communication.

Go from room to room sprinkling a couple of grains of sea salt in each corner of the room while saying this spell:

Here in this space I clear it now
For all to view and feel a wow.
In my house and in my home,
Selling energy free to roam.

There you have a selection of spells we can perform though not just throughout July but whenever they are required. During the month of July, many feel it is easier to practise Nature Craft due to the weather improving – though fingers crossed it doesn’t rain on St. Swithin’s Day !

I do hope you join me next month when I shall be discussing one of the rather sad festivals as it signifies the passing of Summer: Lammas.

Until then, blessed be and enjoy this month of movement.

About the author:

Tudorbeth has been a practicing Hedgewitch for over 30 years and is the writer of over 40 books on witchcraft. Her latest is The Hedgewitch’s Little Book of Spells, Charms & Brews (£12.72/$16.99, Llewellyn Publishers).


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