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Why Ley Lines Represent the Greatest Mystery

by Paul McCarthy Psychics and mystics recognise Ley Lines (also called Fairy Lines and Dragon Lines) as lines of spiritual energy on the earth’s surface. They focus on the spiritual function of the Ley Lines because they recognise that we can have spiritual experiences in their presence. The ancients were also clearly aware of the profound spiritual nature of the Ley Lines, as they chose to build their spiritual temples and henges directly on top of them. Later on, these ancient structures were replaced by early Christians, who erected their churches and cathedrals on the same sites.  

Ley Lines Arcana

Ley Lines possess highly spiritual and universal energies aligned with the Major Arcana energies, which are in part described in the Tarot. Arcana means mystery or secrets. The greatest secret is that the energies and spiritual realities that Tarot cards highlight exist independently in the world, and are not just associated with Tarot cards and Tarot readings. Each Ley Line consists of two lines of energy: male and female, each one overlaid with a different Major Arcana energy. These two Major Arcana energies create spiritual themes that we experience in their presence. Ley Lines attract those who need their energetic support with the spiritual themes they represent. Did the creators of Tarot cards first sense the Major Arcana energies around Ley Lines, and did this inspire them to create the Tarot system? Can the Ley Lines teach us more about this and other subjects? 

Energetic highways

Spiritual Ley Lines are essentially lines of energy that act as portals connecting to high levels of spiritual consciousness and even spiritual realms. Electromagnetic energy holds these portals in place. The source of this electromagnetic energy is a mystery, as there is nothing physical that you can point to as the origin. While there are natural substances in some places that create small amounts of electromagnetic energy, this does not explain why Ley Lines exist in many locations regardless of the environment, and why they possess large amounts of this energy. This phenomenon exists with crop circles, which hold strong electromagnetic powers, creating vortices of energy. It is widely believed that celestial or extra-terrestrial beings create crop circles. Are these beings also responsible for creating Ley Lines as a gift to humanity? Are these spiritual Ley Line energies more important to the spiritual evolution of humanity than we appreciate? Ley Lines appear to have existed for as long as humanity, and exist in many locations on Earth - not just around sacred sites. Crop circles, on the other hand, mainly represent a recent phenomenon limited to the summer months, and mainly found in specific locations, such as southern England. 

Uncovering deeper truths

If Ley Lines are so spiritual, then why aren't there more people aware of them and exploring them? Unfortunately, the lack of accessible and modern spiritual teachings about Ley Lines has meant that the modern-day explorers may not be aware of the deepest truth about them - that they are here to encourage spiritual experiences. Most books written about Ley Lines focus at great length on their structure and their locations, but not their energetic and spiritual realities. This academic approach to the subject is impressive, but it does not inspire typical New-Age enthusiasts to visit Ley Lines. The explosion of awareness over the last thirty years has led us to explore ancient teachings from all over the world as well sacred sites, crop circles, and to look to the stars for answers. This journey has been amazing, but Ley Lines have been a casualty - in the rush to explore exotic subjects, many people have not noticed the mysterious spiritual energies radiating out from Ley Lines which are literally beneath our feet in most British towns and cities.  

The greatest mystery

The greatest question for seekers of spiritual truths is, ‘Who am I’? The greatest mystery is why is it that the Ley Lines might best answer this question. Ley Lines hold the Major Arcana energies, which are soul energies. They are the places where we can connect more easily to the energies of the soul and possibly answer this question for ourselves. There are many ways to achieve enlightenment, and yet it is the way that the grounded energies of Ley Lines work with us that give us such a deep personal experience of this question. It is as if the Ley Lines were skilfully and deliberately created for this purpose, and are waiting for us to wake up to this reality.  

About the author:

Paul has been a leading international New-Age teacher for the past 15 years. He has given over 250 workshops worldwide on specialist new age topics. Paul lives in England and has explored the sacred sites there for many years, which has helped develop his own unique understandings about the deeper and untold spiritual, energetic, and historical truths about these amazing locations. His love of the sacred sites has led him to share them with others. If you want to know more about these amazing energy lines and why they could be relevant to you, start with his book, Ley Lines: The Untold Truth, which aims to bring clarity to this subject and to introduce new information about Ley Lines.   Ley Lines: The Untold Truth available through Amazon, or directly with Paul McCarthy on