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Colour Magik: Everything is Information. Everything is Divination

One of the most fundamental basics for divining your life is often left out of the discussion: colour. Even though colour informs our entire visual reality and can evoke powerful juxtapositions to our IntuWitchin, colour magik is rarely considered.  Rainbows are pure awe-inspiring magik. The spectrum mirrored by our chakra system contains so much information for us. As such, everything from the clothes you wear and the colour of your car to how you paint your nails can have magikal significance – if you choose colour consciously. If you want to embody more of a particular energy, try wearing that colour more often and see what happens! One of my favourite ways to use colour magik is in how I furnish my home. I called in my next levels of business and financial abundance by making deep emerald green and gold my base colours, then love and partnership by bringing rich ruby red and gem-toned accents in with pillows, curtains, and decor. These colours represent feelings of wholeness and fulfilment for me through my deep connection to nature, earth and sky. Those of you who have seen my YouTube channel will be familiar with my green set and globe chair – a colour that holds amazing synchronicity for me. While I was decorating, I picked up a crystal book and opened it to the page describing moss agate, a stone of connection to Mother Earth, deep creativity, new beginnings, and bringing prosperity to land. The next day I took the cushion of my chair in to have paint matched to it: of course, I didn’t need a custom one. It was the same as a colour called moss agate. Perfect. As always, each colour’s meaning will be unique to you, because even the chakra system’s energetic association with the elements can oppose common sense. We think of water as blue, but the water element is held in the sexual organs of our sacral chakra, which is represented by the colour orange. The throat chakra, associated with vibration and sound – which we think of as colourless – is actually represented by the colour blue. With this in mind, connect with each colour’s archetypal energy to help you divine the message when it shows up in your life. Here are some general descriptions for colour magik:  


Red is power. The colour of the root chakra’s stability, foundation, and earth element. The root rules basic survival needs and is the foundation for material abundance.  Red is also the colour of blood – our life force. We associate red with passion, fire, motivation, and sex. Being called to paint a bedroom red suggests you are ready to explore your sexuality and ignite the fire of desire. Donning red for an important meeting or interview has also been proven to make people feel more confident. Matadors use red capes to torment bulls, while we ‘see red’ when our blood is boiling in anger.  What does red mean to you? The redwood trees I grew up in make red the most rooted, primal colour to me. But if you come from a tropical place, where red is fruits and flowers, perhaps it signifies blossoming to you. When you see red, ask: How powerful do I feel right now in my everyday life? Do I feel connected to the earth? To my genitals? What have I allowed to take power from me that it’s time to reclaim? How safe and stable do I feel in my reality? In myself?  


Orange is the spark of creativity, our sacral chakra, representing our capacity for manifestation and the kindling of new souls and projects being born. I like to think of the glowing orange surface of this womb water as it reflects during sunset or a sweet juicy peach on a summer afternoon.  Orange is associated with warmth and pleasure, sexual or otherwise, and happiness in general. Studies on colour therapy show that orange makes us feel warm in a nourishing, cosy, welcoming, and inviting way. Being drawn to orange items of clothing could mean you are ready to allow yourself to be more joyful, ignite the flames of your creative passion, or bring a project to life. For me, orange holds the emotional charge of bursting with joy, a zest for life. What is orange to you? How does it make you feel? When you see something orange, what comes alive in your body? For example, if your grandmother liked to make orange cake, then the taste, scent, flavour, and image of an orange could feel like she is speaking to you. When you see orange, ask: How am I relating to my sensuality and sexuality right now? How passionate do I feel about my life, my relationships, my work, myself, and how I show up in general? How comfortable do I feel experiencing emotions? Do I allow myself to feel the joy in my life?  


Yellow is confidence. Representing the solar plexus chakra, yellow signifies our motivation, how we shine and are driven forward, and how empowered we are (or aren’t).  Yellow is the golden light of the sun, the dancing flames of fire, and relates to how we take action on a daily basis. In astrology, the sun represents our personality, our outward-facing energy, how we radiate our essence beyond ourselves. Yellow is generally thought of as a fun, happy colour. Studies show yellow makes people feel joyful and hopeful. Many road signs communicate to us in yellow to help dictate our actions. Picking a yellow journal or painting a wall could support you beaming your light even brighter. For me, yellow is the sweetness of honey, happy flowers, mornings when you jump out of bed ready to greet the day, our willingness or capacity to shine, and playful silliness. What does it mean to you? Is it brass instruments and jazz? Autumn leaves first changing? Excitement and exhilaration? Motivation to rise and the passion for your power? When you see yellow, ask: How am I shining (or not) right now? What is my relationship to my personal power? Am I taking aligned and inspired action in the direction of my dreams, desires, and goals? Do I feel worthy of laughter, silliness, and play? What would the most powerful version of myself look, act and feel like, and how can I take the necessary steps to become that person? What is my level of motivation?  


Green is the abundance and harmony of the natural world. My personal favourite, it is the colour of the heart chakra and represents the beauty of the great green earth. This is why our money is green; green represents the lush, vibrant bounty of our food, forests, jungles, river valleys, and meadows. The colour of nature is profoundly healing, calming, and soothing. Spending time in green spaces has been shown to have long-lasting positive effects on brain matter, and wearing green-lensed glasses can even reduce chronic pain and ease anxiety. Being called to nature likely means you are ready for more health, vibrancy and aliveness. The heart chakra is represented by the air in our lungs and is reminiscent to me of love. Like air, and the abundance of nature, love is all around us, but we build walls and imaginary borders, conditions to our love – this is mine vs. yours – when love is meant to be free, all-encompassing and unconditional like the breath of life. How does green make you feel? Green is my teacher since my wisdom comes from Mother Nature herself. Perhaps green is grounded, earthy energy, a healthy body from your favourite foods, vibrant aliveness, the flow of rivers, or true abundance. When you see green, ask: How connected to the earth am I? Are my actions in alignment with her or am I consuming harmfully? What does abundance mean to me? How do I embody that energy (or not)? How does my heart feel? What does it believe about love, worthiness, or who I am? Is it open or closed to love?  


