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Polly Angelova3 min

How to Be More Present This Christmas

Sharing a drink (or several) is often at the centre of socialising, especially around the holiday season. Think about the pleasant sensation you get after your first drink, when you feel you’re really connecting with those around you, and sharing profound conversations. Now imagine being able to freeze-frame this moment, and bask in it the entire night. Enter SENTIA, the revolutionary alternative to alcohol designed with conscious drinkers in mind.  SENTIA is the first world’s GABA Spirit, created by an expert team of scientists and botanists using a powerful blend of botanical ingredients proven to stimulate the ‘GABA’ neurotransmitter activity. At the heart of SENTIA lies science and innovation from a team led by renowned British neuropsychopharmacologist professor David Nutt. A prominent force for change in the alcohol innovation space, David recognized the need to offer a practical ‘solution’ for the increasing number of more mindful drinkers globally, who would like to enjoy the upsides of alcohol, without the alcohol. Putting his four decades of experience to good use, the alcohol expert co-founded GABA Labs as a space from which to launch his mission and create feel-good drinks for those who enjoys drinking socially.

What is GABA?

GABA is a neurotransmitter found in all life on Earth. It plays a significant role as a natural tranquilliser by calming the brain and central nervous system, making us feel more at ease in social situations. It is the key target of alcohol in the brain. At two units of alcohol, GABA is enhanced and triggers feelings of lightness and relaxation. Consuming alcohol regularly can lead to health problems, and that's where GABA spirits come in.  GABA spirits are a new category of alcohol-free drinks, made of ingredients that enhance our pre-existing GABA, designed by professor Nutt. By enhancing GABA without using ethanol, these spirits offer a safer alternative to experience some of the sociable effects associated with those first few drinks, without the potential harms alcohol can sometimes bring.  The main functions of GABA include: 
  • Relaxation: GABA calms the brain by reducing excessive neural activity
  • Anxiety regulation: GABA plays a key role in managing anxiety, countering the effects of excitatory neurotransmitters that can lead to feelings of nervousness and unease
  • Sleep regulation: GABA promotes healthy sleep by reducing brain activity, making it easier to fall and stay asleep
  • Emotional balance: By modulating brain activity, GABA helps to maintain emotional stability and lessen mood swings
Find out more about the science behind GABA spirits. The revolutionary GABA Labs blend is then combined with fair trade ingredients from conscious farmers across the globe by Vanessa Jacoby, botanical alchemist and plant craft specialist, who is in charge of turning SENTIA into a ‘sumptuous sensory experience’. SENTIA is not just a product, it's a promise of creating memorable moments. Each ingredient has a role to play in enhancing the overall experience, be it the comforting aroma of cinnamon, the sweet embrace of vanilla, or the punchy ginger. These ingredients have been chosen with care and purpose, aligning perfectly with SENTIA’s mission of bringing people together.


SENTIA is designed to be paired with your favourite mixer into an infinite range of possibilities:

  • Effect: Designed to help you relax, connect, and harmonize
  • Moment: SENTIA Red is perfect for after-work intimate drinks and to wind-down for the weekend
  • Taste: Sweet heady aromatics, rich herbal complexity, and bittersweet spiced berries
  • One Common favourite: enjoy 25ml neat, over ice, with a premium tonic and an orange garnish or in a cocktail
  • Effect: Designed to stimulate curiosity, focus and conviviality
  • Moment: SENTIA Black is for that lunchtime moment, or after-hours gathering, think socialising around a table with a group of friends or colleagues
  • Taste: Spiced pepper warmth, smooth, earthy body, and smoky bitter finish
  • One Common favourite: enjoy 25ml neat, over ice, with a soda, ginger beer, or in a cocktail
Celebrate Christmas with a feel-good hamper Each hamper contains SENTIA Red and SENTIA Black, founder professor David Nutt's book ‘Drink: The Science of Alcohol + Your Health’, a festive card, a bottle opener and garnishes to create delicious non-alcoholic cocktails to share with your family and friends (RRP: £60).