How to Fuel Your Inner Warrior

April 13, 2020

by Stella Ralfini


Training our warrior takes time, diligence and persistence but once achieved we are armed to reach higher without illness pulling us down. In my next article, I will tackle the spiritual aspects of training our warrior. In this, we concentrate on building a strong immune system and maximizing health.


Since we don’t want exhausted warriors, we will call on astragalus. Astragalus is a plant native to Asia, and used in Chinese medicine. Traditionally used for physical weakness, it is an immune system tonic which rebuilds vitality, circulates blood and keeps heart and lungs strong. Place 20 drops of astragalus liquid extract into a warm cup of licorice, chamomile or mint tea, since they aid digestion and improve effects of astragalus.

To help prevent fatigue, drink one cup daily. To help beat it, drink two cups daily. Add 20 drops essential Lime oil to 100ml bottle carrier oil. Massage a little into wrists in the morning to promote energy flow throughout body. For low energy moments, sniff essential peppermint oil to revive spirit.

To build a strong immune system, mix half tsp fresh grated ginger into 1 tsp honey then chew and swallow on daily basis.

To avoid viruses and negative energy attacks we need an uncut quartz crystal, a bottle of essential Basil oil and sea salt. Both uncut quartz crystals and basil oil fend off negative energy. Sprinkle a few drops of basil oil on your crystal, wear it in your bra or keep in a pocket when you sense a challenging day ahead.

When you return home, place a tsp of sea salt in a glass of water and gargle to avoid infection then strengthen by cleaning the nasal passage. This is where a virus sneaks in. We want to kill it before it takes hold. Here’s what yogis do to stay healthy. Fill a small glass container with warm water, add 1 tsp sea salt and stir. With right thumb plug right nostril and bring container under left nostril. Inhale with all your might until you feel salt water trickle into throat. Plug left nostril with left thumb and repeat as before. When you finish you will automatically want to blow your nose. Blow hard to bring out all that lurked in the unknown.


Fuel for the subconscious

Every thought we think and every word we speak add to what becomes our future so let’s give our negative thoughts eviction notice. Whoever told you that you weren’t good enough is herewith deleted from the mind. You know you’re better than that. From today, let’s try positive self-talk and positive words that lead to positive action. Should a negative thought come, say ‘DELETE’ to cancel it. Our code for this is PPPD. Say every day when you wake up.


About the author:

Stella Ralfini is qualified in 3 schools of yoga, a Reiki master, natural health/ beauty expert, empowerment mentor and author of Sensual Sorcery and Chakra Psychology. Until the age of 27, Stella had a successful career in the music industry working for bands like the Rolling Stones, but gave up her glamorous lifestyle to qualify as a psychologist, life coach and yoga teacher. She has been working in these fields for nearly thirty years and has extensive experience in the fields of mind training, healing, holistic health and yoga (Kundalini, Hatha, Tantra). She teaches regular workshops  around Europe on subjects covering mind training, healing, holistic health, the betterment of relationships and yoga.

Posted by: Leah Russell