Nature’s Craft: Spells of Abundance and Prosperity for Oak Apple Day and Nymph-inspired Massage Oil

May 2, 2021

In this month’s Nature’s Craft, Tudorbeth shares spells of abundance and prosperity for Oak Apple Day and teaches us how to make our own massage oil, inspired by the sensuality of the divine nature spirits, the Nymphs


May is a glorious month which is full of fire and passion and, not surprisingly, it is governed by the element of fire. Flowers and radiant colours are bursting everywhere and nature is alive all around us. May is a month filled with fertility, fruitfulness, frivolity and potency. The elemental beings who govern May are Nymphs, Dragons, and Salamanders. In addition to all this magical passion, it is also a month for friendship and fun.

In the May festivities, there is also a man covered by a cage of leaves. He has many names including the Green Man, Jack in the Green, Leaf Man, Wild Man, and George Green. He symbolises the death of winter and the birth of spring.

In many places throughout the British Isles, festivities involved swordsmen who cleared away evil spirits which also made a way for the dances. On his sword was a cake which was broken and shared as the cake itself was considered good luck. The festivals of this passionate month include Beltane which is the final festival of spring, May Day, Oak Apple Day – and in this month the Flower Moon shines above all during the night’s shenanigans.

May is certainly a month of sexual passion and romance. The beings who govern this month are Nymphs. The Nymphs are divine spirits who are different from goddesses and muses. There are many different varieties of Nymph such as celestial nymphs, water nymphs, and underworld nymphs. Yet the ones we are most familiar with are the land nymphs, the nymphs of the woods and plants. Nymphs are regarded as florists and protectors of the forests and woods. They are often depicted as beautiful young women.

As Nymphs are the personification of nature, they are also very much aware of the pleasures of the flesh. Sexuality is a part of nature, not just the act of procreation but the expression of love towards another. Nymphs, of course, love to frolic and be free. They are freedom loving, wild sensual beings who are well in tune with their own sexuality.

To enjoy and tune into this wonderful energy is to express your sensuality and be confident with your sexuality. The use of certain crystals and stones placed around the bedroom can enhance  pleasure and connection.

Create Your Own Massage Oil, Encapsulating the Sensuality of the Nymph

Use the base or carrier oil of 600 ml Almond oil and mix with it 3 drops of musk essential oil, 3 drops of Ginger essential oil, and 3 drops of Orange essential oil. Shake together then label and date it and keep in a dark glass bottle or better still keep it in a drawer in the bedroom. You will notice the numbers involved in this massage oil; 6 for the 600ml almond oil and then 3 x 3 of the essential oil drops which makes 9. Therefore, this nymph oil has a magical numeration of 69 – so enjoy this oil and its effects!

Beltane Fruitfulness and Abundance Spell – 1st May

As we have seen, this month is all about fun and frivolity but it is also about fruitfulness. Boost abundance in your life with this quick spell.

Rub iris or lavender oil into a moonstone as you say these words.

Lady Mother of the Earth,
Grant me fruitfulness to birth.
Fill my life with abundance and love.
Send me grace from above.

Keep the moonstone near your bed and have fresh peony flowers in your bedroom too if possible. Allow three months for this spell.

There are so many magical customs and traditions associated with May Day. Young girls would wash their faces in May dew early on May Day morning believing that it would keep them young and fair. Further, blankets that had been soaked in May dew were believed to cure sick children when wrapped in them.

However, just as there are many happy and good traditions surrounding May Day there are equally negative ones. May was regarded as the least lucky month to get married in and broom makers never worked on May Day as turning a branch into a broom was deemed to be very unlucky on this day. Also, fishermen never went to sea on this day as they believed the ghosts of dead fishermen would haunt them while out at sea.

Oak Apple Day Prosperity Spell – 29th May

Although this particular festival is fairly new, it began with Charles II and the restoration of the monarchy. Houses were decorated with oak branches in commemoration of Charles II’s escape from the Roundheads by hiding in an oak tree in 1651. People also wore a sprig of oak on this day and if people did not, they had their bum pinched!

Yet despite it being a rather new festival, this day hides a tradition of tree-worship that is very much older. Oak trees are very sacred and acorns are used in many prosperity spells and so are apples. In their centre, apples contain the most sacred symbol of witchcraft – the pentagram.

For this spell, cut the apple in half to expose the pentagram – the five-pointed star – and use a green apple. Thinly cut a slice of the apple, keeping the pentagram. Let this piece of apple dry out over a couple of days until it goes brown and leathery. Then hold the slice in your hand and say these words before putting it in your purse:

Prosperity, prosperity, prosperity.
Flow to me.
As it harm none, so mote it be.

There you have a selection of festivals we celebrate throughout May, and all are deeply rooted within nature. During the month of May, many feel it is easier to practise Nature Craft due to the weather improving – although it has been known to snow in May!

I do hope you join me next month when I shall be discussing one of the most important and probably one of the most famous festivals – Midsummer.

Until then, blessed be and enjoy this flower month of love.

About the author:

Tudorbeth has been a practicing Hedgewitch for over 30 years and is the writer of over 40 books on witchcraft. Her latest is The Hedgewitch’s Little Book of Spells, Charms & Brews (£12.72/$16.99, Llewellyn Publishers), available from 8 June 2021.


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