Universal Symbols: The Enlightening Dai Ko Myo

November 10, 2019

by Natasha Joy Price



The next symbol in this series is the Master symbol Dai Ko Myo, which has the highest vibration of all the Reiki symbols. In the previous articles we talked about how symbols have their own vibration and when something that is vibrating (such as a symbol, crystal or essential oil) is placed in our energy field, which is also vibrating, then the two will try and find a rhythm in a process called entrainment.


Through the attunement of Master to student, the symbol Dai Ko Myo is passed through the crown chakra into the energy field, aligning that person’s energy to its unique vibration. The effect guides that person to find their true life purpose.

The Dai Ko Myo symbol has the effect of shifting the student’s energy, which can cause that person’s life to shift slightly – or even change dramatically – as people and situations which are not in alignment start to fall away. The frequency of this powerful symbol allows us to become more aligned with Spirit, to our intuition, and to what we should be learning and doing in this lifetime.

Its use is believed to go straight to our soul energy which, as it shifts, causes physical and subconscious emotional issues to be healed spontaneously. When we meditate on this symbol we cleanse our energy on a spiritual level, which ripples out through all aspects of our energy helping us to find balance and harmony, ultimately reflecting in our daily life. By doing this we release energy blocks on all levels, whether that is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, through past, present and future.

If you look at the images of this Master symbol you will find that there is a Tibetan version, and a very different looking version which is directly associated with Mikao Usui, the Buddhist monk who was the founder of Reiki. My lineage is from the traditional Usui lineage, originating directly from Mikao and therefore the traditional version is the one that I use and practise with. However, both are powerful symbols and have their use in healing.

The name of the symbol Dai Ko Myo is translated as bright shining light, or great enlightenment. The syllable Dai is translated as big or great, Ko as glossy or smooth, and Myo as bright light. Ko is also a noun for light, and Myo a verb for knowing and understanding. It represents the understanding of our own inner knowledge and coming to realise the truth of our purpose in this lifetime, and throughout our soul’s passage through all of time and space. It represents enlightenment, which basically means your energy becoming expanded and filled with light, allowing you to gain greater perspective.

When used in a reiki session it enhances and amplifies the healing being given, and can be used in every situation including individual healings, group sessions and in distance healing. It can also be used with crystals to clear negative energy and to enable the crystals to become self-clearing. I love the use of crystals and reiki together; the two energies blend perfectly and enhance the potency of each other. The Dai Ko Myo symbol is also believed to boost the immune system and aid the use of homeopathy and herbal medicines, so can be very useful where a client is coping with and balancing other treatment regimes.



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Natasha Joy Price is an energy therapist, teacher and author. Natasha is passionate about energy and how getting to know your energy field can only benefit you on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis. Her first publication, Freedom of the Soul, is now available on Amazon.
Natasha has upcoming Reiki teaching days of Mother and Child Reiki (15th December), Reiki 1 (22nd December), Reiki 2 (29th December) and Masters (5th January 2020). She can be contacted via her websites www.dandeliontherapies.co.uk or www.energyschoolcourses.co.uk


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