Therapy Review #2 : The benefits of Breath Coaching

December 12, 2018

Nevsah explodes some of the common myths of breathing…

















Many people around the world are using breath as a tool for spiritual awakening, physical health and for internal healing. Our breathing fundamentally affects how we think, behave and feel. This is the starting point that has led psychologists to become so fascinated by breath-work and breathing techniques over the last decade. What psychologists have discovered is that it is imperative to use breathing as the principal tool to manipulate our psychology and to work towards achieving our full spiritual consciousness.

It is important to understand that breathing and respiration are two entirely different entities. Respiration, on the one hand, is about the mechanical, biological and chemical processes that take place in our body. While breathing is a psycho-logical behaviour which affects how we think, feel, and connect with ourselves and those around us. In order to achieve holistic health, happiness and well-being, we must align our respiratory and breathing systems into one. If we fail to do so, we could potentially do greater harm to our mind and body than good.

In order to use breath as a healing and spiritual awakening tool properly, we must debug the common myths of breath:

  • Deep breathing is good… The worst myth that consumes conversation surrounding breath is that deep breathing is the key behind achieving pure health, physical peace and spiritual awareness. Endorsed heavily by Yogic Breathing practices, this common teaching to “take a deep breath” is not healthy at all, as it leads to over-breathing. In fact, most of the cases breath coaches have come across show that this widely used deep breathing exercise has led to severe hypocapnia, a state of reduced carbon dioxide in the blood, which causes respiratory alkalosis. How is it possible to achieve a healthy mind and soul when our breathing habits are putting our bodies into a naturally unhealthy and potentially dangerous physical state?
  • Slow breathing is good and fast breathing is bad… This myth is encountered a lot and can commonly be associated with debilitative breathing habits. Yet psychologists and researchers recognise that everyone, by nature of their brain-stem reflex, has a unique respiration process as well as a distinctive breathing habit. As long as your breathing habit is aligned to your respiration process, your breath can be as fast or as slow as it needs to be, as perfecting this alignment will be perfecting your unique, personal health.
  • People breathe fast when they are anxious…This myth is one that appears on the surface to carry a lot of weight, as it can be recognised scientifically and empirically that anxiety can trigger a faster pace in breath. What also can be recognised however, is that anxiety can trigger a slower pace in breath, in some cases, forgetting to breath entirely. What most breathing experts fail to acknowledge, is that the dysfunctional breathing habit is already present before the anxiety kicks in; as a result, it only intensifies further in certain situations of stress and fear.

These common myths of breath coaching, have permeated the consciousness of breath techniques, yogic and spiritual practices, and people living their day-to-day lives. Whilst the breathing techniques that have been taught so far have provided an enlightening path to healthier living, happier well being and closer connectivity to ourselves and those around us, placing our unquestionable belief in these generalised techniques prohibits us from achieving our own, true spiritual awakening.

This is why breath coaching is a revolutionary approach to all breath-work. We have found out at the International Breath Coaching Federation that working only on the mechanical level of breath can be effective for some people and entirely ineffective for others; it can be very healthy and life changing for some, and not others. Breath coaching, the unique combination of respiratory science, individual behavioural analysis, one-on-one coaching and breath-work re-manipulation, provides you with the spiritual and physical guidance to achieve an alignment of breath and respiration, the crux of spiritual awakening, physical health and holistic well-being.

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