Blue is expression. The colour of the fifth, or throat, chakra, representing the fifth element of sound and vibration.  Blue speaks (literally!) to our communication, genius, and how we share with the world. Blue is the sky and ocean, expansive and vast, like the possibilities we can speak into motion when we choose words with care and intention. Blue is the second most peaceful colour, but can also represent a forlorn emotional state. If you want to communicate a message of tranquillity, wear something blue. When you feel this way on the inside, you will also project this vibration out into the world around you. For me, blue is the colour of water, reminding me to go with the flow, creating calm and serenity in my mind. Perhaps for you it is peace, a higher vision of the sky, or the power of the ocean. When you see blue, ask: Does my presence promote wellbeing within me and all around me or not? Can I use it to do so? Is the flow of my expression blocked or clear? Can I help heal others, the planet, myself, my connection, or lack thereof, to her? Is my expression peaceful or not?  


Purple is insight. It represents the third-eye chakra, has long been associated with royalty, sits at the end of the rainbow, and acts as a bridge between the material and spiritual realms. Purple combines red and blue, or grounded connection to the earth with the high vibration of our expression. The third-eye chakra represents our vision – not in terms of how we literally see but our visionary capacity. It speaks to dreams, imagination, and the supernatural gifts and abilities we are all born with which are ours to cultivate. Purple can give us the courage to express our highest truth and follow our IntuWitchin, leading our lives the way we desire. We’re all born with innate psychic gifts, and when we’re drawn to purple, our physical body is ready to merge with our spiritual body, asking us to look at a situation using our mind’s eye, our spiritual eye. For me, purple is regal and raw like my berry-stained fingertips in summer. I think of the violet flame’s powerful healing rays. Perhaps for you it’s decadent, blossoming, a favourite family member, or your own royalty. When you see purple, ask: How can I develop a deeper relationship to spiritual power? How willing am I to dream big, have visionary ideas, and express them while remaining grounded? What challenge might life be asking me to take on – requiring courage I’ve been shying away from? How can I connect more deeply to my psychic and intuitive abilities and communicate from that confident knowing?   


White is the colour of clarity and cosmic connection. It is associated with the crown chakra, representing the light that pours down on us from the heavens and the sun. White is our union with the divine, cascading onto and into us. Even though we perceive the sun as yellowish, especially at golden hour, it is actually white. It is often what people are requested to wear in spiritual ceremonies – free from the material connotations of the other colours, white offers a clear channel as the absence of colour. A word on purity (associated with white): just because you like to get freaky does not mean you are impure. Purity is about the intentions of your heart and mind, the way you treat yourself and others, the impact you have on the world. When you’re truly following your IntuWitchin, all your actions will be pure. I see white as inviting, a clean slate, a fresh perspective, the magik of freshly fallen snow. For others, the interpretations might be openness, innocence, the light of oneness, divinity, or connection to Source. When you see white, ask: How does white make me feel? Is my connection to the divine strong and clear or murky and confused? How ‘pure’ are my intentions in the situation I’m facing? What thoughts, beliefs and stories could I clear away, allowing more kindness for myself and others?  


Black is the void, emptiness brimming with promise, nothingness, the eternal night and fertile soil in which seeds are planted. Black is where we all come from and where we will return. Black is the absence of light, the sky glistening with stars, and the womb. The colour black gets a bad reputation and is often associated with negativity, even evil. But we must know our shadows so we can be guided back to the light. If we didn’t know where we were falling short or where we were hurting, we wouldn’t know how or what to heal. Black is the colour of many a witchy robe, representing the magikal potential of venturing into the dark. For me, black is about eternal possibility, the creativity of womb energy, and potent growth through wisdom. We learn the most from having to find our way in the dark. Other interpretations might be the depths of inky blackness in our eyes (the windows to our soul), getting lost in endlessness, an invitation to look at our shadows, a way to heal a painful belief we’ve been avoiding, or how to move through sticky, stuck energy. When you see black, ask: What are the stories I find myself telling about what the colour black means? Have I been afraid of it, convinced it is truly the darkness rather than potential? When I wear black, how do I feel? What is my relationship to my shadow side, my darkness? What possibilities are waiting in the womb within me? I’ll leave the colours in between up to you. Feel into the middle ground of turquoise (a marriage between green and blue), magenta (red and purple), and pink (red and white), subtle shades amalgamating two or more frequencies. What do they mean to you?   Extracted from IntuWitchin: Learn to Speak the Language of the Universe and Reclaim Your Inner Magik by Mia Magik (£13.99, Hay House).

Mia Magik

Mia Magik is an author, speaker, and coach, serving as a modern ambassador for ancient magik, who ignites the wisdom of our IntuWitchin. 

Over the past decade, Mia has immersed herself in the study of yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Kabbalah, ceremonial magik, tarot, and spiritual medicines. Her exploration extends to Greek, tantric, Egyptian, and Daoist Priestess arts, Christian and Sufi mysticism, crystal healing, reiki, and a personal devotion to earth-based spirituality and witchcraft.

Mia has empowered thousands of people to realise, utilise, and reconnect with their infinite spiritual abilities through her Academy of Magikal Artistry, books, retreats, and 1:1 coaching.