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How To Train Spirit to Shine

by Stella Ralfini


Last week in my article How to Train Your Inner Warrior we looked at ways to strengthen health and the immune system. Assuming you made a start, now we can focus on how to get spirit to shine. To fulfil our goals we need a solid, loving relationship with spirit. It doesn’t speak a human language and instead, interprets what it thinks we want through vibrational energy frequencies.

  When we are angry and aggravated, sounds that come from our mouths are hostile. Spirit might not know what we said, but uses the frequency in our thoughts, words and feelings to shape the destiny it thinks we ask for. Spirit floats in a nirvana bubble. It does not know the difference between what’s good or bad for us in human form. If we make spirit believe we enjoy being miserable it will bring more misery to bask in. There is tremendous energy in the words we use and in our tone of voice. Through tone, we create a negative or positive energy field around our aura and attach ourselves to those who live on that frequency. Spirit is our personal magic genie. It thrives on granting wishes but if our energy and mood change on the hour, we send out mixed signals and spirit can’t shine through. Imagine that your aura is made up of an umbrella of shimmering piano notes which are activated through sound. When you talk to yourself or another, take a moment to tune into the vibration you send out. As piano notes leave your aura, do they sound melodious so they can rise, or are you condemning yourself to another gift-wrapped onion? An excellent way to train spirit to bring us gold is found in the initials GGJ: Gratitude, or feeling blessed for what we have; Generosity, or showing kindness to others; Joy, or smiling at nothing. Spirit soars high with positive vibration and that begins with one thing. Love ourselves and others.  

Candle Gazing

You may have heard of this but having practiced for many years, I found that this particular variation I came up with gave the deepest experience of spirit connection. You see chakra colours behind your eyes. You may see a purple flame in the middle of your forehead. You sense light grow as spirit shines through your aura and are aware of its magnificent presence. This meditation also helps activate and open the third eye. This is a spiritual seeker’s dream, and can be achieved with regular practice.  

Place a large lit candle in front of you, sit comfortably, relax your eyes and stare into the flame.

Let your eyes remained fixed as you gaze into the purple heart of the flame.

Watch as it deepens in colour.

Gaze at the aura around the flame and its soft blurry shimmer.

In your mind, command the flame to dance and watch as it changes shape and rhythm.

Continue gazing at the flame for five minutes then close your eyes.

Don’t try to force anything. Don’t try to hold onto colours or images. Let them drift in and out like clouds.

Switch off the mind, relax into the world of the soul and enjoy.


About the author:

Stella Ralfini is qualified in 3 schools of yoga, a Reiki master, natural health/ beauty expert, empowerment mentor and author of Sensual Sorcery and Chakra Psychology. Until the age of 27, Stella had a successful career in the music industry working for bands like the Rolling Stones, but gave up her glamorous lifestyle to qualify as a psychologist, life coach and yoga teacher. She has been working in these fields for nearly thirty years and has extensive experience in the fields of mind training, healing, holistic health and yoga (Kundalini, Hatha, Tantra). She teaches regular workshops  around Europe on subjects covering mind training, healing, holistic health, the betterment of relationships and yoga.