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Polly Angelova3 min

Your December Astrology Forecast

Kindred Spirit astrologer Demian Allan reveals what’s written in the stars for December 2023

Aries  Your ruler Mars is travelling in the exploration area of your solar chart, meaning you yearn to be more adventurous and are willing to take risks. This could manifest in a desire to travel abroad, explore a new subject through education, or to open up new avenues in social media. Life is about to get exciting! Taurus Your planetary ruler Venus moves into your solar 7th house from 5 December, igniting your need to relate to others in a more personal way. However, Jupiter is still retrograde in your own sign, causing a sense of frustration and restlessness that could manifest in you making rash decisions just for the sake of movement. Pull back and be patient. Gemini Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde in your opposing zodiac sign of Sagittarius on 13 December, which affects the partnerships in your life. The main theme is going to be communication with those close to you. Geminis have a tendency to keep their personal emotions light and hidden by humour and mimicry, but you might need to expose the more vulnerable aspect of your personality at this time. Cancer Mercury is travelling in the partnership area of your chart, and is also retrograde from 13 December. This combination will help you to begin a journey of digging deep into your own motivations when it comes to past, present, and future relationships. Only by knowing what we really require can we begin to manifest it. Leo There is a real focus on your home environment as the planet Venus transits through your solar 4th house: action and diplomacy is needed. However, Mars begins its journey through your 5th house, which represents self-expression and individuality. You can connect with others in fun, exciting ways without ever feeling that you are compromising your own desires: perfect! Virgo Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde on 13 December, forcing you to re-examine some of your decisions since the last retrograde in August. The planet is retrograde in your solar 4th house, which comes under the rulership of family, roots and ancestral lineage. This can manifest as history repeating itself, so be on guard.  Libra On 5 December your ruler Venus moves into your solar 2nd house, which usually means a focus on the themes of money and self-value for the next month. New enthusiasm and directness will inspire your ambitions. This is accentuated by the new moon in your 10th house at the end of the month, signalling the start of a new cycle with how the world perceives you. Scorpio With your traditional ruler Mars travelling in your solar 7th house until 30 December, finances are your main focus this month. Mars is making a square aspect with Saturn, so expect some limitations and restrictions. The more practical your ideas are, the more likely it is that they can be fully realised. At the very least, you can begin putting financial plans in place. Sagittarius This is an odd month: for the majority of you, it’s your birthday month, but your ruler Jupiter is spending it moving backwards in the sky. This usually creates an unbalanced energy. You want to be jolly and positive, but at the same time, you feel out of sorts and not quite grounded. Keep your expectations in check and you will feel much more yourself. Capricorn The undercurrents of the subconscious are manifesting in your external world. How you handle this planetary energy is going to be interesting. The obvious route is to dismiss it, but that only leads to more issues further down the line. Time to step out of the shadows and into the light. Aquarius Your modern planetary ruler Uranus is retrograde in your solar 4th house, which may make it feel like you are going backwards. However, it allows you to check in with everything that has occurred over the last two years. Aquarians like change that they control, and these last two years brought in external changes where you haven’t been able to do that. This month, you acknowledge that on a deeper level. Pisces Saturn is moving forwards in your own sign again, teaching  you the value of self-acceptance. On 13 December Mercury goes retrograde in your solar 10th house, which gives you a chance to review the aspirations that you have for the future. You’re getting a good dose of planetary energy from the transit of Mars through the career sector of your chart – things are changing quickly. Find out more: This feature was originally published in Kindred Spirit Winter 2023 (Issue 189) available from 23 November, 2023, alongside with an astrological overview of the year as a whole, and personalised yearly forecast for each sign. Click here to subscribe and have each new issue of Kindred Spirit delivered directly to your door. Alternatively, you can purchase individual magazines directly from our website. Kindred Spirit’s resident astrologer is Demian Allan. For a personal reading, visit Demian’s website: