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Juliet Spanjaardt4 min

Overcoming Challenges Through Intuitive Problem-Solving

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us. We may deny this and feel we are separate from them – that we know better. However, our bodies are always saying something. Whether it’s a little pain here, a little pain there (sometimes a lot of pain here and there), it seems to happen without any apparent reason. But why does it do that? Well, we forget that our body also has intelligence. According to HeartMath, our hearts are constantly sending signals to our brains. It’s the reason why ‘listening to your heart’ actually works! Most of us ignore these signals or pains and seek to find answers outside ourselves. But what if you didn’t need to look so far?  We all have a guide within us. We spend so much time looking outside ourselves for answers that we automatically tune out any signals our bodies give us. We call these signals our emotions, but they are ‘energy in motion’. It means there is a constant flow of things within us, alive and with a voice, patiently waiting for us to listen.  When you encounter something you don’t know how to overcome, why not embrace an approach that requires only you? Bring every bottled-up emotion and every ignored pain to the surface, allowing your intuition to shine through.  By repressing emotions, you are repressing parts of yourself that do require listening to. And even worse, it means you are repressing yourself. Your body’s screams are like a language, conveying exactly how you feel at that specific moment. When you don’t listen to this powerful intelligence within you, you are dishonouring how you’re feeling. You are dishonouring parts of yourself. But fear not! This powerful guidance system will never leave you. No matter how hard you try to ignore it. It is here, and it is here to stay. You just have to start listening to it and start problem-solving intuitively. How do you do that? Start by realising these things:  

You are an intuitive being

Think about life for a second. How is the outer world set up? It’s set up in a way that you always have to go and see someone else the moment you experience some type of problem. This perpetuates the habit of ignoring the inner guide within us from birth. Remember what I said earlier? You have a guide within you who knows you better than anyone ever could.  Feel what is best for you at this moment in time. It doesn’t have to be anything life-changing. It could simply mean going on a walk to clear your mind. The moment you make space for that ever-flowing energy within you is the moment the intuition gets a chance to shine. You are an intuitive being above all else. And when you listen to your intuition – which means to yourself – your problems may become much easier to navigate.  

Your problems are here for a reason

Physical, mental and spiritual challenges exist for a purpose. When we stop listening to that beautiful guide within us, we push these problems further down. Our emotions are ‘energy in motion’, always moving and always saying something. The moment we listen to them is the moment when true magic can happen. And if we ignore them, they will only start to scream louder and louder.  Listening to your intuition while facing challenges does not mean you start listening to a magical voice; it means shedding light on what you’ve always been ignoring. If that does not happen and if you do not start to shed light on why your problems are here, how do you expect the right solutions to surface?  You feel this way for a reason, so it might be time to figure out why. So, stop pushing your problems away just because they don’t feel good.   

How to listen to your inner guide

The voice we’re after can come in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, it’s a clear voice we hear, and other times, a gut feeling we can’t shake. How you ignite that inner wisdom is by getting into the flow state. Being in a flow state isn’t a difficult task. It simply means to go from thinking to being.  The flow state is a state your body always naturally gravitates towards. As we experience emotions, we have a few internal choices that we can make. We can choose to listen to what the emotion tries to tell us, or we can become reactive and push it down even further. It’s like the opposite of going with the flow. It’s the opposite of listening to your intuition. Your life may be problem-filled, but not for the reasons you might think. We are the ones with a choice. We can lay down the rocks and cut off the stream, or we can join in on the flow and let the advice flow to us.   

You always know what’s best for you 

It’s an undeniable fact, even in life-and-death situations. When the stakes are high, ceasing incessant thinking reveals that you are still you, carrying the wisdom you possessed when actively thinking. Your intuition, rooted in wisdom, always prevails over external opinions.   Your wisdom trumps what anyone likes to say about your situation. And when this wisdom comes from your intuition, it also trumps everything else. Your inner guide will always be within you. It knows what’s best for you because it is you. You are simply inseparable from it. And your problems are here for a reason, but they are not here to stay. Tune in to what you have been tuning out, and start really listening to it. You are an intuitive being who might’ve never gotten the chance to be an intuitive problem-solver.

Juliet Spanjaardt

Juliet Spanjaardt is a 26-year-old writer and YouTuber (Intuitive Juliet) based in The Netherlands. Having triumphed over severe depression and anxiety, her journey fuelled a profound exploration into areas like spirituality, mental health and quantum physics. Today, Juliet is dedicated to assisting others in reconnecting with their intuition, guiding them toward becoming their best selves and living their best lives.