Therapy Review #5 : Animal Communication

December 12, 2018

As a Language of Miracles Interspecies Translator, Clare Metcalf knows the need for good animal communication…


All sentient creatures are capable of telepathic communication, yet humans seem to neglect this skill, seemingly reluctant to trust it.

Being able to communicate with animals and all of Nature stems from a strong connection to your inner knowing or gut sense that we are all born with. Some people seem to be more adept at keeping that sense alive than others. I believe this is mainly due to conditioning – since most humans believe verbal and written language to be the “higher” form of communication, our inner voice can easily be neglected. Additionally, we are conditioned to believe that humans are the superior species to other animals – therefore our vocalised language must be superior. I disagree.

Eleven years ago, I was introduced to the world of Animal Communication by world renowned Animal  Communication teacher, Amelia Kinkade, and suddenly the world made sense to me. I realised that what I’d known from childhood was true – animals do communicate with each other in their own silent language, and humans can tap into that if they concentrate and try hard enough.

Over the next six years I became Amelia’s assistant on some of her workshops, and later, I eagerly enrolled
on her professional training programme at The Language of Miracles Institute and was honoured to become her first and only UK professional certified practitioner – currently one of only four Language of Miracles Interspecies Translators in the world. By this point, I had already been a professional Animal Communicator for many years, with clients all over the world, but this new recognition of my skills has opened new doors and brought a new edge to my work.

I’ve also been a professional Homeopath for 22 years, experienced in working with human survivors of abuse, bullied children, survivors of war and conflict and I treat serious chronic disease. I find my person-centred counselling skills and empathy invaluable when working with animal survivors too, as well as those in a rescue environment.















How it Works

I’ve discovered that I am Clairaudient, (clear hearing) Clairvoyant, (clear seeing) Clairsentient (clear feeling) and Animal Psychic (connected to animals in Spirit) and I help my own students identify their strengths and build upon their weaker areas in order to help animals to the very best of their abilities.

During our two-way conversation, either in person or via a photograph, I hear the actual words animals use and receive mental images and even the smells/tastes of things they describe (not always my favourite part!). Mainly I let them talk about what is most important to them, and gently probe for further information to help solve any issues.

People often ask if I can ‘tell them to stop’ doing an unacceptable behaviour. That’s not how the process works. Instead I ask the animal how they feel in that situation and explore the reasons behind the behaviour. By mirroring their behaviour back to the animal, they often recognise the difficulties they create for themselves and find better ways to cope. I counsel animals that exhibit emotional or psychological issues, and offer healing where needed. I mainly work as mediator, because often compromise is necessary from the people as well as animals.

Since “behavioural issues” often stem from physical as well as emotional pain, I use a technique called Medical Gestalt to feel their bodily sensations and discover health issues and vital information to take to the animal’s health practitioner. I have an excellent working relationship with local vets, osteopaths, chiropractors, physical therapy practitioners etc. who are happy to hear from the animal’s point of view before examination and treatment.

My greatest joy is in working with animals already over Rainbow Bridge. Receiving messages from animals in Spirit along with confirmations and signs of their continued presence in the family dynamic brings great relief and comfort to grieving families.

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