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Nicole Barton 5 min

Is it in your soul’s plan to be a healer? 3 unexpected signs it might be

"One has to be wounded in order to become a healer. Nobody becomes one without first having been wounded, either cut open by the initiator and having certain magical stones inserted into <her> body, or a spear thrown at <her> neck, or some such thing. Generally, the experiences are ecstatic – stars or ghost-like demons – hit them or cut them open, but always they have to be pierced or cut apart before they become healers, for that is how they acquire the capacity for healing others." - Marie-Louise von Franz   So many women sense they were destined to be healers, having a knowing they were born with magical gifts, and feeling a deep call to embrace their soul purpose.  Yet, when we begin to feel this, we simultaneously feel terrified, fearing we will ‘fail’, self-doubting, feeling imposter syndrome, and experiencing the fear of judgement, worrying that embracing our magic will obliterate our (mundane, yet ‘safe’) lives.   In other words, we begin to doubt our talents, wondering if we are ‘cut out’ for being a healer at all.  During this early journey of becoming a healer, we can feel more ‘lostness’ and ‘disconnection’ than ever, feeling confused over our purpose and longing for a clearer roadmap to our gifts.     This fear has us become ‘Secret Witches’ - women who hide our magic, ignore the deep call from within to our gifts, and innocently avoid the work our soul was destined for.  In truth, this is because we have been conditioned to make our wounding ‘wrong’ - because we don’t have clarity and understanding of how the journey of ‘becoming a healer’ truthfully works (mainly because we’ve been sold cultural false ideas that it should be ‘easy’ and we can ‘quick fix’ it - which leaves us feeling inadequate and stuck in comparison).   But what if it was always written in the stars that we were born to be healers and we just weren’t aware of it?  What if these fears and challenges we experience are a natural (and vital) part of our deeper calling?  What if there is a clear way of mapping our journey to feel less lost and confused?     I believe we were born with a unique soul plan: that we came to this world with certain ‘wounding patterns’ to live out, so we could heal them for ourselves, and - in doing so - reclaim our gifts and become a remedy for others with ‘similar’ wounds, further behind us.    Quite radically - like Marie-Louise von Franz - my point of view is that our gifts can only be found in our wounds and we are only initiated into our soul’s plan through challenge. The fears and difficulties we experience in the healer journey are all part of the alchemy - though that’s not how we are taught to see the world.   soul's plan   3 unexpected signs it’s your soul’s plan to be a healer   There are 3 common - yet unexpected - fear patterns that show up when women are first discovering that ‘healing’ is part of their soul plan:  
  • Fear of our power (which manifests as the fear of failing)
  • Fear of our magic (which manifests as lack of confidence and self-doubt)
  • Fear of our truth (which manifests as fear of judgement)
  I call these patterns our ‘Surface Layer’ wounds - the ‘wounded healer’ layer we have to heal to even be able to open to our gifts.  If you feel these wounds, you’re being called deeper into your soul’s journey.   Mapping our gifts from our wounds   Through my own personal journey - and that of guiding women into expressing their soul purpose - I discovered we each have a unique ‘map’ of the wounds and gifts we came to heal so we can make a meaningful difference in the world.   Over time, by working with magical universal healing laws and principles - via the 3 ancient wisdom bodies of homeopathy, archetypal psychology and energy healing - I noticed patterns and saw a unique way to map not just our ‘surface wounds’, but other aspects of our soul, including our ‘constitutional’ natural make-up, our unique ‘soul gifts’ and our ‘ancestral wounds’, for a clear roadmap of the healer journey.   Harnessing the magical technology of ‘Archetypal Remedies’ - which offer a personality profiling tool for deep self-illumination that holds a mirror to our souls - I discovered there was a way to know our deepest purpose, and what we need to heal, personally, to fully express it (whether we are healers or not).   We each have a unique patterning, or collection, of ‘Archetypal Remedies’ to express in this lifetime - and we will journey through different ‘remedy states’, with different remedy relationships that help us map our healing.     Based on the universal law ‘similia similibus’ - ‘like cures like’ - the wounds we heal ourselves become a remedy to help stimulate and kindle others’ self-discovery.     With an understanding of this patterning and universal healing law, we can pinpoint the healer journey with a clear roadmap for a path that can, otherwise, feel so terrifying.     The 4 layers of our soul plan   Our soul plan has 4 remedy layers:  
  • Birth Constitution - this reveals our natural make-up and healthy constitution
  • Soul Remedy - this reveals our core wound and the unique gift we were born for 
  • Surface Wounds - these tell us the personal surface wounds to heal that block us from our purpose
  • Ancestral Wounds - these tell us the ancestral wounds to heal that block us from our purpose
  Collectively, our soul plan offers us a map of our unique ‘inner apothecary’ of remedies to work with for self-healing, so we can 1) heal, 2) discover and 3) express our gifts.   How to work with our soul map    There’s a whole process I help women journey with to map their unique soul plan in depth.  Essentially, the first invitation is to open to seeing our gifts are not in our ‘tools’ (as we are taught), but that we are the remedy and apothecary.  The more we heal ourselves, the more we are able to help others heal - and discover our gifts.   To begin journeying with this, I invite you to contemplate on the following:  
  1. Constitution: what is my natural make-up - what are the qualities of who I was as a child?  Was I naturally curious, open and sensitive, for example?  These can be qualities of natural born soul healers.
  1. Soul Remedy: what is my deepest core wound that keeps showing up?  How far have I healed that?
  1. Surface Wounds: what are the blocks that keep showing up in my journey of becoming a healer that need healing? How far have I healed those? For example, power, magic, truth.
  • Ancestral Wounds: what are the familial wounds that keep showing up in my life? What has my lineage suffered with that I need to heal so I can express my gifts? For example, is there a witch wound?
  Whilst this doesn’t offer the full ‘Soul Map’ of your remedies, deepening with this enquiry will open you to a clearer view of the personal healing you need to become a healer.   Go tenderly, magical one.   More articles can be found from Nicole at the link here

Nicole Barton

Nicole Barton, is a Soul Guide and Creatrix of the Archetypal Apothecary™ healing modality. A  Witch on a mission to help other sensitive women heal themselves, reclaim their powerful, magical true soul expression, discover and embody their healing gifts and actualise them in the world.

Click the link here to find out more about Nicole’s work.



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