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Grace Cummins 4 min

Interview with – Wendy Erlick The Celestial Coach

‘What does a Celestial Coach do?’ is probably something that you, yourself would have asked upon seeing the title The Celestial Coach, so I recently sat down with Wendy Erlick, the in- house coach and healer at Watkins Books to find out more ...     Sitting down with Wendy, I am struck with a strong sense of calm and serenity. We start by discussing Wendy’s path to becoming the Celestial Coach. Before this change in career path, Wendy worked as a professional fundraiser — a very different field. It wasn’t until later on that the path of healer became clear to her. Whilst Wendy was training to become a bi- aura energy practitioner, she found that she was able to connect to an angel guide. This resulted in her work expanding to include angel channelling, energy healing and coaching. Later, she supplemented this with the tarot. Wendy’s work is to assist clients on their spiritual journeys – which she sees as being the path to self- actualisation, of being our best selves and working at the highest level of our potential. As well as channelling personal angel messages, Wendy uses divination through the tarot and the pendulum. She is a qualified bi-aura practitioner and also utilises the Hawaiian spiritual technique of ho’oponopono for clearing energy blockages as well as  psychic surgery to clear traumas. She describes how no session with a client is ever the same. Once, once a client arrives, a process of deep consideration takes place to allow Wendy to find how she can best help and support. Her practice is based on understanding and compassion, with Wendy saying that every session of healing is always ‘an invitation only’. Healing can be a powerful process, and she wants to make sure her clients are prepared for any shifts that may occur and for the fact that her work will bring about lasting change. I was lucky enough to experience an angel and tarot reading during my time with Wendy, and having never experienced either before, I was unsure about what to expect. But Wendy had such a caring and supportive energy that I was immediately at ease and able to enjoy the readings, and be open to the insights provided to me.


With each healing session, Wendy wants to make sure that permissions are sought. Her approach is to take a step back and allowing a space for the work to arrive organically, through both reading the client’s energy field and tuning into her angel guide for advice and help. She believes that clients themselves usually have a very good instinct for what they need. All of the work that she undertakes is within the framework that it is for advice only, and that responsibility remains with the client. One question that I was intrigued to ask was what Wendy’s advice is for individuals when they are considering an alternative pathway with healing. Wendy believes that everyone can access the holistic side of healing as ‘spirituality is so innate, and within us all – so no one is untouched’. No one is a newbie in her eyes. The holistic mind resides within us all, and it is Wendy’s experience , that many of us just keep our holistic curiosity quietly to ourselves. As we continue our discussion, I ask what Wendy would like people to know about her practice. She, talks of people ‘not [being] afraid of allowing the space for magic to happen’. So many of us are so fearful of falling backwards in progress, that we have to constantly be moving forward, and to be doing it at speed. But Wendy explains how healing takes time and that ‘falling backwards’ is actually an important part of the process. Wendy is guided by her own angel, the spiritual connection providing her with areas for her to focus on both professionally and personally. She is called to work towards integrating the material and the spiritual world, and bringing a balance between the feminine and masculine energies that we hold within us all. Saying that she doesn’t take her ability to channel for granted, she will wisely utilise her skills with gratitude. With integration being a key part of the healing facilitation to Wendy, she encourages slowing down, doing activities and tasks more meaningfully rather than rushing through the steps to get onto the next item on our lists. Gratitude practice is key to her work and she publishes a gratitude blog or instagram @thecelestialcoach. Her message for us all is that ‘Everyone should know they are cherished, and have their own kingdom, that we all have the right to play and joy’. In today’s world of deep rooted insecurities and comparison, Wendy says that we are all ‘beautiful in our individual complexity’. And with the issue of comparison rife in our society, we should remember that if we could act from a place of kindness, we would find it easier to not ‘forget that we are all human’. Weaved into our discussion, Wendy repeatedly brings us back to the point that we need to be aware and take personal responsibility, and; that  embracing holistic healing does not mean life is all rosy and perfect:; ‘we need to keep our eyes open’. In the spiritual world it is easy to become out of balance, with Wendy cautioning us to be aware of actions and choices. We can ground ourselves by becoming more present in ourselves and moments in time. Be open to explore the unknown so that we can be more accepting of others and practices and take learnings from them.


The age of Aquarius has come into play this year (2024), and with it a time of people coming together and moving towards an evolution towards something new. Wendy believes that this is the time that working on integration will help, as it will aid us in our ability to 'move up to a new era' , one where we are living in a kinder world both internally and externally. As I close off the interview with Wendy, I ask if there is anything she would like to add regarding her practice. Her answer is a humble one, that illustrates her pure motives to bring about a better and more connected world through her healings. She says she is grateful for her healer role, and that her job as celestial healer, gives her the ‘privilege to be able to see the courage in us all’.   If you would like to find out more about Wendy or work with her you can click here. Wendy’s upcoming workshop on Past Life Regression takes place on 15 June 2024 can be booked here. If you are interested in reading more of Wendy’sWendy journey to becoming a spiritual healer, she has a book “The Gift of An Angel:, A Guide to Integrating Spirituality into Everyday Life (£10.99, O-BOOKS), available here.      

Grace Cummins

Part of the team at Kindred Spirit, Grace works on the social platforms of the magazine, she is also a Hatha yoga teacher in her spare time.

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