The Wisdom of Celtic Reiki

March 20, 2020

by Natasha Joy Price


Trees are so interconnected with us as human beings and how we are able to live on the planet that we often seem to forget this essential link and take them for granted. In the same way we do not consciously think about breathing until it is brought to our attention, we often do not view trees as the vital components that they are until the fact is pointed out to us.

On a scientific level trees provide us with oxygen, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, provide stability to the soil and a wonderful habitat for wildlife, insects and birds. On a spiritual basis trees are revered in many cultures, and their symbolism is often used to represent life itself.

They are believed to have their own characteristics and spirits which protect the village where they grow, and a tree will often be planted to celebrate a birth. Trees are believed to link us to higher realms, bridging the gap between mother earth and enlightened levels of consciousness. They are a great representation of how to live our lives by standing tall, changing effortlessly with the seasons, knowing that new growth will always come, and even dying with ease and grace. We also know that trees have an extensive root system connecting them underground, allowing wisdom and nutrients to be passed to those that our struggling, teaching us about community, care and supporting each member.

The Celts believed that trees had their own unique frequencies which, when introduced to our energy, infused their characteristics within us and assisted our own vibrations to rise. Perhaps this is why tree hugging has become so popular, and why it can make us feel so stable and grounded as we blend with the tree’s energy. This is the basis of Celtic reiki, a wonderful addition to any Usui reiki practice. Celtic reiki is a relatively new modality, with the energies first coming through between 1998 and 2000. The Celtic reiki energy is a strong, earthy energy which is brought up through our base chakra, mimicking the frequencies of the trees and elements of Gaia herself in order to create shifts and healing in our own energy.

The system of Celtic Reiki also utilises Ogham symbols devised by the Celts in their sacred Druid alphabet, with different symbols representing the different trees. When placed in our energy, these symbols trigger the individual frequencies of the trees. The Ogham alphabet was a method of communication inscribed on stones and bits of wood and used by the Celts to hide secret messages. In this way the symbols taught throughout Celtic reiki help us not only link to the vibration of the trees, but also to the qualities infused within those trees. For example, the energy of the fir tree is used to clarify problems and issues that we may be struggling with, and the birch is used to increase motivation for a new project or process being developed. I have found the practise of Celtic reiki to be incredibly empowering, and of real benefit to us at this time when there are so many issues with the way that humans treat the earth. We need to understand and reinforce the interconnectedness that we have with our world, and to become in sync with the different elements if we are to survive.

Using Ogham sticks is also a way to allow the wisdom of the trees to guide us with a specific question that we may have, or in our lives generally. They are made from pieces of various trees, with the coinciding symbols engraved or burnt into the wood. When picked randomly whilst holding a question in our minds, the resulting symbols can provide us with guidance as to the outcome of a situation, or to an action that we need to take. In this way we can use them in a similar way to runes or angel cards. They are a great tool within any healer’s practice and I often use mine in conjunction with teaching Celtic reiki, as it helps students to feel and connect with the different trees. I would encourage you to develop your link with trees or a specific tree in your area. The phrase ‘Go hug a tree’ has so much more meaning and depth to it when the wisdom of the Celts is known and understood.



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Natasha Joy Price is an energy therapist, teacher and author. Natasha is passionate about energy and how getting to know your energy field can only benefit you on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis. Her first publication, Freedom of the Soul, is now available on Amazon.
Natasha has upcoming Reiki teaching days of Mother and Child Reiki (15th December), Reiki 1 (22nd December), Reiki 2 (29th December) and Masters (5th January 2020). She can be contacted via her websites or


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