Be The Light: Reclaim your Spiritual Independence in a Material World urges Mary Pompeo

December 12, 2018

Maybe you already know that you are eternal spirit in human form. Learning how to use that truth will open you to the gifts that come with it. Miracles happen when you make this shift. I am telling you the absolute truth, and here is how I know…


In 1988 I found myself abandoned with five children. My husband suddenly decided that he wasn’t cut out to be a father, and so he left us. Each subsequent day brought more bad news. We were being evicted because the rent hadn’t been paid in three months. Then the car was repossessed. The phone and the electric were both cut off, and I had very little in the way of funds. What I did have, were five very young children who were looking at me to let them know that everything was going to be alright. The world seemed to be falling apart around me. I used to tell my friends that I would have a nervous breakdown, only I didn’t have any time.

I made a promise to myself, and to the source of all things, that I would begin in earnest to live what I had been reading, learning and teaching. I would walk my talk. I made a bargain with the Force, telling it that I was going to set a test. I wanted to know for sure whether all of these things that I had read and learned were in fact the truth. So, if in one year my life wasn’t measurably better, I was going to have a huge bonfire and burn all of my spiritual books.

The bonfire never happened and I learned without a doubt, time and time again that this stuff works. Now, with confidence I can say, there is nothing that I teach which I have not lived.













Focus on the Mind

We are spiritual beings in a material world, which is another way to say that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We come into this life empowered in the Light, Eternal and Free, and enter a material form. So many of us accept this concept, especially during meditation where we can admit to it and visualize our part in the whole. It’s only when we start identifying with this material form that we forget who we are.

Take a look at infants. The only time they bother with the material world is when they experience an immediate material need. Our needs are simple when we first come in; hunger, warmth, comfort, and sleep. The rest of the time infants look around, clearly present in both worlds and easily blending one with the other.

So, what happens to change this balance? The material world creeps in seductively to take over. What is more enticing than tasting, touching, and smelling? The material world becomes important, first for survival and then for amusement. We watch our families run around doing material tasks and we pick up that vibe and tell ourselves this is what people do. By age seven, our family and society imprint on us before we realize it.

At the same time, we are being educated by society and taught about the importance of the mind. It becomes vital because it brings respect. Those who have been told that they don’t have a good mind feel bad about themselves, and often even very bright people are made to feel that there is room for improvement. Intellect becomes essential. During this focus on the mind, we are taught that there is always a right answer. This, of course, discourages creativity. Fortunately, the Light that we are is invincible. The heart in all of us, our spirit, lets us know when we need to follow our intuition.


The Flash of Intuition

What is our intuition? It is our eternal nature, the part of us that remembers that we are Spirit; the spark of the Divine from which we all come. Intuition is the eternal part of you that just knows. It is a beacon of Light, it is the Divine part of you that is often called your higher self. If you make friends with it, it is also your navigator through life. You can train yourself to see it, but you don’t have to see it to know that deep inside there is a voice that speaks to you as if it just knows. I’m sure you have had the experience of ignoring that voice; which only resulted in distress or suffering.

You will know that you are trapped in your mind when the same loops keep going round and round.  Definition is the work of the intellect because the intellect likes to name things, put them in boxes, and tell you that A plus B will always equal C. On the other hand, the intuition knows that A plus B is just one perspective where, from another perspective, A plus B might equal Z.

The more you identify with the material world, the more you will feel the battle that goes on between your mind and your intuition. Fortunately, there are some helpful hints that will aid you in recognising when it truly is intuition, and when it’s just the intellect fighting for control. However, it takes persistence to recognize fear, and your mind is powerful when it’s trying to scare you.

Intuition comes in a flash. It may be a dream, a song on the radio, or anything that triggers an inspiration. As soon as you recognise and acknowledge an inspiration, your mind will respond by telling you why you should not pay any attention; and then fear will figure heavily. It will be relentless and logical, and because of this it will also be easy to listen to.

A common example would be that you are driving home on a route you take daily, when there is an impulse to make a turn onto another road. It will also take you home, but you do not use this route. The mind will immediately jump in with hard to combat reasons against listening to this intuition, such as “That way will be longer and I want to get home; I don’t know the turns for it and might get lost; there is no obvious reason I should not continue on as I do every day.” So, choosing to ignore this flash of intuition, you continue your route, when someone misses a stop sign and hits you. You won’t be hurt, but you will get the message, even though it’s too late – I should have paid attention to that voice.

Start watching when this is happening. The mind is afraid to let go of the control, because our culture has taught us to be cautious in order to survive. But caution has turned into fear. Nothing good ever comes out of fear. Creativity can no more come out of fear than peace can come out of war.  The energies are incompatible, they won’t merge.

The eternal spirit part of you knows this, but intuition does not browbeat you in the same way that the mind does. Intuition whispers in your ear, it points out signs and omens of things to come. We are taught to protect ourselves with caution and ignore impulsive actions so as to be safe, but our intuition wants to teach us to protect ourselves through listening to our inner wisdom.

You are a collection of energies which come from the Source of All Things, The Great I AM, the Presence. It may be called many different things, but it’s all the same. In my book, Find the Force – be the Light, I call these emanating energies the ‘Force’. All life started with a collection of energies that were separated into millions of individual energy combinations. Each of us is unique as a result. No matter how we came in, no matter which culture we were born into, each being is part of the Divine Source. We are a huge part of that energy and we have so many more abilities and innate senses that we are only just beginning to use. It’s an exciting time to be inhabiting a human form.

It’s important to find a relationship with that Force so that you can tap into it for guidance and answers. That Force in you is your intuition, and your higher self is the direct line to the Divine Creative Source. It is nearly impossible to define the Source of All Things. Many religions define it as a Father. However, Father is a human definition. Each of us has an understanding of our relationship with the Eternal Creative Source in our own way.

You were guided by your intuition to pick up this magazine. Even if you subscribe, you picked up this issue and you didn’t just flip by these words, you are reading them. Your higher self has a desire to get in touch with you, to help you find your highest good. Because, when you are putting out joy and satisfaction, the rest of the world gets a little closer to finding it for themselves.

Don’t let your mind tell you what will make you safe or happy. The mind is too often guided by fear. The destiny that you came to fulfill, the one that only the unique creation that you ‘are’ can fulfill, is nested in bliss. Look for what makes you happy. Experiment and explore things that interest you and tell your mind that you are just having fun, being curious, or even learning. That should keep it at bay for a while.

Once you have narrowed it down, look for ways that you can do this in some kind of service to the world. Start enjoying your choice and see where it leads you. Don’t let your mind criticize your ability- remember, you have the perfect ability. Try not to let money factor in your decision. There is a saying in metaphysics, “do what you love and the money will follow.” FIND YOUR FORCE and before you know it, you will BE THE LIGHT.


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Born and raised in Eire Pennsylvania USA, Mary began to appreciate her unique connection to the Divine Creative Force from as early as the age of five Even before her teens had reached their conclusion, Mary became recognized as a gifted spiritual counselor and guide. Since that time, she has helped literally thousands of people find their paths towards a more fulfilling, rewarding and contented way of life. Her foresight and true understanding of being the mother of five, and having been a professional musician and schoolteacher, has enabled her to express a deeply empathetic appreciation of how to communicate her passion and principles to people of all ages.

As well as a BA in music education and an MS in clinical psychology, she also has a BA in theology. Mary now lives in Asheville, North Carolina. USA.

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